Swept Away

This past week was my first real trip to Disney World. I went for a day and a half about five years ago but that trip was organized by someone else and I didn’t even realize Disney World wasn’t just ONE PARK until I walked into Magic Kingdom for the first time. I spent half a day there, half a day and MGM (Now Hollywood) Studios, and half a day at Animal Kingdom. It was a whirlwind and we didn’t do a whole lot since we had so little time in each park. So…I call this past week my FIRST trip to Disney World. EVER. And let me tell you, there were definitely times where my enthusiasm and my excitement rivaled NikkiZ’s.


First off…NikkiZ is the perfect age for Disney. She’s old enough to understand lines and why they’re annoying. She can decide whether something or someONE is worth the long wait. She does fine without her nap and her schedule can be disrupted without total meltdowns. However, she’s also young enough to believe in the magic of it all. She didn’t question (too much) the fact that we saw Mickey in a parade about five minutes after this picture was taken. And he was in a different outfit.


But for every princess she met? My heart fluttered a bit too. I’m old enough to understand that yes – those two Ariel’s we met? Were not the same person. Yet I got totally thrilled meeting both of them. And I referred to them as Ariel and made sure NikkiZ got BOTH of their autographs. I also wished I had my own autograph book. I didn’t get to meet my two favorites (Eeyore and Pocahontas) – but if I had? I might have just had them sign my shirt or something.

Her happiest moment of the entire trip

After NikkiZ got her face painted I decided I wanted it done too. I wasn’t going to let her have ALL the fun. I rode roller coasters with MrZ even though I hate them. I even kinda liked Space Mountain. But Everest at Animal Kingdom? No thank you. I kept my eyes closed the entire time. We saw amazing 3D shows that had me laughing and great stage shows that had me Ooooh’ing and Aaaah’ing. While NikkiZ is definitely the perfect age for Disney, there’s something to be said about going for the first time as an adult. We can’t afford to go every year. And it’s not much of a vacation since you come back feeling like you’ve been run over by a heard of elephants for 3 months straight. (I’m sure the 13.1 miles didn’t help.) But we WILL go again. As soon as AndyZ hits that magical age. I may not be a as swept away the next time, but I will meet Eeyore and Pocahontas and will surely giggle a bit when that happens.

San Fancisco

The Big Apple

Three Musketeers

With her Fairy Godmother

Hollywood Studios

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like a lovely time. I’m jealous! (Although if that is the reward for running 13.1 miles, you can keep it.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. yay! i can see the pix!! i’m so glad it was awesome!! i will be as magical next time, i promise!! can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  3. I am SO glad you had a wonderful time! Some people come back with horror stories. Our experiences have been great both times with the kids and we are hoping to go back in the future (one the 19 month old is not well 19 months old ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing the half marathon story too. Another girl I know from FB did this race and it inspired me to consider this run down the road – it sounds like a fun adventure!

    Beautiful photos as always and I love that you also had your face painted. NOW that makes me jealous!!!

  4. It is the most magical place on earth! My daughter was 4 when we went and she just loved it. Meeting Cinderella was probably the most exciting thing she did. We went to the Princess breakfast in the castle and it made my husband tear up when he saw our daughter get to meet Cindy LOL. I got to meet Pooh and Tigger in Epcot and thought I was going to pee my pants! I’m a HUGE Pooh fan =)

  5. My parents were never big Disney people so I never got to go when I was younger. When I was 22 my boyfriend at the time and his family took me on their family trip there. And we went back for the next three years. Then I took my friend last year who had never been.

    Even though I am an adult now, I still always get caught up in the magic. The fireworks, pictures with Mickey and the rollercoasters. I love it. And even still at 26, it’s my favorite place ever.

    This year? I’m saving my Florida trip for Harry Potter ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Looks like you had such a great trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Loved Nikki with Ariel…and was that Beaker on LilZ’s head???? I loooove Beaker! =)

  7. OMG! We leave tomorrow with our four-year-old daughter. I didn’t think I could be more excited, but this post made me MORE EXCITED.

  8. I gotta say, you’ll be just as swept away on your next trip — I promise! I went my freshman year of college for my first trip. Went again 4 years later for my honeymoon, and again for my 1 year anniversary. Didn’t go back until 2008 with my parents (their first trip!) and the lowercase (his first). LOVED the looks of wonder on both my parents’ and the lowercase’s faces. And I get positively GIDDY the instant I step through the entrance onto Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. There’s always something new, always something exciting. It’s never let me down ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re going back with my parents and son next month (after just taking my son in December) because, well, I can never get enough.

  9. It is the one vacation where you come home feeling like you need a vacation because of the go, go, go pace. We went when our kids were in 2nd and 5th grade and they enjoyed themselves thoroughly but the younger one (now 19) says he doesn’t really remember much of it. At the time he came home able to mimic all the people he heard from Australia and England and he doesn’t remember that either.

  10. You didn’t mention LilZ’s experience there, but I’m thinking he might have gotten something out of it too. Is he still into writing? I think it would be so neat to read an “a teenager goes to Disney World” essay.

  11. That looks like an awesome trip! I can’t wait until my little girl is old enough to enjoy it and get it! Few more years but we are close!

  12. I’ve never been to Disneyworld, but we are close enough to go to Disneyland every couple of years or so and I swear, I am just as captivated every single time. I walk into the park and it takes my breath away. And my kids still love it and are so excited for the next trip (we plan to spend Thanksgiving in the park this year!). It won’t ever get old, I promise!

  13. You’ll enjoy it the second time around too! A friend and I went when we were adults, and no children with us. Still had a blast!

  14. When we loved in FL we were fortunate enough to go to Disney World several times. I loved it every single time and I’m almost 35yrs old. It’s great being able to see Disney through my daughters’ eyes.

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