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A little bit more about Knoxville, a lot about my awesome teenager…

I was rehashing Rick and my trip to Knoxville with a friend when I realized there was a whole section of the trip I forgot to mention yesterday. The part where I left a note with a $20 bill for housekeeping when I checked out of my hotel and how I lifted all cell phone curfews from LilZ’s phone as a payback for being the best son ever.

We only stayed in Knoxville two nights but my brother got us a hotel room adjoining his downtown so he could just get up and run in the morning and me and my kids would have plenty room to spread out. I learned the hard way on my trip to Slidell last month that my son does not seem to like the idea of sleeping in my Pack-n-play in the same room as I am. I slept about 8 hours over three nights on our trip to Louisiana and I knew after about an hour that Knoxville wasn’t going to be much better.

Then LilZ asked to give it a try.

NikkiZ and I stayed in my brother’s room while LilZ spent some time getting AndyZ to sleep. After about 20 minutes he came into the room we were in with a look of accomplishment on his face. He had gotten LilZ to sleep and put him back in the pack-n-play successfully…score 10 for the teenage baby whisperer!

After LilZ and NikkiZ and I went to bed that night, only an hour had passed when AndyZ woke up screaming again. As I spent a while struggling trying to get him back to sleep, LilZ kept offering his assistance. My high-school aged son stayed up just as late as I did trying to get my youngest child to sleep. Not because he couldn’t sleep due to the crying, but because he was helping? I am officially the luckiest parent alive.

I found the trick that worked for AndyZ (walking him up and down the hallway outside the room) and used that trick to get him back to sleep successfully twice that night. Allowing me (and LilZ) to get a decent night’s sleep when it was all said and done.

Fast-forward to the next night. AndyZ woke up about midnight and I was attempting the trick from the night before. I got back into bed with a slightly sleepy AndyZ and NikkiZ said, “I think I’m going to throw up.” I just blew her off because I wanted her to stay asleep so I offered her a drink of water. A few seconds later I hear the sound of her puking all over the bed. I panicked and woke up LilZ to take his brother and carried NikkiZ to the bathroom. Although it was too late…she had emptied the contents of her stomach all over the bed.

I felt AWFUL. What was I supposed to do? I made her a pallet on the floor with some spare blankets and I went downstairs with AndyZ and got some more blankets and a laundry bag. I came back up, stripped the bed, put the bedding in the bag and spent the next 3 hours with NikkiZ and AndyZ BOTH AWAKE. It was exhausting. NikkiZ finally crashed about 3:30am and AndyZ passed out about 5am. We left the hotel about 7:30 the next morning and I left a note apologizing profusely to housekeeping, explaining that everything in the laundry bag was contaminated, and left the $20 bill from my wallet as some sort of consolation prize. I would have loved to have left more…I hope the note, the money and the efforts I made to clean up – helped to make the situation not as horrible for them as it could have been. Because cleaning up someone else’s vomit on Christmas Eve? Has got to be the suckiest thing in the world.

So… moral of the story? When your child says they’re going to throw up? Believe them. And also? Reward an awesome teenager. I’ve always had a 10pm curfew on LilZ’s phone so he doesn’t text or talk all night. I took the curfew off until school starts back up because if the housekeeping deserved a note and $20? LilZ deserved a million dollars and a new car.

Feeling much better!

11 thoughts on “A little bit more about Knoxville, a lot about my awesome teenager…”

  1. You are the luckiest mom ever! With the cutest kids ever! LilZ sounds like such a great kid. I’m sure housekeeping will appreciate the 20 bucks.

  2. I’m fairly sure the housekeeping staff has had to clean up after drunken revelers who made no effort to isolate the damage more than once. Your efforts and the nice tip will definitely be appreciated.

  3. LilZ never ceases to amaze, and he give me hope that the teenager years just might not suck.

    You’ve got the sweetest family.

  4. I used to work housekeeping, and if everything was contained in a bag, I would have been the happiest housekeeper there. I’ve had to clean up rooms where you had to watch where you stepped, what you touched, and then work really really hard to make sure each bit is cleaned up, because people throw up in the strangest places. A bag I would be able to easily give to the laundry people, lol.

  5. I know it’s been said before but you really do have an awesome kid. It’s tough finding them these days.

    And the $20 tip I’m sure helped a ton for the housekeepers. That happened to us one time when piloting. Aidan was just a little guy and ate one too many olives at dinner and during the night they all came back up. In the bed. Luckily he had been laying on top of the comforter on his own blanket so I bagged those two things up and cleaned the best I could.

  6. Um… could you write a book about EXACTLY what you did to make LilZ turn out that way? Because mine is 3 and I need to START RIGHT NOW! He is one of the most awesome kids I have ever heard of. I can only hope that I’ll have the kind of relationship with my boys when they’re teens that you have with him!

  7. He’s going to be the best daddy when he grows up, that kid.

    Sorry about the vomitorium. Maybe I should check into a hotel next time we get the flu because damn. I would give 20, 40 or 50 bucks to have someone else do all the laundry.

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