Mother Of A Theater Kid


During the show as LilZ ran to the dressing room to change costumes This is the first even remotely decent picture I can show as I haven’t really been armed with anything but my small purse camera. I caught this moment before we stripped NikkiZ out of her costume and while LilZ was running to the dressing room to change into a different one. I stood in front of him as he was running and said, “GIVE ME ONE SECOND!” He dropped to the knee…smiled…and then got up and kept running. I have never known the capacity my child has for handling chaos and stress until this show. He has four different costumes he wears and changes a few times more than that as he goes back and forth a few times. (I think.) It’s very chaotic and he’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not as chaotic as it COULD be. Evidently there are kids in the show that either (a) Change or more often or (b) Faster. I don’t see how ANY of them do it. I know I keep saying that, “THESE KIDS ARE AMAZING!” But they are! They put the Honor Student high school ME to shame!

Anyway – just wanted to give you a look. My brother came to the show last night and swears my hype was not overdone. It was more awesome than I even made it sound. He’s coming back again tonight with the rest of my family. NikkiZ gets to do two shows today and bow for both, I think. It’s going to be a fun day. And then tomorrow? We get to sleep in get up early for NikkiZ’s first t-ball game of the season! WAIT. WHAT? We have a t-ball game AND A performance in the SAME DAY? Who’s brilliant planning was that?

Yes, mine. Of course. I like to keep things exciting around here.

15 thoughts on “A PICTURE!”

  1. Awesome photo! I love all the orange! Wow! You had to be at the school at 6:30am!? What time did the first show start!? That seems like a ridiculously early hour! :O

  2. i LOVE that she’s totally posing like a seasoned and famous actress. she looks like “oh, the cameras are on me, time to put on my cute face!”

    congrats for making it through this craziness, and huge love sent to your kids who are rockstars for being part of it all!

  3. Wow! Great photo! Wish I could be there; I love going to the high school productions. I’ll go even though they’re out of high school.

    So cool that NikkiZ gets a little part! Sounds like she’s handling it beautifully. 🙂

  4. “I’ll go even though they’re out of high school.”

    I meant my kids are out of high school, but I still like to go to the high school musicals (and the plays, too… but the musicals are usually better!).

  5. I have worked with both high school and community theatres before and these costumes look fabulous!

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