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Orientation Night

I went to LilZ’s High School orientation last night. I’ll summarize the evening for you in bullet points:

  • OMG. I WENT TO A HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION. WHEN DID I BECOME THE PARENT OF A HIGH SCHOOL-ER? Ooops. Sorry about that. It still sometimes freaks me out. Let’s move on.
  • There was a lot of talk about the fact that our public schools had their classroom supply budget taken away from them this year. While there were a few calls for donations of supplies, there was no where near the badgering I thought there would be. I think it’s because our school district still has a lot of parent support so the need is probably not as dire as in other parts of the city. This makes me equal parts proud and sad. The parents picking up the slack is good for the students this year, but doesn’t do much to motivate the government re-allocate that money next year. *sigh*
  • I don’t know how my son has learned his way around his school already. Just that alone? Has made me proud enough to last four years. That place is comprised of no less than 1200 identical hallways.
  • There are no windows in his school. Or at least none in any places helpful to orient oneself. Twice I had to ask him, “Are we upstairs or downstairs?” I think he thought I was drunk.
  • Over half of the parents there were unescorted by their teenager. How they made it from class to class in the five minutes between classes? Still amazes me.
  • The principal said there is no need to wonder what navigating the sidewalks of NYC at the busiest time of day is like…just come to the high school at lunch time and squeeze into the crowds flowing to and from the cafeteria. He said it’s a testament to the excellent 2000+ student body that it just works every day. I believe him.
  • LilZ is in two honors classes. I was always annoyed when parents mentioned that about their kids, which they often did as far back as the first grade. BUT – LilZ put for the effort to TRY to get into honors classes at the beginning of last year and made it into one for 8th grade. His efforts last year allowed him to get into TWO this year. He’s not in honors classes because someone placed him there in elementary school thanks to his good standardized test scores. He’s in honors classes because he WORKED to do it. Because he WANTED to. And for some reason? That makes me much more obnoxious about it. I apologize.
  • Those two honors classes? Look REALLY hard. Better him than me. BAH. Luckily…his Honors History teacher is insanely awesome. He said he wishes she could teach ALL of his classes. That? Is a GREAT teacher.
  • High school students nowadays (I use that word because I’m 80) don’t look like they did when I was in high school. They look much older. Or it seems that way. There were several times I couldn’t tell if I was looking at a student or a parent. And if most of the kids weren’t dressed in t-shirts with the school’s name on them? I’d have mistaken even more of them for parents.
  • LilZ has an AWESOME group of friends. They make me laugh.
  • One faculty member (I won’t mention who because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings) made up a word last night. Now – I do that all the time. Because I get carried away talking and sometimes my brain can’t find the word I need and makes one up instead. I am always embarrassed about this because I feel like it makes me look uneducated. So – when this one faculty member did it? In front of a very large group of parents? I totally wanted my embarrassment pillow.
  • All in all? I’m proud I survived. I was worried I wouldn’t make it out alive. If it weren’t for LilZ I’d still be wandering around the hallways going, “Where’s main entrance? Am I even downstairs?”

8 thoughts on “Orientation Night”

  1. Ah it sounds like it was harder on you than it was on him ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know what you mean about HS students looking WAY. TOO. OLD. My nephew (15) has a Facebook friend that is a smoking hot girl who could easily pass for 20 in my mind. My husband saw me looking at her picture and said “Whoa! Who’s your hot friend?” BAD.

  2. i want the details but you all were out tooooooo late for me!! haha! what i really wanna know is how can i get the code to check those grades!! i’m sure a certain 14 year old would NOT want you to share that info w/ me!

  3. It sounds like LilZ (I feel weird even calling him *LIL*Z now) is going to be fine. Maybe even you will be too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats to him on getting into the honors classes he wanted.

  4. Yeah without windows, I wouldn’t know where I am too. Seems odd, no windows at a school? My high school was a square so we didn’t have a lot of hallways that shot off of the cube, I can’t imagine being in a school that’s a maze like that. Insane. First he conquers high school and then driving is next?

  5. no windows? that isn’t cool…my HS the hallways were outside….man I don’t miss that place. I don’t envy you! lol

  6. Oh man, I could use an embarrassment pillow frequently. That’s one of my least favorite feelings… being embarrassed for other people.

  7. A former principal of mine used to say “certifiCATED” instead of “certifiED.” (Teachers get certified, NOT “certificated.” That’s according to our state department of education.) I cringed every. single. time. he said it, because he would say it to a crowd of hundreds of teachers. And not one would correct him because he was one of our bosses. When he left our district, I was happy only for the reason that I would never have to hear him say it again.

    And the adult-looking high school students? As a teacher, I am regularly embarrassed at how much more chic and sophisticated the kids are than me.

  8. Sounds like an adventure! ๐Ÿ˜›

    I know what he means about having the kind of teacher who he wishes could teach all his classes. I had one like that too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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