Update on Mom Etc.

My brain is mush thanks to many factors (allergies, excess driving, allergies, lack of sleep, allergies, cake poppers, and allergies) so I think I’m better doing another BULLET entry instead of trying to compose a coherent one using…paragraphs. Eh. Too much work.

  • I went to Knoxville on Thursday and discovered that I only thought I was suffering from bizarre seasonal allergies. Once I crossed the city limits? I stopped breathing.  I was so miserable I accepted medicine from a stranger in the surgery waiting room. Luckily that medicine worked and has helped me stay alive the last few days. (ALAVERT!) I also started using eyedrops and felt great until yesterday’s trip to Knoxville. I’m hoping today gets me back to a medicated normal, but yesterday really killed me. Knoxville? I WANT TO PUNCH YOU AND YOUR POLLEN LEVELS IN THE FACE.
  • Mom’s surgery went well. They couldn’t remove the tumor laparoscopicly because it had grown a bit into her bladder and part of that had to be removed as well. She’s still in the hospital (hence my trip yesterday) but doing okay…considering. I need to go back again in the next day or two but after yesterday’s allergy attack I’m feeling a big ragged so I may need to take more than just a day off from driving.
  • MrZ did some home repairs this weekend to start the journey toward GETTING THE HOUSE READY TO SELL. Anyone got any tips they want to share on important things to consider? I think we’re going to rent some sort of storage to keep a lot of the clutter since this house is a bit too small for five people and we hear storage boxes in every room is NOT a great selling point. Beyond getting our excess crap out to make it look bigger, what other things should we be thinking about?

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  1. I have a friend who goes to houses to advise people on what they should do to make their homes look better. She charges by the hour – maybe you could look into that?

    My advice: check for curb appeal (some people may not even get out of the car if they don’t like what they see on the outside). Maybe a fresh coat of paint on the front door, or freshly planted flowers.

    Take down lots of personal pictures – the buyers have to be able to imagine themselves in your house.

    Bake cookies or do something to make the house smell good before a showing (can be as simple as a pot of water with cinnamon sticks in it, an orange, etc.).

    When we were selling (13 years ago!) I used to keep a couple of laundry baskets around – if I got a call that the realtor wanted to bring someone over, I would load up the baskets with whatever was lying around (kids were 3 and 6 then) and then take it in the car with me when I left.

    Reminder that everyone opens the cabinets/closets – don’t cram everything in to try to make the house look neater.

    Good luck!

  2. When we got our house ready to sell, I moved a TON of stuff to my neighbor’s garage to make the house look bigger. The only thing I can tell you is I baked cookies whenever we had an open house. And had them sitting our for people to take while they looked. It gave the house that Homey smell too.

    Allergies – GAH!!! I feel ya!! I found a new eye drop that I like better than Alaway. Alaway is awesome to get the itch out, but it burns a little at first. Zaditor (IF you can find it) doesn’t seem to burn. But like I said, it’s near impossible to find!!

    I am in love with Publix shopping carts with two layers. LOVE them!!!

    Hope your mom is doing better!! Be careful on the trip up there and back!!

  3. Heck with the baking cookies like they advise…leave cake poppers for potential buyers. They look yummy enough that I would love you enough to buy your house in exchange for the recipe.

    And I’m a southerner-lite – only been here 3 years so I don’t know if I’ll ever start saying buggy. I don’t hear many people around here refer to them as buggies…I think because no one is actually from here.

  4. Personally, when we were looking, I much preferred to see a house completely empty. So my suggestion would be to remove as much as you can. Especially anything really personal. I always felt bad looking in closets and stuff, like I was digging through people’s stuff.

    I do FF mode too. Especially for DwtS. You’re missing out by skipping Flash Forward! It has gotten really good, way better after that long break.

