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If he could text there would be a lot of OMGs concerning the Moon

Wes (I’m sorry, I call him Wes on Twitter and Facebook so the whole AndyZ thing is getting more difficult to remember over here…I may have to officially change) is very aware of his surroundings. He is also very observant and very concerned about things being…off, and always needs to bring any of these things to the attention of whomever is nearest to him. Example: At Hobby Lobby the other day he says, “Oh No, Momma! Yook! Paint! Yook!” I turn to where he’s pointing and a paint bottle (the small acrylic kind) is slightly tilted in it’s row. It’s not going to fall, there are several others holding it in, but it concerned him nonetheless. I quickly pushed it back right while the employee stocking items down the aisle kinda giggled silently.

When he hears birds he must immediately make sure everyone around him hears them too. If he sees a cow? You’ll know. If he sees a dog, or a balloon, or anything that he wouldn’t normally expect to see in his everyday surroundings? He’ll point and shot about it with his already-huge eyes even BIGGER in SHOCK over the situation. “MOMMA! BIIIIRRRRRDDDD!” He’ll shout as he points at the picture of Big Bird on the birthday card he just saw. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

His latest obsession is the Moon. He saw it Monday morning and was all, “Momma, Yook! Whats dat?” I said, “That’s the Moon!” For the entire ride home he would keep an eye on it in the sky. When we would turn and it would “move” he would freak out when he saw it again like, “Mom! There it is now…OVER THERE! How does it do that?” He has trouble understanding that it’s not there all day and he really has trouble understanding why he can’t hold it. Whatever his difficulties are with it as a concept, however, he is totally in love with it. I let him come outside with me yesterday morning before taking LilZ to school to just sit in the driveway and look at it. He just kept pointing, “Moon!” and then periodically reaching just to make sure I wasn’t lying when I told him he couldn’t hold it. “It’s too far AND too big!” I assured him, but he’s not going to take my word for it, of course. He’s no dummy.

Nikki joined us, because she doesn’t like to miss out, but she found the whole outing quite anticlimactic. I mean…she knows she can’t hold the moon, she’s seen it in the daytime sky before, she really doesn’t get the whole craze. She joined us anyway, though. Because even she can’t help but be sucked into her brother’s excitement.

Looking for the Moon
Nikki thinks, Eh. Not as exciting as you made it out to be. I was hoping it would be pink.

Looking for the Moon - SOOC
This shot is Straight Out Of the Camera because, like Heather, I feel like I have to remind you that HIS EYES ARE REALLY THAT BLUE.

Looking for the Moon

Looking for the Moon
I did nothing to his eyes, here. I did “erase” some oatmeal on his lips though. In case you were wondering.

12 thoughts on “If he could text there would be a lot of OMGs concerning the Moon”

  1. How wonderful! It sounds like he is so much fun. I love it when kids are going through the discovery phase. These photos are awesome…and BOTH of your kids have lovely eyes. Both of my girls have my brown eyes, but my husband has green eyes and red hair. I was hoping that one of them would get his hair and eyes. 🙂

  2. He has beautiful eyes! I always notice his eyes and NikkiZ’s, too.

    You need to teach him to say “m..o…o…n, that spells moon.” (did you read The Stand?)

  3. Great pictures! My oldest nephew used to freak out about the moon, too. He also had to point out every FAN! he saw.

  4. He sounds like such a fun kiddo. My youngest always had to “fix” displays in the store if she saw something like the paint bottle leaning. Instead of asking to buy candy in the checkout line she would make sure no candy bars were out of place. She still does that at 15. Sadly, the “nothing out of place” compulsion doesn’t extend to her bedroom.

    I love Wes’ name. Are you going to start calling LilZ something else on the blog too, now that he towers over you?

  5. The moon must have been transmitting special messages this week because Maggie saw it in the morning sky and couldn’t figure out why it was there. She kept pointing it out the whole way to daycare! Too funny!

  6. Have you read “Papa please get the moon for me” by Eric Carle? He’d probably love it.

  7. I was going to recommend the Eric Carle book also….I love all Eric Carle!

    PS~~Guess who’s Stats class is having Fun Food Friday tomorrow! Guess what they’re getting to celebrate!

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