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Go Team!

Let’s start with the race, shall we?

The back of my shirt!

As you all know by now, I chose to run with Team in Training for this half-marathon to raise money for the LLS in memory of my Dad. This was – by far – the best decision I’ve ever made. TnT is a huge organization that provides so much support in training and along the race that you can’t help but be swept up in the cause. Between the exhaustion of travel and the shin splints from the day before; not to mention the poor training I did – I was very concerned starting the race. However, the TnT group lifted my spirits and the cheers of “GO TEAM!” along the way from spectators who recognized the purple jersey? That was enough to pull me through. And with the mosaic above pinned to my back – I got back pats and words of encouragement along the way. Everytime I felt like walking someone would pat me on the back and say, “You’re doing great” or “Your Dad would be proud” and that reminded me why I was there. And of course – I cried the entire time.

I also loved the race itself. I highly recommend the Disney Princess Half Marathon to any beginning runner. It’s a very fun and casual atmosphere. My only regret was not having a running buddy because so many runners stopped along the way to take pictures with the Disney characters cheering us on. And there were so many tutus! And tiaras! Everyone seemed to be dressed up and it was GREAT. Just a feel-good event in all senses of the word. Next time? I’ll bring a friend. Any volunteers?

All in all – the race was wonderful. The shin splints started crippling me about mile 8 so I started taking walking breaks. But – I still ran most of those last few miles. Considering my training did not go well I am very proud of my success and I thought about Dad the entire time. I knew he’d be laughing at me and rolling his eyes at my tiara. It was an emotional day and I thought of many of you along the way. Thanks for your support. I’ll come back tomorrow and talk about the rest of the trip, but here’s my frazzled finish-line photo for your enjoyment.

Immediately after I tweeted, “I DID IT!” Time: 3:07

15 thoughts on “Go Team!”

  1. If I had finished a race that long, I’d wear the medal for the whole dang week, if not month (fine. year.).

    I’m determined to run a half marathon. Not only have a lot of really cool bloggers like yourself done it, but my best friend in LA has started running them, too. My goal is to run one within a year of having this baby who’s due in July.

    Maybe I should change that to decade? I get winded picking up the mail.

  2. Go You Kim!!!!! Rock on!!!!

    Me and my mum did the Race for Life – we walked the 5k rather than running lol.

  3. Good for you! I didn’t realize you were wearing a tiara when I first saw the second picture. Somehow that makes your achievement extra awesome.

  4. That bib of pictures of your Dad makes me tear up. Awesome work, lady!

    Also, do you sweat at ALL? When I’m done running even 4 miles I am drenched. You just look a little tired. Not fair! 🙂

  5. I’m really proud of you! I think the longest run (okay, run/walk) I ever did was maybe 6 miles, and that was near torturous experience enough.

  6. Congratulations – I knew you’d do great and love it! Isn’t it an amazing feeling to cross that finish line? I’m totally doing this 1/2 next year so I guess I will see you there!! 🙂

  7. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO PROUD of you!! And I know your dad would have absolutely have laughed at you and your tiara all while I am sure he was so freakin’ proud of you… Great way to spend 13.1 miles with him and remembering how awesome he was!! Congrats!!! Love ya!!!

  8. Woohoo! Congratulations! Sounds like the whole Disney World “experience” spilled over into the race. They make everything seem so magical (to me, anyway). How cool, you ran over 13 miles and your dad was with you every step of the way.

  9. I totally teared up at the “your Dad would be so proud” – I’m not surprised you cried! You’re really awesome, Kim; I hope you know that 🙂

  10. Nice work. I always have admired runners because it is something that is really hard and painful for me. Congrats!

  11. Congratulations again! I know your dad was so proud!

    I would love to run this marathon someday. But I am so out of shape and I’ve never run more than 5 steps in my adult life.

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