I Curse TWICE In This Entry. And Then Make Green Cake.

In 1998 I graduated with my first Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Geography. I went back the following semester to get another Bachelor’s in Professional Geography because while working on my minor I discovered the field of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and fell in love. The second degree allowed me to geek out on maps, cartography, and geographic data and the spatial relationships it creates. Most Fun Degree EVER. I got a job in that field for a few years (a field MrZ still works in) and then ended up at a job with a small company where I did more work relating to websites and marketing. This boring introduction is just a basis for the information I’m about to share with you:

I’m going to try to get my MBA.

Holy SHIT. I just said that out loud.

I became fascinated by marketing and business working in such a small company that required me to do all sorts of odd jobs. While working there I even started discussing getting my MBA and now – MrZ and I have decided to bite the bullet, trim the fat in the budget, and just let me focus on getting my Master’s as quick as possible. Holy SHIT.

(I’ll be saying that a lot. While I don’t curse often, evidently fear of education and my future will inspire a bit of mild vulgarity.)

I sent out inquiries yesterday and learned that the biggest thing in my way to getting accepted into our local MBA program, is my undergraduate GPA. I like to blame the under 3.0 GPA (I won’t tell how far under) on being a single working Mom trying to make it through college. But in reality it was because my school had an attendance policy and I failed a few classes for missing too many. Aren’t I a good role model? Evidently getting “F”s can really damper your GPA. Who knew?

So – in order for me to feel more confident about my acceptance into the program – I have to do well on the GMAT. I have to get a minimum of 500 to be considered and to make up for my GPA I really need to get above a 600. And let me tell you the key point: I SUCK AT STANDARDIZED TESTING. I was the one in high school with the really good grades but the really crappy ACT and SAT scores. I was in the National Honor Society but only testing average everywhere else. So the idea of my future hanging on the thread of this ONE TEST. Makes me want to VOMIT.

I’m staring an 80-day study program today. I’ve bought a few books and I’ll probably buy a few more. I’m going to really focus on trying to do as well on this test as humanly possible so that maybe I can get an average score.

So…another chapter in my life. HOPEFULLY. If I go through all of this emotional stress and grief and then don’t get accepted? There will be a dozen donuts making a sacrifice for the sake of my wounded ego. I guarantee you that.

Edited to add in 2021: I have no recollection of seriously thinking about this. WTF? How do I not remember this AT ALL?

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  1. What exciting news about the MBA! Yay, you!

    I used to work for a leading test prep company as an instructor/tutor (company name sounded like map land, two other things you like!). We got results so long as students did the assignments. It was so much about having the discipline to work through each and every workbook– and taking a lot a lot a lot of the practice exams. These tests are so much about your skills with taking standardized tests and that’s what to practice.

  2. Way to go! I want to go back for mine, too, but am infinitely too lazy. ๐Ÿ™ Maybe one of these days…

  3. Good luck! Just know you’re way ahead of me — I have one AAB, going for my AA, so I can go for B in Speech Therapy and then Master’s —

    so does everyone take this test before a master’s? I have never heard of it before but am sure I will later —

  4. I totally feel your pain about standardized testing (I just threw up in my mouth a little). When I went back to grad school, I had to take the GRE. Did horribly on it the first time – of course it didn’t help that we were sitting in this HUGE ASS lecture hall, and a 12 year old (no I am NOT exaggerating!!!) was sitting behind me. When I took it again, i went to the Sylvan Center and took it as a computer based test. OMG!!! My scores came up tremendously!! The stress of standardized testing, and wondering how eveeryone else around you is doing was G-O-N-E!!
    Maybe I am a little behind on the times, and maybe everything is CBT now. So if it is…study, but study with less stress!!

    Good Luck!!!

  5. So exciting! (About both the MBA and the cake poppers ;)) I got my Master’s in Econ a few years ago and my program had similar components as the MBA program. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate. I admit, after hearing a lecture back in the fall I want to go back and get my MPA/MPP but am letting myself be thwarted by the testing/admissions part of the process. Yay you for pushing ahead!

  6. Good luck on the GMAT!

    I had a gpa of 2.7 my last semester after failing a few classes due to an attendance policy which had just gone into effect that year, which I knew nothing about. Failed several things during the open drop/add period. I was so upset. I’d been on the President’s List till then.

    It’s awesome that you’re going back to school! I’d like to finish my degree, but can’t come up with the extra time it would take.

  7. Where do you get the melting chocolate they use for fountains? And what is it called? I want to find some of this stuff!!

    Congrats on deciding to get the MBA and happy studying!

  8. April – I got it at Hobby Lobby, in the same section as the baking stuff and regular melting chocolate. I didnt realize there was a difference until commenters mention how hard it was to work with. I guess I lucked out and bought the “right” stuff the first time b/c I didnt know better!

