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WOW. And…um…WOW again.

Seussical week is over. I’m now kinda caught up on the basics of home life. Laundry is manageable, mail has been opened and sorted, and most signs of the musical (Feathered hats, orange socks, stinky leotards) have been put away or thrown away. Life is kinda back to normal. Of course it’s now Spring and I’m having a weird episode of allergies that’s impairing my ability to breathe and/or see. And also, my Mom is having a malignant tumor removed from her colon on Thursday so I’ll be making a quick trip to Knoxville for that. And then there’s t-ball — which is a very serious sport for 4-year olds and includes late practices and weekend games. So…yeah. Normal. Or at least as close as it seems to get in my life.

So…to wrap up the Spring Musical phase of this blog, I thought I’d sum up a lot of our experiences in bullets. And then it will be back to the usual entries about crappy television, boob sweat, and toddler insanity.

  • I met more amazing Moms this week than I even realized existed. Moms who work outside the home, raise gorgeously well-balanced, talented, and mature children, and still had time to log volunteer hours with the musical. It’s like Seussical gifted me with Role Model Moms who I would now love to strive to be. It truly was an insight and suddenly I find myself longing for more daily contact with these women as the inspire me to be a better Mom.
  • There are some amazing teenagers out there. From seeing how they handle stress so gracefully, to how they appreciate the adults who help them. I used to think my son and his friends were special in how they managed to be teenagers and NOT be total jerkfaces. It turns out? There are a lot of non-jerkface teenagers out there. They are kind, they work hard, and they make me laugh. I think the biggest thing this musical did was help me see that teenagers, as a group, are not all inherently evil. Maybe the jerkface teenagers are more the anomaly…and not the other way around. It’s like my world has been shaken! The fear of teenagers I’ve held since Junior High now seems to be crumbling! Maybe I’ll allow my other two to grow up after all!
  • Most valuable lesson learned: Make sure to schedule ONE show where I don’t work. Between helping with NikkiZ’s marching band and being on the makeup crew, I had myself schedule for jobs during every show. Now, I did get to see a lot of the dress rehearsals and I was able to sneak in a see bits and pieces of the real performances…but I never saw an entire show beginning to end. Next year? I’ll make sure to pick ONE show where I will NOT be a volunteer. Dumb move on my part. At least we ordered DVDs!
  • Strike was INSANE. “Striking the Set” or “Strike” refers to the process of removing all evidence of a show after it’s run. Since this school has theatre classes and other performances coming up soon, we had to remove all bits of Suessical and bring in the elements for the other performances in the next few weeks. I knew how much needed to be done, I was part of building a lot of it. I knew how many costumes there were, how many set pieces and props…I knew what all had to be removed and I assumed it would take all night. Yet somehow? It all got done in four hours. These adults (teachers and parents) who participate in these big productions really have a lot of the processes down to a science and it’s an amazing thing to watch. It’s organized and efficient and I found myself wondering, “Man…imagine how fast my house would get cleaned every week if I could rally my troops in such a fashion.” Ahhh…wishful thinking.
  • I miss hanging out with grownups. It’s been since college since I spent so much time with people I’m not related to. I now find myself wondering how I follow-up on these friendships? I already told one of them I’d be stalking her soon at her job. But…you know…not everyone works in places they can be stalked! (And now I sound creepy.) I really hope I find some way to make contact before next year’s musical. Can you believe it? ME…making friends!
  • I had to “MARK AS READ” over 600+ entries in my feed reader. I really hate it when that happens, because I feel like I may have missed something major in someone’s life. It also feels a little bit like betrayal as a blogger myself. So…on a non-Seussical final note…did I miss anything?

This was after three performances on Tuesday, before the final nighttime performance of the day. I told her she HAD to take a nap before the evening show. She SWORE she was not tired. We barely made it out of the drive-thru at Wendy’s before she had passed out. This is how I felt EVERY DAY.

7 thoughts on “WOW. And…um…WOW again.”

  1. I’ll admit I know nothing about theatre and I don’t have kids here but this all sounded very exhausting for all of you. The good news is you pulled it off!

    Congrats on many great shows and wonderful kids!

  2. What an amazing experience! But I think I’d be insanely grateful it was over and life had slowed down just a bit.

  3. I’m so happy for you! Isn’t it great to meet all those talented, together people (both teens and parents)?

  4. I think that teens who are involved in extra-curricular activities tend to be a little less jerk-ish, too.

  5. This whole entry made me smile. I always found strike amazing as well, although it’s usually followed by food, and how better to motivate the teenage contingent? Glad to know teens can be humans – I’m scared of them, still…

  6. Sounds very cool. Am very glad to know that there are lots of non-jerkface teenagers as I will be spending the summer with mine. Hopefully that will mean it will be easier to find him some non-jerkface friends.

  7. In reference to marking 600+ items read, I feel your pain there, heh. I don’t think I’ve ever had my feed reader actually clean/all read, to be honest. I read soooo many blogs and sites that it’s impossible to catch absolutely everything, it seems, but I can’t bear to just, drop anyone either, ya know? My compromise is that I rarely comment, but then that means all of these people don’t even know I exist, much less that I’ve been reading their blogs for months.

    So in exchange for feeling like I might miss something, I’m ignoring the fact that I have several thousand unread items in my reader at the moment and that no matter how many I read, more will continue flowing in at the same rate, lol. I’m attempting to get back to commenting again….at least for a little while.

    You got lucky (or unlucky?). You mentioned marking items read and I started rambling about it, so you get a semi-explanation and a “Surprise! I read your blog….and have for however long, wee! Um, don’t even know if I’ve ever even commented here before, oops.” Everybody else is getting on-topic replies to posts as though I’ve known them for years….and they’ve never even seen my name before. Creepy. 😉

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