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The “Guh” Is Silent

I am hours away from my second viewing of the Broadway tour of Wicked. If you’ll recall…LilZ and I saw it in Birmingham in April and fell more in love with it than we already were. The summer proved to be the summer of Oz as we listened to the songs (You don’t call them “soundtracks” – I know that – but I can’t remember what they’re called.) from the performance no less than 1000 times. Even NikkiZ knows them by heart. We are taking two of LilZ’s friends who are equally addicted to the musical and I am prepared for it to be the MOST. AWESOME. DAY. EVER.

The End.

I’m wearing green because there were a lot of people at the Birmingham performance wearing green and I like the idea that wearing the color could possibly align us with Elphaba. Elphaba may be one of my favorite characters to ever see on stage, but I haven’t read the books. I’ve been told based on what I love about the stage show, that I may not look at the characters the same way reading the books. And since I hold them very dear in my heart – I don’t want to ruin them.

The fact that I’m going with three high school freshmen even makes it more awesome because – for once – I feel cool! I’m actually into something the teenagers are into! Wait. I’m always into something the teenagers are into…Twilight, Harry Potter, Sarah Dessen…hmmm. Maybe I am looking at this wrong. Maybe I’m entirely uncool because I’m way TOO into things the teenagers are into these days.

Who cares!? WICKED!

MrZ is going with us too. He is excited and really thinks he’ll like it.

“Not as much as you guys do…of course.”

Let’s hope he’s not sick of the music before we even get there. It’s a 2+ hour drive…think that’s enough time to reach the OVERKILL level of exposure?

Who cares!? WICKED!

See you in the Emerald City!

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  1. I love “Wicked”! Those songs are completely addictive. We sing along with them whenever we travel – I guess it’s a good thing we usually drive on our trips. πŸ™‚

    I like the books, but they are VERY different from the musical. I don’t like them anywhere near as well. There are huge (really huge!) differences in some parts of the story in “Wicked”. I’ve read them several times now and afterward I’m always reminded of how much I prefer the musical. On the other hand, I love Maguire’s other books.

  2. okay … I need to know if you have read Vampire Diaries? Is it good? Any suggested teen lit???

  3. Not soundtrack but… score? I think that’s it πŸ™‚

    Have fun. I loved it, but have only seen it once. And it is WAY different from the book. Not better, not worse, just different.

  4. Ooooh jealous! I’m the opposite–LOVED the book, still haven’t made it to see the show. Hopefully they’ll roll through Atlanta next year. Have fun!

  5. Emerald City?!?! So you’re coming here to Seattle? One of Seattle’s nicknames is “The Emerald City” because of all the greenery here.

    “Wicked” is also playing here through October, so I plan to go see it myself. I think it will be a good show.

    You kids have fun. ;o)

  6. Oh! So! Jealous!

    we listen to the soundtrack as well. my two year old knows alot of the songs…”loathing” is her favorite. she says in a very dull tone “bloooooonde”.

    have the best time evah!

  7. Eeee, I’m so excited for you! Funnily enough, I just found out yesterday that “Wicked” is coming back to Philly in January. Just in time for my birthday! This will be my third time seeing it.

    Have fun!

  8. Are you going to see it in Nashville? I wanted to take my Mom but by the time I had the funds the weekend tickets were gone. Have fun!

  9. I have tickets for Oct 14 in Denver. Yesterday I was looking at my calendar, updating for Spanish exams. Wouldn’t you know it, I have an exam on Oct 14. Fortunately, I can drop the lowest grade. I’ve had the tickets for months, I’m not missing the show.

    I have read the books, LOVE them.

  10. Cast Recordings…OH OH OH Let me know if Kevin McMahon is playing the Dr. Dillamond role…..I THINK he is…possible he is the Seattle portion of the tour? I worked with him about 16 years ago and he was so so sweet, he was in the ensemble cast for the a summer stock theatre. He gave me some great advice. The show is coming to NOLA in the spring and I hope to go every night…and hope he is still part of the tour. I am going to contact him via his website cuz I am a GEEK.

  11. How cool is your kid that he WANTS to go with his mom and his friends to see Wicked?! Sign me up for parenting if mine can be like yours.

  12. I took my parents (and fully expected my dad to not like it because it was a musical). He was pleasantly surprised and all of us would go see it again. So jealous you’re on your way for round 2!

    Oh, and we had the understudy play Elphaba in Austin and she was amazing!

  13. Nope…you don’t have Kevin….he is in the Seattle cast, according to the Wicked website. As is Lenny Wolpe who I worked with that same summer!! He is the Wizard! Kevin is acutally an understudy for Dr. Dillamond…..I hope it is the same cast for it when it hits NOLA!! End of March/beg of April. Mr. Z needs to visit family round that time right? ; )

  14. I have a block of thirty four seats here in Denver for November! I love sharing this show with my friends. What’s your favorite song? I love love love the first act finale– Defying Gravity.

    Catherine– you’re in Denver– are you interested in tickets to either Rain (Beatles tribute) on Sept 23 or Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (at the Arvada Center) on Dec 18? I always get a block of seats for some favorite shows…and still have a few! πŸ™‚


  15. Am very sad that I am in NZ and have never seen Wicked. πŸ™ Like the cast recording MUCH better than the book though!

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