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Or…Why You Should Totally Be Following Me On Twitter

So. It started the first morning of vacation with this tweet, “Nothing like having to google walk-in clinics in the first morning o vacation bc your child is covered in hives!” And it continued with me and my lack of internet pleading with Twitter to help me find a walk-in clinic near our beach house that was open on Sundays. We finally found one and hit the road for the 30 minute drive. AndyZ was covered head to toe in large red welts. I had LilZ start Googling on my iPhone once we made it into civilization and the first thing he found was someone discussing how sand triggers their child’s eczema to flare up.

Wait. AndyZ has eczema!

We opted NOT to make the drive just to wait in a clinic for a few hours and we let Google confirm our self-diagnosis (There were pictures!) and our treatment. We stopped by Wal-Mart for steroid cream. We came back to the beach house and coated AndyZ with it…keeping him away from the sand for the day. Rash was gone by the end of the night. And even after several days in the sand the rash/eczema never returned.

Who in the hell knows what that was all about. Either way…Doctor Google and Twitter saved our vacation. Or at least a few dollars in gas.

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  1. Brandy – Indiana Hoosier Baby! – I'm a wife to my amazingly talented writer husband, Gabe, and a mom of two, Aiden and Olivia. In my free time (ha!) I'm a registered nurse. More importantly than the rest, I am part of an Apostolic Pentecost church and am currently a Sunday School teacher. I care deeply about my service for the Lord and part of that is being a modest woman. Modesty isn't just part of my religion, it's my life and how I live every day, but being modest doesn't mean having no fashion or fun. And that's what I want to show you here. I hope you come along for the ride.
    Brandy says:

    I’m totally following you now.

    Glad to hear all worked out well!

  2. Dr. Google can be truly amazing sometimes!!! And of course… the collective knowledge of the Twitterers can’t be overlooked, either.

  3. Dr. Google has been my first contact for a few things. Who can afford doctors these days? especially when the internet is so… there.

    I have seen some terrible images on google, makes me never want to get sick again!

  4. Awwww…adorable little babes!!! Our son had severe Eczema- something fierce. It was awful for the first three years of his life. Nothing helped, nothing worked, doctors told us “he’s a gray area” blah blah blah! It was miserable for him. I have to tell you that after trying so so so many things for him without any real luck…our prayers have been answered. My dad told me about a kids chewable probiotic from Vidazorb and we immediately started him on it. He began looking and feeling so much better within a short amount of time. He went only eating chicken, peas and rice (because everything seemed to make him flare) to now be able to eat all kinds of food that we never dreamed possible. He loves them too (chews them like candy LOL). I hope this helps others…it is awful as a mom to see your child suffer. I hope your little one stays Eczema free!!!

  5. Oh yea! Two more things- our Vidazorb travels really really well which we love because it does NOT need refrigerated. A plus for sure! Also…I am on Twitter too! ***smilinggreenmom (tweet me!) 😀

  6. That happened to my 3-year-old when we went to Florida in May too! I was freaking out and of course Google being so AWESOME helped diagnose and just bought some over the counter stuff. Poor babies…or as my son would say, “Mommy, I have the itchies!”

  7. You know I was wondering about that….I remember the twitter thread about all that…then nothing. Of course I wasn’t on twitter for a few days and then it is hard to go back and read everything, so I am glad it wasn’t anything too serious!

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