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My Brave Big Girl

This is how we started out 2010, in tears at the mall. What about you?


But, seriously. NikkiZ has been wanting to get her ears pierced for awhile as it’s the Big Thing in her preschool class, evidently. She can tell you who has their ears pierced and when they had them done and PUHLEASE…can she get hers done? When we got to the mall, the wonderful lady informed us that if we wanted two done at once (as is often easier) we would have to wait until noon. We explained the situation to NikkiZ and she yelled, “Eff that! I’m getting these bitches pierced now!” Or maybe she left out a few of those words. I can’t remember. Either way…after the tears were shed…she was a very happy girl.

This Picture Is Straight Out Of The Camera

I swear the earrings add 10 years to her age. They definitely added 10 years to her attitude as she now has the amazing ability to glare and roll her eyes. I swear she didn’t do those things before she had holes in her head. DAMN YOU, CLAIRE’S!

We rewarded her with a romp on the bungee trampoline at the mall. She’s done the thing several times on special occasions, she loves it. It’s a rare enough treat that it worked out to be a great reward for her, allowing her to forget all about the pain in her ears. And somehow, she suddenly became brave enough to start doing flips on the damn thing. The employee encouraged her and I resisted shouting, “DON’T DO IT! YOU’LL DIE!” (I’m a wee scared of her on that damn thing…I often close my eyes until it’s over.) And then…just like that…she flipped. Over and over and over again. Completely natural and not at all scared. She definitely gets all of that from her Daddy because her Mommy is a big chicken shit.

Evidently Getting Your Ears Pierced Gives You Super Powers

Evidently Getting Your Ears Pierced Gives You Super Powers

And to cap off the first day of the new year, we’re heading to see Avatar which NikkiZ has been wanting to see since the first trailer she ever saw. She’s a huge fan of the fantasy/action type flicks. I’m hoping it’s not too long for her. Or for me, for that matter. I rang in New Year’s with a bunch of teenagers, actually staying awake until midnight! I’m tired and if this movie is not as good as everyone says it is, I may be asleep by the time the previews are even over.

I hope your 2010 started off as wonderfully as ours did. I think this is going to be a great year, don’t you?

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  1. The tears – OMG – I melted just looking at your pics. Can’t imagine how you survived it in person!

    Avatar is awesome!!!! We saw it last week (3-D, big screen), and are already planning to see it again next week. You won’t notice the time. It’s goes by very quickly. One thing – it’s got quite a bit of violence/bloodshed/death, might be overload for one as young as Nikki(?). That’s assvice, isn’t it? Sorry:-~

  2. I wish my mom had a camera ready when I got my ears first pierced because passing out in the back of her truck at your aunt’s house would have been a classic moment.

    Every one I know know gets the kid pierced moments after they popped them out of their abdomen.

  3. Hey, I recognize those bungee things! We were just there on Wednesday and the boys jumped on them. Didn’t have my camera though… just the cell phone, so no good pictures. 🙁

  4. When I got my first holes done – I was super psyched up that I didn’t notice when the girl did them and asked were they going to start – when I got my second set done I heard the “gun” click in my ear and it made my stomach do a flip lol.

    Last time I went on one of those bungy things I ended up with bruised ribs – they had put too many cables or not enough on and the harness ended up round my ribs and when I went down and then bounced again the harness got higher and higher. ANyhoo sorry will stop with the horror story lol

  5. I hope you loved the movie. I thought it was amazing…and we’re both geeks who like mostly the same TV, so chances are good you’ll enjoy it.

  6. I’m glad your 2010 has started off so well and I hope the year is a great one for you and your family!!

  7. My girl did the same thing a year ago…except I was SO mean. I told he it would hurt. A lot. And she didn’t care.

    When we went? Child didnt’ shed a tear. Not one peep. She totally showed me…like see, ma? The piercing guy asked me if I’d medicated her. Nice.

    And the bungee? OMG. I’d die. You get cool mom points for not holding her ankles to keep her close to the ground.

  8. I’ll get to her ears in a minute, but my first thought was “oh my god, those eyes are to die for!” I’m sure you already know this, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it some more.

    But yeah, ears. They’re really cute and it sounds like she’s thrilled to have them. Even if it’s just a fad in her preschool class, she’ll always love them (well, most likely anyway, hehe). She looks so adorable in that second picture. <3

  9. I *still* remember how painful it was to get my ears pierced and that was over 20 years ago. Back then they didn’t do them both at the same time (which I think is a genius idea). So, for NikkiZ to have done them one at a time like a champ, well she is a champ!

  10. Jan. 1, 2009 was when I let my then 7 yo have her ears pierced. Thank goodness they pierced both at the same time. She loves them now, but both Daddy, Momma, and my girl were in tears in the middle of Claire’s.

  11. OMG That first photo is devastating! She is totally glam in the second shot, though. Congrats to the Big Brave Girl! I am curious to see how you liked ‘Avatar,’ as I am thinking that 2.5 hours is too long for blue cat-people but who knows?

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