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Seriously With The Teeth!

So…AndyZ has been teething lately. BAD teething. He already has four on top and four on bottom, so the next teeth to cause him pain would be the 3rd from middle in all directions top and bottom. I have NO idea what those teeth are called. Hang on…let me look it up. Okay, so he has all of his incisors and the pain and drool were being caused by the cuspids. Let me tell you some stories to indicate how much pain he was in:

  • He started biting me. And bit ONE kid at school. Only once, thank god, he seems to understand that’s bad. But sometimes he still bites my shoulder when he’s really tired and fussy. Other times, he remembers the rule and he kisses me instead (Kisses! No bites!) which makes up for the bites.
  • He is biting himself. They actually talked to us about it at school because he does it so hard he leaves marks and they wanted to explain so we wouldn’t think it was another child. Since we’ve seen him do it several times we needed no explanation. It’s always the same spot: on his wrist. He’s tasty!
  • He’s just fussy and irritable and tylenol, teething tablets, gel and morphine combined don’t seem to help.

So…he’s been in this DefCon 9million phase for about a month and still…no cuspids! WHERE ARE THE CUSPIDS?

Anyway, moving on. Last night I noticed a full pre-molar completely grown in next to where the cuspids may some day show up. What? So there aren’t any cuspids coming in right now and the pre-molar has evidently been coming in for awhile since it’s all the way in now. And I haven’t noticed it? I felt like such an idiot. But not as much as I would later when I found out that this is not only not a big deal but everyone had noticed that pre-molar coming in…but me. Of course his teachers knew because they tend to pay more attention than I do (Too Much TV!) but my family had even noticed! Where have I been? And also? While I’d like to tell everyone like him growing a pre-molar first is SO FASCINATING! Which reminds me, he’ll need to see one soon. In any case, all of this is evidently common. Almost every parent I’ve talked to since had kids teeth out of linear order and are not impressed…where have I been and why am I making SUCH A BIG DEAL?

This is the lesson: Three kids in? And there’s still new things to learn.

Don’t let the cuteness fool you, the teeth are EVIL.

14 thoughts on “Seriously With The Teeth!”

  1. My daughter is exactly the same. she is 23 months, and has had one set of molars for quite some time — but only has two or maybe three of her eye teeth. and i think she still has one more set of molars to come, doesn’t she?
    thankfully, she hasn’t been too bad with the whole teething process so far. of course, now that i’ve said that……

  2. Poor AndyZ! I hope the pain subsides soon and with it, the biting. Can’t wait to see pics of his toothy grin!

  3. I realized last night that I have no idea if Anjali has gotten her 2 year molars or not. NO IDEA. With Arun, I knew the status of each and every frocking tooth.

    Oh, and I did check as to the status of Anjali’s 2 year molars??


  4. I hear you on the teething thing. I am SO ready to be done with it all. Thankfully (?) just six more to go. Those six? WILL. KILL. ME. And will probably take till she is three… OY. Our daughter had her 1 yr molars come in before her eye teeth & canine which is weird b/c I do not remember it being that way with our son (the first kiddo). WEIRD.

    Two babies in and I still cannot decide if teething is more painful for the rest of the family or just the toddler baby.

  5. My daughter is 14 months and her molars are trying hard to come in. The last time we were at the ped. for a checkup, he said anytime. More than a month later, still no molars. I made the same statement as you not too long ago: 3 kids in and I still don’t know what’s going on.

  6. Poor AndyZ! I can’t imagine how painful teething is, but apparently human flesh is rather tasty in the teething process. Hope all those teeth come in at once so he’s all set 🙂 Doesn’t it hurt when he bites his own arm?

  7. When my son was teething, the only thing that distracted him was a vibrating teether that I got for him. It’s shaped like a star, and when he bit on any of the points, it vibrated. Not sure if it helped the pain, or was just something new to do, but it helped!

  8. The things that worked best for us were otter pops, unopened, (you can throw them right back in the freezer when they melt) and these liquid teething drops from Natra-Bio, which we bought at Whole Foods. Ugh. Poor all of you.

  9. Toby is just the same – he’s 17 months now, and has 12 teeth – 4 on the top and bottom at the front, and all 4 premolars. He’s now getting his first cuspid. Did I mention that he is 17 months old and getting his 13th tooth? Insane…

  10. This comment is completely unrelated to the post…but I love your “reading” list. I find things on it all of the time – recently read rancid raves which really struck me…and today the chalkboard pumpkins are too cool (I think I’ve already told you, I’m obsessed with that chalkboard paint). Anyway, thanks. 😉 xo, s

  11. Don’t feel bad about not noticing…I really don’t notice either. Like right now, Razz has been sticking her fingers in her mouth and I just assume she’s teething, but I haven’t really checked – checked…Crap. Does that make me a slacker mom? lol

  12. awesome. that reminds me of how stace was ALWAYS the first to notice ariel getting new teeth instead of me. now i don’t feel nearly as bad! 🙂

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