To The Ones Who Made Me A Mother,

Man. I have some cute kids.

I was kinda’ a jackass before we met. Seriously. Maybe – at times – a huge jackass. Hell, even the first few years of being a Mom I had trouble shaking the jackassery out of my system. But now? After being a Mom for over 15 years? I’m totally not a jackass anymore. So, Thanks.

The End.

Ok…maybe there’s a little more.

The only thing I can every do to sum up Motherhood is thank you three for making me a better person. In every way I can possibly imagine. I always feel like I should get you guys something for Mother’s Day because instead of you thanking me for being your Mom, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful things that are associated with that relationship.

  • You give me an excuse to jump on trampolines and obsess over Harry Potter.
  • You have forced me to learn a little bit about cooking and all of the self-satisfaction that goes along with preparing a meal everyone loves. Or at least almost everyone. The only meal I’ve found that everyone loves? Still spaghetti and meatballs. Sauce from the jar. Meatballs from the freezer section. But Motherhood also teaches me not to bitch (too much) about that. It has taught me to be grateful!
  • You expose me to new music and books since I’m a little busy to find them myself. (That one is mainly for you, * Eli – Wes and Nikki haven’t quite mastered iTunes yet.)
  • You have forced me to learn to adapt. I can’t always sleep until 7am. I now consider that a luxury. Which means I’m easy to awe. One morning sleeping past 6:30am and I cry out of the sheer joy of the feeling.
  • You have made me the master of multitasking.
  • You inspire me. So many things about each of you burn the creative fire inside of me that I walk around with millions of ideas in my head for beautiful things. Now, I haven’t found the time to create them all (yet), but you still give me the inspiration.
  • You make me stronger. I have to be stronger to handle the fear when you get sick or the exhaustion waiting up for you when you stay out late.
  • You have taught me about sacrifice. There are so many moments in each day when I give up things for you. And I do it without a moment of hesitation because that is NOW who I am. I was never that selfless before, but now? I’d give it all up for you.
  • You allow me to get inside your head when you create these wonderful stories and adventures for us to go on. This keeps the younger me still alive and part of the adult me.
  • You show me new things when I experience them through you. Whether it’s the euphoria of a new slide at the park, the excitement over a princess movie, or everything involved with your first big musical in high school – the world is new again in so many ways. You open my eyes to things I might have never been a part of, and then you show them to me through YOUR eyes, so they are more wonderful than I ever dreamed.

So…while you give me your hugs and kisses on Mother’s Day, know that I reciprocate it because I really feel I must thank YOU. For all of the joys that have come with being your Mother.

* Note: I avoided using the blog names in this entry since I wanted it to feel more like a real letter and less like a blog entry. These are just shortened versions of my kid’s real names, so no need to alert me to the mistake!

6 thoughts on “To The Ones Who Made Me A Mother,”

  1. That is beautiful, Zoot! I feel the same about my daughter! Gather the kids round and show them my blog entry today. It is all about Einstein, the world’s smallest horse!!! I went yesterday to meet him. So adorable!!!

  2. Thank you for this…I actually hate Mother’s Day. You have showed me a new way to celebrate the day and give thanks. Enjoy your day.

  3. This is such a wonderful post Kim. It couldn’t have been written better. It encompasses all that we as mom’s become when we have our children.

    Thanks for sharing.

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