Sleep Is For The…What’s The Word?

I often discuss the positives of having kids spread so far apart. Namely? It’s like having three parents around. Except for one of them doesn’t change diapers. (Guess which parent that is.) I can run go get NikkiZ from school if AndyZ is still napping because LilZ is at home and can get him if he wakes up. MrZ and I can go to a late movie because LilZ is here if the kids wake up. There are many, many times that I’ve thought two parent households have it tough compared to me. But the one really bad thing about having kids spread so far apart? They need you at different times of the day. For example: New Year’s. I let LilZ have friends over so I stayed up until they all went home after midnight. Most households with teenagers do similar things. But those households? Get to sleep late like their teens do the next morning. Whereas NikkiZ came into bed with us shortly after midnight and AndyZ woke up around 4:15am. FOR THE DAY. I’ve visited this huge inconvenience before: Staying up late with my oldest only to have to wake before the sun rises with my youngest. IT SUCKS. And I feel like today, three days later, I’m still paying for it. I ache and my eyelids are heavy and I’m doing that drunk-speak thing where I can’t find the words I need to finish a sentence and sound like maybe I started Happy Hour with snacktime.

My point? I’m tired. And old. But if there’s going to be kids making me crazy by disrupting any normal sleep schedule I try for? At least they’re adorable.

His Brother's Hat, His Sister's Glasses

9 thoughts on “Sleep Is For The…What’s The Word?”

  1. Our kids are about three years apart and it kills me. Especially when they are sick. And if we want to stay up late? That sucks b’cuz of the baby. Though I have become great at functioning with little to no sleep. I don’t know what I’d do with a full night’s sleep.

  2. We’ve been trying to get our 3 year old to sleep in his own bed at night, and I definitely sleep better when he’s not there. However, when he was born I resigned myself to not having GREAT sleep for the next 18 years! I don’t mind, it’s worth it in the end.

    That is THE most adorable picture. Ever.

  3. I feel every word of that… I think having a teenager, preschooler and toddler is just insane!! It is so hard to parent at all three levels, period. But Harrison IS such a big helper and I can have some alone, away time because of him… Love it!! Hope you get some sleep soon… And loving AndyZ and NikkiZ’s outfits, they are both super fashionable and out of this world adorable…

  4. You are 100% correct. They are ALL adorable…and this little guy…why I could just eat him up. Sweet picture!!!!

  5. In fact, I don’t think it’s sleep deprivation making you all sloggish, I think it’s the adorableness. I think you’d better get your blood levels checked for adorable toxicity.

  6. I think that may be the most adorable picture I’ve ever seen! And I am including my pictures of my own kids! 🙂

  7. Even with three “parents”, I don’t know how you do it! Just my one 13-month old is more than enough for me. I’m always amazed at how you find/make the time to do fun things with your children, take amazing photos, blog, keep up with TV, etc. etc. About all I can manage is keeping everyone generally clothed and fed, and I might watch a TiVo’ed episode of some TV show once or twice a week. I used to read and write and run and take photos and eat out, and well, no more. I keep saying “this too shall pass” and then I wonder if we should have another. And then my head almost explodes from the sleep deprivation. So, bravo to you, Zoot!

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