  9. You’re gonna rock it, Kim. You are a smart and determined woman! I bet you never thought you could run a marathon til you did it – and this will be the same, I bet. You’ll have to work hard, prepare and train, but in the end you will have something amazing to show for it!
    GO KIM GO! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. OMG that baby has turned into … a little BOY! He’s adorable, but so BIG! Congrats on going for your Masters! Have fun being a student again!

  11. Congratulations Zoot! I am rooting for you all the way. My husband is in the same field as you and MrZ up here in Canada, so I know of that which you speak. Also, I’m currently taking courses towards an accounting degree while working full-time, so I KNOW how busy you’ll be with studying and parenting and cleaning all at the same time. It will be totally worth it when we have our dream careers!

  12. Good luck with the GMAT! I find the whole GPA thing depressing and unfair. I mean college was a while ago and I was 18 and not necessarily always focused 100% on school. I’m older and wiser now so why on earth does the fact that I got a C in Oceanography (not my field) have any impact on what I want to do now?

    Not that I actually have any plans to go to grad school, but I might want to someday.

  13. Awesome! How exciting and terrifying!

    I’m surprised they put much weight on your GPA this many years later…in my experience they are willing to overlook that and see your life experience in the work force as worth more than your college grades. Anyway, good luck with your GMAT.

    And if it helps at all, I (and most others I’ve talked to) think that grad school is actually much easier than undergrad. It demands more time commitment but it is designed for you to succeed. My undergrad GPA was just under 3.0 (I don’t have motherhood to blame…I blame beer and politics…seriously, failed a french class because of Hillary Clinton – true story) but my GPA in grad school was 3.9

  14. I’ve never commented before and cannot remember for the life of me how I found your blog, but I love how you’re so down to earth about everything and thought I’d drop my 2 cents about the GMAT.

    I’m finishing up my MBA (done June 23rd!) and just took the GMAT last spring. My biggest advice to you would be to call/find out anything you can about the testing location and procedures because mine INTENSE and fairly intimidating (this way you might feel a little less stressed when you show up). For mine I had to have my palm scanned and all items stored in a locker. We were then ID’d again before going into a glass room with little computer cubicles. We were watched the entire time, had to raise our hand to use the restroom, and had to be re-checked entering and leaving the room. Like I said, INTENSE.

    If I remember correctly I think they have online practice tests so you can get used to the computer format. I’m sure with a little studying you will do absolutely fine. Good luck and congrats on taking such a big step!

  15. Good luck!

    I would think that the GPA would be more important if you were straight out of college, but I would think that your experience would make up for it.

  16. You’ll do great! I’m going back to school this fall (to pursue a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice) and it is so scary. But exciting! (My point: I know how you feel.)

    That picture of AndyZ is hilarious. What a cutie.

  17. Grad school is very cool; hope you love it. I’m on track to get my MS in Book Publishing in 2011.

    Are you going to do Mondo Beyondo in May?

  18. My 16-year old son just started his SAT prep class last night. It ends April 27th, and he’ll take the SAT on May 1st. I’m nervous for him already!

    I’ll be praying for both you and Jack to do well!

  19. The Kaplan test books are the best. Take the CD out of the book and toss the book. You can take a practice test first that will tell you what you need to focus on for the real test. That way you aren’t wasting your time on stuff you already know. All of the practice are set up just like the test you will actually take. Takes a lot of the stress out of stress day.

    You will do great. If you can stay home with your kids, you can go back to school and pass some silly test.

  20. I promis this isn’t a sales pitch! I am a faithfull lurker on your blog. I just wanted to let you know that there are some schools that do not require you to take the GMAT. Keiser University is one of them. I work at Keiser but I do not work in graduate school admissions. If you would like to give us a call you can look up Keiser University on the internet. I work at the Jacksonville campus. We do not require a GMAT. If you have below a 3.0 in your undergraduate you just need to committ to earning a 3.0 in your first semester of grad school. If you do not achieve that you would then need to take the GMAT. Don’t know if this helps or not. Have a great day.

  21. FWIW – You usually don’t have to take your GMAT before you start taking classes, you have to take it to get into the program and be matriculated in order to actually get the degree. Almost every school will let you take classes if you walk up to the registrar’s desk with your checkbook. Obviously this doesn’t work if you are going after financial aid, but if you are worried about not getting in, they are a million times more likely to take you if you are already taking classes and getting A’s and B’s. Then your GMAT and old gpa don’t matter as much as your current GPA, and you can get started before you have to fill out all of that pesky paperwork. Most schools don’t advertise this fact, but I am pretty convinced there isn’t a school out there that won’t let someone take classes if they are willing to pay for it.

    Good luck on getting that MBA!

  22. I took the GMAT a few months ago. Be sure to check on your library to get study books- free is always nice!

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