I woke the kids up early on Saturday morning because I wanted them to play in the “snow” before it all melted. Yes, I’m aware that this is not a real snow, hence the previously used quotation marks, but this is probably the best my kids will get all winter and I wasn’t going to let them miss it…dammit! Of course, because it was just enough to be cold and wet, but not enough to do anything fun with, they were not at all impressed. As a matter of fact, they were downright irritated. They moaned and groaned the second they got outside and NikkiZ screamed, “It’s cold!” when I told her to try to make a snowball.

I almost felt guilty for trying to force a fun winter family outing out of that light dusting…until LilZ got out of bed. First of all, he actually got out of bed early to play in the snow. See? At least he knew why I was excited. And then – when he made his sister go outside with him to play? She acted just as pissed off when he threw a “snowball” at her as she was with me for making her touch the snow. This made me feel better because it showed there are other people in the world, mainly in my family, who try their best to make the best out of these lame Alabama snows besides me. I’ve seen LilZ do snow angels in less snow than we saw on Saturday. He at least tries to make the best out of what little chance we get around here. His brother and sister? Not so much. Maybe because they’re still holding out for a “real” snow…*sigh*…keep on dreaming, kids.


9 thoughts on “Snow!”

  1. Uhhh- that looks like snow to me! Not a whole lot, but still snow!

    At least you know you can always depend on LilZ for snowball fights. 🙂

  2. I’m sure it’s probably more snow that we’ll see! I still pray for a white christmas but unless I move to Scotland or to Canada/US I doubt I’ll see one lol.

  3. Next time, LilZ can visit our house. We had to pry Tyler out of the backyard – he was a snowball throwing maniac!

  4. I wanted it to snow here. Mandeville across the lake got some. We got rain….just rain. Even more rain falling today. Allergies are going crazy. With snow it would have been fun….to play in….

  5. I want to move somewhere where snow is a novelty. I’m from north east PA, where excessive snow is a fact of life, and now I live in Phoenix, where snow is just never gonna happen. I want to see it in a “once in a great while” style, and not enough that it messes up my day. I think you have it awesome, weather-wise!

  6. We’re looking forward to even that much snow. We just moved from CA to WA, and DS (3.5) is sooo wanting to build a snowman. It’s not going to happen unless it’s 6 inches tall, but we should have a similar dusting in the next 2 weeks.

  7. I’m further south than you in Bama and I woke up Saturday morning all excited… but there was nothing. Alas, maybe later this year.

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