I Can’t Think Of A Title That Doesn’t Depend on the Song, “JUMP!”

Nice smile, Kim

I have a Love/Hate relationship with the trampoline. Up until I had kids, I could not get enough of a trampoline. I had several family members who had them and loved the once-a-year trips to visit just so I could jump on them. Then I had kids…and I discovered the HATE side of the relationship.

First of all? My kids love trampolines as much as I do! Yay! That’s not Hate, that’s AWESOME! Donnie’s parents have one so we get to jump on it every Sunday!

Except for this one simple fact: Sometimes I’m just not in the mood. Probably because I’m old. Sometimes because I’m into good conversation I don’t want to leave. But my kids? ALWAYS WANT TO JUMP. ALWAYS WITH THE JUMPING. FOREVER AND EVER. AMEN.

Thankfully Eli is there to carry some of the weight of the jumping. He loves to jump most of the time. But even he has enough sometimes. But Nikki and Wes? NEVER ENOUGH.

And you know? That would be okay if they could be left to their own devices, but they’re still to small for that. Nikki at least really jumps, but Wes is at the age where he just likes to freak out a bit. He’d rather YOU hold HIM and jump. But you know? That kinda takes the fun out of it! Damn it, kid. How can I endanger my own life with my Krazee jumps while I’m holding you? Jeez. Kids take the fun out of everything.

But mostly? I love the trampoline. The hate is rare. This weekend? Me and all three kids had fun on it together. And while I woke up Monday morning feeling like I had been run over by a freakin’ Mac Truck…it was all so very worth it.


Mah Krazee Kidz

JumpingLook, Ma! No legs!

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Think Of A Title That Doesn’t Depend on the Song, “JUMP!””

  1. We have a trampoline as well. We had never had one before until we moved to Georgia. A neighbor had one and came over to us a couple of days after we moved into the house. He wanted to know if we wanted it because his kids were grown and in college. It has been one of the BEST things we have ever done. We actually have had to replace it once. I was fortunate enough that my kids were old enough to use it by themselves. I couldn’t imagine HOLDING one of them while jumping. I’m not sure I could make that work. I’m not that coordinated.

  2. We’ve had our trampoline for 5 years now and our kids love it! You may want to get a pad for around the edge and a net – this makes it safe enough for young children to use even by themselves!! Look into that and you may find that you’re able to just sit and WATCH the kids instead of having to jump!!

  3. I go to proper trampolining club but I’ve had to stop atm because my asthma is playing up (and I have a chest infection! yay!)

    Anyhoo I love it – I love the half feeling of flying. I get a little scared when I try to do tricks – I went to the club a few weeks ago and kept chickening out of one move that I’ve been doing since I started trampolining.

    I would love to get one to go in the garden but from what I’ve heard it’s totally different to the proper trampolines we use at the club lol.

  4. I used to have a ton of fun on ours too – especially when we’d turn the sprinkler on underneath it in the summer (though it gets really slippery!) and the water splashed every time we’d bounce – it was great 😀 Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun, for sure!

  5. You (and your son) are very talented to hold a kid and jump at the same time, especially holding one in your feet!!! Wow! We have a trampoline too and my kids love it! Best $40 I ever spent at a yardsale!

  6. I still love your blog so much! Good job keeping up with it! These are awesome pictures!

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