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Daily Dose Of Cuteness


AndyZ does this adorably cute thing when he hears a noise outside of the norm in a given situation. Whether it’s the ice cream truck in our neighborhood or an announcement over the loud speaker at a store. Sometimes he does it when he hears someone mowing grass or a dog barking in a neighboring yard. Either way, it is the CUTEST THING EVER. And of course we encourage it by all responding in like which I’m sure would make it’s own type of cute photo.


It’s these moments that I blog for. The ability to document these things that probably wouldn’t get their own scrapbook page if I was into that kind of thing. They aren’t even events that require videotaping or photo documentation for the average family who doesn’t carry a camera everywhere we go. But me? I have this camera, I have these photos, and I have this blog. And there are a few people out there who might find this simple entry something that makes them smile. Because it’s SO FREAKIN ADORABLE. And I’m tired after being out late (9pm) at my teenager’s first play and this is ALL YOU’RE GETTING FROM ME.

So…you get a daily dose of cuteness and I get to document on of the small habits of my youngest child for all of posterity. BLOGS ARE AWESOME.

17 thoughts on “Daily Dose Of Cuteness”

  1. That is really, really cute. I can imagine the little sound he makes with that expression. As the handler of a 16 month old, I truly appreciate the cuteness of this picture. Man, I love those chubby little hands.

  2. Do you guys read “Goodnight Gorilla”? That’s the face one of my kids makes when we get to the open eye part. Along with the surprised gasping sound.

    Hee. Thanks for cute pics!!!

  3. I take issue with the title of this post. This is no daily dose. This is at least a week’s worth of cuteness. Too much cuteness for just one day πŸ˜‰

  4. I think my husband will now have to hold you responsible for my need to go out and buy a santa hat for my kiddo **right now**. Must have. So very very cute.

  5. Sweet tooth now hurting!

    Makes I’d taken more pictures of my kids when they were small. At least their teen years are well documented–by themselves. Thanks Facebook!

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