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Live! From Arizona!

We had a hell-day traveling that started with mechanical problems on one plane that we sat on at the gate for almost two hours. They made us get off of that plain after several attempts to repair and we boarded another at the other end of the concourse. After finally making it into Tucson 3+ hours later than we though we would, we realized while going to open our suitcase to get ready for bed: We made the most dreadful of all dreadful rookie travel errors. We left the airport with the wrong suitcase. While the suitcase we had was loaded with cartons of cigarettes (The former smoker in me was all, “Score!”), it had nothing we needed for our actual trip. We got everything straightened out the next morning and I apologized profusely to the gentlemen whose nicotine arsenal I had acquired.

We went up to Kitt Peak observatory last night and did their evening program that involved a gorgeous sunset, brilliant stargazing, copious amount of Uranus jokes made by my brother and I (“Planets don’t twinkle.” “Except for Uranus. Uranus always twinkles.”), and some frozen appendages (“Freezing our asses off feels a little archaic surrounded by all of this technology.”). It was a great evening. I thought I’d pop in and share a couple pictures with you and then we’re off to an art festival!

Kitt Peak

Sunset at Kitt Peak


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  1. Ohhhh, sorry about the suitcase gaffe. But you’ve gotten the bad stuff out of the way and it’s all happy travels from here on!

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