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Kim and Wesley Visit New York

(Yes…AndyZ is Wesley. Most of you already knew that, we’re not totally secretive about names. I’m switching to his real name for this post (mostly) as the people we met in NYC knew him as Wesley, so calling him AndyZ felt weird. And I like to be confusing.)

Let me start by saying this: Sometimes it’s hard to entertain a child in public. I know this is not shocking news, by any means, but I just wanted to put it out there. Restaurants, shopping trips, dinner parties at friend’s houses – these things all have the potential to end in disaster if you have a child in that fateful age bracket that encloses [Old Enough To Move And Destroy] and [Too Young To Understand Orders]. So, take a child in that age bracket, send him along with his Mom out of state for gatherings with other adults and it takes good planning and preparation and probably will STILL end in disaster.

So…now you can see how amazing it is that I can honestly say my overnight trip to New York was excellent. I was bracing myself for the worst case scenario but ended with one of the best trips I could have expected. I was invited by Huggies in association with their product Little Movers diappers and charity auction diapers and it was SO MUCH FUN. It was well organized and there was nothing at all pushy or distasteful. From dinner Friday in a restaurant that allowed us to let our kids practically take over an entire section (they were having a dance party, if you must know. Wesley is quite a dancer) to the hotel with crib already in place – it was a trip geared for the parents but prepared for the kids. Perfect in every way. I don’t get invited to these things often (if ever) but I hear a lot about bad experiences from other bloggers and I just want to say from the approach (the original email mentioned videos I had posted and other indicators they had read several entries from my blog) to the event itself – it was a wonderful experience.

The other bloggers participating were Torrie, Metalia, Bill, Mrs. Priss, and Nikki and as awesome as the bloggers were (GREAT!) their kids were the best part. I’ve never hung out with bloggers AND their kids before and let me tell you…that is the way to go! It’s such a relaxing environment to visit with someone because you can really be yourself when you are in Mom Mode. And also? It helps with your son is charmer. He even flirted with Angie Harmon who is a big supporter of the involved charity KaBOOM which helps build parks and play structures around the country. I think Wesley’s goal was to score a trip home with someone else for a change, and if that person happened to be a celebrity with three daughters? More awesome for him.

All in all? He was more perfect than I would have ever dared hope.

Except, of course, for the excessive pooping. I think he heard we were invited by Huggies and thought he’d honor them by dirtying as many diapers in as magnificent as a fashion as humanly possible. It was either that, or the 94lbs of guacamole he ate at dinner the night before the event.

I didn’t take hardly any pictures and just a few videos. It’s very hard to handle any sort of equipment when you’re chasing around a kid determined to explore every dangerous spot he can find. Some people managed it…Metalia got a great one of me and Wes here. And Torrie took one of Angie Harmon taking a call on Wes’s phone here.

Here are two videos I took. The first features a few other blogger babies in the ball pit at the Huggies play area. Pardon the transition as I actually put him in the ball pit…I’m not a videographer by any means so it may induce sudden onset of motion sickness.

And this one shows the bridge in the same play area that someone LOVED because he kept falling down on it. I have a funnier video of him busting and me laughing my ass off, but – you know – I’m trying to give the illusion of being a responsible parent. So you’ll get this one instead.

And as usual with videos I shoot…I apologize for the accent.

12 thoughts on “Kim and Wesley Visit New York”

  1. We had such a fantastic time hanging out with you and Wes! As a “native,” it makes me so happy you had a good time in NY; come back soon, okay? xoxo

  2. As a native southerner (now living in the northwest), one of the few things we don’t have to apologize about is our accents. New Englanders & New Yorkers don’t apologize for theirs, so don’t apologize for yours. ;o)

  3. How cute is he??? Glad you had a good time in NY. Wish you could have stayed longer. I would have totally gone out to meet you (if you wanted and if my girls and I weren’t fighting a cold/cough/fever).

    PS – Don’t ever apologize for your accent!!!

  4. Love the videos, especially AndyZ’s face when you put him in the ball bin. SO cute. Glad you guys had fun and had good weather!!

  5. Oh pshh, your accent is adorable!

    I had such a great time meeting and visiting with you and Mr. Wesley this week! He was such a sweet little guy, and I’m still cracking up from when he was falling down on the bridge. That look he gave me while he was flat on his back was hilarious… he was like, “HELP ME, lady!”

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