An Experiement In Patience, Motherhood, and Sobriety.


This has not been that productive of a parenting week for me. I had one day where I covered the table with paper and let the kids go wild (pictured alongside a cute diaper butt above) coloring – but other than that I’ve been trying to do probate, estate, and tax stuff for Dad and for my family. It’s been day after day of struggling to complete paperwork while simultaneously trying to keep the kids from eating poison. In other words, not the best parenting week, even though I was productive in other areas.

So, today? I’m doing an experiment. Or a torture session, depends on how you look at it. I’m going to focus just on the kids today. No housework (plenty of time to do that this weekend), no paperwork, no TV as a babysitter, and no escape via the solitaire game on my iPhone. I don’t have anything crazy exciting planned, I’m just going to see what a day looks like when I just focus on being a Mom. Not a bookkeeper, not a maid, not a cook, and not a super-stylish trendsetter.

(I have no idea why I threw that last one in there. It just seemed completely opposite of the picture in my head and sometimes opposites make me laugh! You should see me around light switches. The On/Off concept gets me giggling for hours.)

Have you ever done this one day? Or are you the kind of Mom that has enough patience and takes the Motherhood job so seriously that you dedicate yourself to days like this every day? If you are that type of Mom, can you come show me how to be more like you? Because I’m worried this day may kill me. Or them. I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “An Experiement In Patience, Motherhood, and Sobriety.”

  1. Love the diaper butt! I managed to do this for one week – gave up on work for the week I had no daycare after Christmas and just concentrated on the kiddo. We had a really great, much calmer week. But if I were home all day with him every day? I don’t think I could let all the rest of life go like that. Let us know how it goes!

  2. Love the pic, but no mom advice here. The best I can do is tell you about how I cleaned up cat puke this morning πŸ™‚

  3. I think I have the opposite problem: I find myself playing with the kids to avoid all the housework/other stuff I should be doing! Our apartment is a mess (I claim it’s because the place is too small to have “a place for everything”), I’m constantly behind on the laundry (but that’s because two kids create more laundry than is physically possible to keep washed, right?), and I’m lucky of there’s a 3-foot space of clear counter to cook dinner (I have an excuse for that too but can’t remember it at the moment…).
    What do I do during the day? We read books, wrestle on the floor, play with Legos, practice using the potty, play with the Wii, listen and dance to music… I just follow the boys’ lead (one’s 2 yrs and the other’s 3mos). I figure there’ll be time later, when they’re a little older and in school, to have a tidy house.
    I hope you have a fun day with your little ones today!

  4. We had almost four days like this. I should mention that we had a major snowstorm and were without power for that length of time. Fun, fun. We had to spend time together since there was nothing else to do. LOL! Right now I work outside the home, so days of just playing are rare. However on the weekend, I like to take a couple of hours and just play with the kids. They love it and so do I. However, I could not do it an entire day. I have to multitask all of the time, I’m just wired that way. Sitting still and doing just one thing drives me crazy. However I can do it for an hour if I really, really try.

    Good luck today! πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve definitely had days like this…where I try to make things SUPER fun (which isn’t hard, with a 2 year old) and focused on him. Fortunately, I’ve raised a truly independent little guy, he really seems happy with our normal sort of day…and that makes having a day where we hit Chuck E. Cheese or the splash park even more of a treat.

  6. Okay, I don’t know how to say this, especially since I don’t know IRL. Honestly?


    You need to know that everything you’re doing, whether it’s going to the park or escaping through solitaire, everything you’re doing is just fine. There is no such thing as a ‘supermom”; we are all the best we can be with the tools we have, and you have some pretty good tools in your toolbox (heh,that could go *so* many different ways).

    Kim, you are so hard on yourself πŸ™ Through this blog you’ve allowed us to see you, warts and all, and I have to say that you are probably one of the kindest, creative-ist, and most thoughtful moms (and people!) that I’ve ever ‘known’. You, my dear, are doing a good job. If I lived closer to you I would so take you out for coffee (or a beer!) and tell you again how awesomely neat I think you are πŸ™‚

    So when you are playing with your children today and you see their smiles, remember that they are smiling because you (YOU) have done such a wonderful job as their mother.

  7. A couple weeks ago I played hookie from work for the express purpose of spending the day with Jack. My goals were the same as yours are today: no TV, no trying to get other stuff done, no computer. Just spending the day 100% focused on my kid and doing whatever seemed like a fun idea for both of us. He’s 2 1/2 so it mostly consisted of coloring, playing with cards, making muffins, pretend cooking, taking a walk, etc. It was, without a doubt, one of the best days we’ve ever had together. Sure, my house was a disaster, dinner was cobbled together leftovers and absolutely nothing “productive” got done, but we had so much fun together that it didn’t matter. Clearly it’s not something you can do every single day. But, man, I wish I could take one day a week or every two weeks and just shift my focus for a whole day. I hope you guys have an awesome day!

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