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I Did A Very Bad Thing…

…which gave me the best day I’ve had in a VERY LONG TIME.

Let me give you some background first: I like to torture my teenager. We’ve done things in the past like midnight movie showings and he’s done things like concerts and such on school nights that make the early morning alarm and evil thing. LilZ has some friends whose parents don’t mind the periodic skipping of school to make those days easier. And I understand that as it doesn’t happen often. But – it’s not something I ever do. EVER. Or at least, no more than once or twice since middle school. And maybe never…I just hesitate to say “NEVER!” because my memory is not that clear.

In short: Me? Militant about school. We don’t miss unless we have to. Like, for family functions or disease. And possibly an abduction by aliens. I’m not sure what I’d say to that one.

Now…let me tell you where I found myself early Friday morning. I found myself still in the gray area. In a funk. Sad. Missing my kids, even though I see them every day. Life has been so crazy with soccer and theater and school and traveling and birthdays and Halloween and running and blah blah blah – that I woke up feeling like I hadn’t had any really good quality time with the kids lately. LilZ spends every other weekend with his Dad and the weekends he’s here they’re usually busy with activities. And when they’re not? It’s usually raining. I looked at the weather forecast on Friday and it looked PERFECT. The whole weekend looked to be amazing, but he was going to his Dad’s again. So, I made a decision. I decided to cash in some hard-earning Mom bucks and force the kids to skip school and hang out with me for the day. NikkiZ stayed out of preschool and I kept LilZ home from high school (after making sure he had no tests or projects due). I KNOW! I’m A BAD MOM!

But you know what? It was totally worth it in every way. The jump start I needed to get me out of my funk. Look at all the fun we had:

We went all over town playing any place we could find. We played until the sun went down and even then? We only stopped because we had to. LilZ had to get to his Dad’s. All in all? The perfect day. Totally worth the scorn I might face from other parents. I needed this and if the joy my kids showed throughout the day was any indication? They needed it too.

Let’s just hope it holds me over for awhile. I don’t need to face truancy charges due to the irresistible pull of the playground.

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  1. School is all about education, right? And you have made a very good point already about how important school is. So, now you have made a very good point about how important spending time with your family is, and that is just another lesson. Education of ALL kinds is important, and every now and then, it doesn’t happen in school!!

  2. My sister does this several times a year, sometimes one kid at a time, sometimes all three together. And they do fun stuff – museum, circus, zoo. No crowds and a free feeling. It’s great. Myself? Never had the guts to keep the kids home for no good reason.

  3. You know what?
    It’s not like you do this as a regular thing. LilZ already knows how strict you are about school. You all looked like you had a great time. So I say no harm, no foul.

    I have to say that one thing that worries me about having kids today is that their time is so heavily scheduled that they don’t have time to be kids and just hang out. While all the stuff they do can be great fun they also need to spend time with their family.

  4. I do this about twice a year with my son and I think it’s a wonderful wonderful thing. We call them mental health days!

    It looks like you all had a blast!

  5. Looks like an awesome day… and one you guys will all remember a lot longer than it will take to make up a missed day of schoolwork. My mom used to let me stay home from high school when I got totally behind on work… I’d feel so caught up and refreshed by the end of the day.

  6. Your pictures look like they should be in a magazine, thank you for sharing them! Cheers to fun days with the kids.

  7. That looks TOTALLY worth it! Your kids will remember this, and they will talk about how Mom occasionally let them out of school for a special, fun Mom day. And? I want NikkiZ’s outfit! Do you think she will loan me her fabulous hat?

  8. There is NOTHING sweeter than a teenage boy so obviously enamored with his younger siblings. Nothing.
    Totally worth the truancy charge. 🙂

  9. Looks like it was definitely worth it! In fact, I might just go riht ahead and say you did a very good thing 🙂

  10. My Mom called them mental health days. There were few and far between, but sometimes life was what was important. As an adult, I still sometimes take a mental health day from work, and that occasional recharge makes me a better advocate.

  11. Awesome! Hey, sometimes you have to take advantage of an opportunity like a perfect-weather-day and be damned the consequences. How fantastic that you all got to spend time together playing and enjoying each other!

    Oh, and I love the hat on NikkiZ. Did someone uber-talented make it for her? It makes me want to pick up a crochet hook.

  12. Good for you! I think a family day is always worth it! I so understand why you did it, too! I miss my kids terribly sometimes. Having kids be gone every other weekend does not sound like a lot to some people, but to me it is pure torture! It is the one thing that can actually depress me (really, I just don’t get depressed…overwhelmed yes, but not depressed….except when I don’t have enough time with my kids)! Seriously, my hat is off to you for doing the right thing! There is such a thing as emotional health days (same as a sick day but for your emotions, which we know spills over to our physical health), and that’s what that was!


  13. LPW – you know, life is just plain wierd ... are we supposed to figure it out, or do we just hold on with white knuckles, do our best to not flip out, and work each day to just do our best? What happens when doing our best is just not worth it at the moment ... do we have to lose our complete sense of self - who the heck is this 'hefty' person ... do we lose control of our finances, weight and hopes ... do we lose control of the kids ... EVERY TIME??? Hold on ... trying to get back in my 'right' mind ... we will see where we go!!
    beachmom says:

    KIDS NEED MENTAL HEALTH DAYS TOO!! I love those kids of days for all involved!! Good job, Mom!!

  14. I just love this whole day, for all of you. How awesome that everyone got to hang out and play and you got some amazing pictures out of it all. Love the last shot of Wesley…I always love the ‘running away’ photos.

  15. My mom was never a let’s-do-girl-stuff-together kind of woman. The day that I was called to the office in high school to find her there (winking) and talking about taking me to a doctor’s appointment had me totally confused. When we got to her car, her best friend was there and we took off for a day of shopping. It was the most spontaneous and wonderful thing she could have done for a teen-aged me. I say well done!

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