  5. House-wise the best advice I’ve heard has been to add mirrors to rooms (even the $10 cheapies from Target) because it’s supposed to make the room look bigger and the prospective buyer can literally see themselves in the room etc etc. That and to have something alive/edible in rooms. Flowers, a bowl of green apples, delicious plate of cake poppers (oh my yum).

    I’m with you on release dates. I’m reading CL Wilson’s Fading Lands series and when I found out the final book was split into two and I’d have to wait I think I may have actually stamped my foot in Barnes and Noble 🙂

  6. No advice on the house looking bit, but Alavert is what I take for my allergies-highly recommend them! They don’t make you sleepy either.

  7. Oh, I meant to add….the cookies I baked were the Toll House pre-cuts. Even if you don’t leave them out for everyone walking through to eat, you can baked a few and take them with you when you leave. And the house still smells YUMMY!!

  8. I heard the “take down personal pictures” thing and thought it was nuts. Now, whenever I look at a place (I have a small real estate voyeurism thing), I realize that it’s totally right – if someone “not like me” obviously lives there, I’m less interested.

    Also – we learned the hard way. Everyone searches online anymore, with very specific price points (like “less than $175K”) – if your place is $175.5, people won’t see it online, and it will take longer to sell. Give up the last thousand to move down and become more visible. This lesson took us six months and a second realtor to learn…house sold in under 2 months (with 3 different offers, problems on borrowers’ side) once we dropped it.

    Good luck!

  9. see now…one our Targets has a double cart like the one you linked to. And all the Walmarts and other stores have bascially the same thing. Our Home Depot has one like you’ve pictured, which is a nice cart but Evie and Liam can’t be trusted in their together because violence will ensue.

    My FAVORITE double cart is the one at the newer Target in town:

    It is THE AWESOME (even *I* could sit in that thing. If I wanted to.)

  10. I know about those carts!! They’re the best! They ALMOST make grocery shopping with children enjoyable.

  11. My commissary on base has a double cart like your Publix one. I get excited about that too. You’re not alone!

  12. It has always been a buggy for
    me and my Yankee boyfriend and his family mess with me all the time about it so I say it on purpose to irritate them! 🙂

    And with regards to the Night World – I feel your angst except multiply it by 13 years since that’s how long us original LJ Smith fans have been waiting for it – it was supposed to come out in 1997!!!!! But if you need something to tie you over, you should her other series The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game and Dark Visions (I believe at least TSC and DV have been reprinted) They are in my opinion better than the Night World and even The Vampire Diaries

  13. I’ve worked at Barnes & Noble for years and even the hard-and-fast dates for big releases have been pushed back. It’s not fun telling someone that, however-they usually feel the need to take out their anger on someone and that someone is usually the one who told them 🙂 Can’t blame them, though. I would’ve been pretty ticked if I found out I had to wait even more time to find out what happens next.

  14. I’m late to the party because I have been getting our house ready to sell since January. We got the house on the market in April and it sold in two days. The secret’s in the staging. We have a storage unit and packed away a ton (Uncle Bob’s is having a name your own price deal going on right now). We also had stagers come and recommend what to remove what to keep as far as furniture and surfaces, etc. They were great because they understand that we have to live here while we showed the house (and we have kids!). We painted everything on the outside because in our case, most of the people looking at our house would be first time homebuyers getting FHA loans and if we had peeling paint on the outside we would have had to paint it anyway.

    We had bins in our rooms with the staging stuff (new pillows for the couch, unused toothbrushes for the bathrooms, the “staging towels”, etc) and when we were showing the house, we would swap out the undesirable stuff (used towels, flat couch pillows, etc) for the staging things. It seems like a lot of work, but once we got it down, it was clock work.

    If you are going with a real estate agent, see if they do virutal tours with a real videographer. It makes a big difference in how people view your home online.

    If you want to see pics, they are here:

    Email me if you want more tips. I had a melt down before we went on the market wondering how we were going to keep the house clean with kids and dogs and still sell the house! We sold in two days, so I think it worked out. (Now we just have to actually move out.)

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