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Grumpy Old Man

AndyZ has gotten incredibly vocal in the last few weeks. He does this weird babble thing where he intentionally makes exaggerated expressions as he’s speaking. It comes off looking like a badly dubbed Kung Fu movie…with dialog only infants can understand.

He’s also quite giggly. And laughs a lot. He does this breathing in/gasp/laugh thing that sounds like he’s choking to death. IT’S AWESOME! He’ll laugh if you’re laughing…even if he has no idea why. He’ll laugh at his toys and the dogs.

Oh…the pets. He loves them so much more than his sister ever has. He loves giving Bambi (our male cat) head-butts. That’s what Bambi does, and it didn’t take long for AndyZ to discover how to coax one out of him. NikkiZ? Has never cared. AndyZ will say, “Bambi?” and point to him – hoping you’ll take him to the cat for the affection they both seem to crave. He calls the dogs and pets them if they’re near.

He’s affectionate towards us as well. Especially his big brother. When he hears a door squeak he assumes it’s LilZ coming out of his room and will scream, “EeeYaYa?” He gives hugs and says, “Awwwww,” while he does it since we started doing that ages ago. He gives kisses. They are open-mouthed and full of drool, but kisses nonetheless.

I’m giving you this summary of my youngest child to let you know: HE IS VERY HAPPY. I feel the need to tell you this because he still looks like a Grumpy Old Man in every photo I take of him.

DSC_0230 (2)

DSC_0008 (2)

He’ll pick up a camera and say, “Cheese!” to you and give you a big grin. But the second he sees you holding one? He’s suddenly pondering his retirement portfolio and worrying about those damn hemorrhoids. And also…can you get the kids off his lawn already? Thanks.

15 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Man”

  1. Cute photos! I love the way he was saying cheese in the video.

    I was going to ask in the post that had a pic of Roscoe and Nikki if she was liking pets more now. She seemed to like him-maybe because he was smaller.

  2. I think AndyZ is the cutest, old man baby ever! The video you put up a few weeks ago really shows everything you put in here. He cracks me up and I love how affectionate he is. My cousin used to be like that and I would stock up on all that love because when he got older, it was gone. He also does a nice job with his pronunciation, how does he do with NikkiZ’s name?

  3. Awww! I love this stage! The wildly gesticulated babbling is my favorite thing about toddlers. So cute and funny.

    Also, you layout is doing some odd things in Firefox.

  4. Tessa is like that. She isn’t as joyful as Sabrina was as a baby but she makes us laugh constantly and she cracks herself up. But the second she sees the camera she gets all serious. Sabrina was a huge camera ham – I could actually coax her out of a bad mood by getting out the camera because she would start hamming it up for the camera.

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