New York City? Huh? How Did That Happen?

Guess what I’m doing in a few hours? Boarding a plane with AndyZ to go to New York City. I’m always floored when I get invited to these things because it reminds me that people read this blog and sometimes like it and I get all gushy and mushy on the inside. I got the invitation for this overnight trip 3 weeks after I got laid-off (which I haven’t discussed exactly on this blog because I’m still very embarrassed about it. Who gets laid off twice by the same company? ME!) while my Mom was in the hospital with the emergency gallbladder chaos of 2009. So, to say it couldn’t have come at a better time? Is an understatement. I was feeling quite down and quickly learned that an email inviting you to NYC? Does wonders for one’s mood.

Sidenote: I always feel shocked by these invitations and worry that they invited the wrong blogger. Like, when I get there they’ll be all, “Wait…you aren’t who we thought you were. Great.” Because, while I have a very respectable blog and audience, I never feel like I should get cool treats for writing about boob sweat and dirty diapers.

We fly out this morning and fly back tomorrow. Nothing too outlandish but enough to get me VERY excited. And nervous. And excited. And also a little nervous. And OH MY GOD. Me? Kim from ALABAMA? In New York City? For the first time EVER? With a toddler? Okay…I think nervous is totally overpowering excited.

If you are a small-town girl like me…please tell me you understand my anxiety. I mean, Huntsville has an interstate, so we’re not that small (although it does stop here…so it’s not much of an interstate) but compared to NYC? We’re a one-light town in the middle of 908 million acres of cotton. Let’s just say I think I have absolutely ZERO real-world knowledge that will help me at all. I guess it’s a good thing the trip is short. I won’t have time to do too much damage.

Overnight with a toddler still requires a bit of packing as I wanted to make sure I had plenty of food since in AndyZ’s case? A full belly? It is a happy belly. NikkiZ never has cared much about food. Her baby brother? Is an eater. Which makes my life so much easier. He also needs diapers and wipes and changes of clothes and also some black boots that take up a lot of room in the suitcase. (Maybe those belong to his mother…hard to tell.) But, I am taking your advice and only bringing a small chunk of the necessities on the plane with us and checking the rest. He does have his own seat so I will be buckling him in and hoping that will put him in Car Ride Mode where he realizes there’s no point in struggling or fighting. He’s very fast and I fear the damage he could do if allowed in the aisle for more than 15 seconds.

So…I’ll be tweeting a lot on this trip. I am hoping to blog as well, but if I don’t get a chance…I’ll be back home tomorrow night. So, you won’t miss me for long. I’ll also try to upload pics and videos from my iPhone to flickr, so if you’re dying to know how we’re surviving…check those places. And in the meantime…it looks like I may have about an hour of free time in the city some time this afternoon. I’m staying near Madison Square Park…do you have any suggestions of what I should do for that hour? Or would the smart thing be to let AndyZ run around in circles in the hotel for the hour so he’ll be good at dinner?

Circles it is!

14 thoughts on “New York City? Huh? How Did That Happen?”

  1. the city is so intimidating, but after you’ve been a couple of times it’s not a big deal. there’s a lot of walking, the streets are numbered downtown so if you get lost, just start heading the way you want the numbers to go! =)
    i imagine if you’re travelling with the littlest one, you won’t be doing much site-seeing away from the hotel, so just enjoy whatever you can. just strolling down the street is an experience!

  2. Good luck and have a GREAT time. I remember my first trip to NYC. I just walked…and walked and walked. It was overwhelming and wonderful!! I have enjoyed my trips back there ever since!!

  3. If you are staying near Madison Square Park you can find great restaurants and events in that neighborhood at, which is updated daily. There is lots to do and the Park itself is a nice place to hang out- it even has the famous Shake Shack right in the middle.

  4. Try to relax and take in all the sights 🙂 It’s tough w/a toddler, but…

    By the way (and I just asked u this on twitter earlier), what are you doing in NYC? And are you at some conference w/Y from joyunexpected or is that just a coinkidink?

  5. I grew up 30 min from NYC and I live in a major city (well, sort of major, I’ve always felt like Bmore is kind of a fake city because I gauge off of New York!) and New York still totally intimidates me. I took the subway WITH AN ESCORT today and I was still totally proud of myself. I didn’t get lost!

    You’re lucky I didn’t know you were in NYC today or I would have figured out some way to stalk you down!

  6. I’m intimidated by NYC, too. I’ve never been there and I live pretty close. One of my BFFs is a native New Yorker who has often offered to show me around, but I still hesitate. I’ve done lots of other cities — foreign and domestic — but not NYC yet. I’m toying with the idea of BlogHer next year, but the city is giving me more hesitation that the conference itself.

    Have fun! If you can do it solo with a 16 month old, you can handle anything!

  7. I can’t believe I missed you being in NY by a couple of days. I caught the express by mistake at 2a.m the other wek and ended u 125th street when I wanted 59th. Gah. Made it back in one piece. I hope you enjoyed yourself 🙂

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