Thing 3

Brave New World

In less than two weeks AndyZ and I will be taking a flight alone. It’s just an overnight trip, but we will be ALONE. As in…no other people to help me keep him entertained. No big brother (“Yaya!”) and no Daddy. Not even a big sister who has actually turned into quite a good little helper when it comes to her little brother. Just me. And him. On a total of four flights. And I’m scared.

I’ve flown with smaller kids that aren’t mobile. I’ve flown with bigger kids that can be entertained with projects, movies, and stickers. I’ve never flown with this terrible age. The age than wants to be EVERYWHERE at EVERY MOMENT. The age that does not really understand why they can’t do certain things, like punch the people sitting next to them. The age that SCREAMS when they do not get what they want.


Have you traveled with a kid between the age of 12 and 18 months on a plane before? Did you just bring a lot of food? That’s the only idea I’ve come up with so far because AndyZ is nothing if not an eater. Are there activities you can bring on board a plane that will actually entertain a kid that age? Do movies work? He doesn’t really get into TV at home…so I’m not sure if I want to drag some sort of DVD playing device with us. Should I sneak him a sedative when no one is looking?

That last one is a joke. Sorta.
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A little bummed she’s not going with us. But also not caring because that means she gets YaYa all to herself.