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The End Of Dance Week

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We finished our week-long trial dance class. I’ll probably sign her up again in the Fall because the classes are only once a week and she likes the outfits, but I’m not sure if this is her thing or not. She really didn’t seem to care too much about learning the dances. More about looking at herself in the mirror while shaking her booty. She gets that from her Mom.

Since I don’t remember taking any dance classes (I think I did when I was her age, although I’m sure it ended the second they realized I was born with NEGATIVE amounts of grace.) this was a new experience for me. For example – dance clothes are expensive! Because I didn’t know any better I went to our local Dance store and bought everything there. I think that was probably the only place I could have gotten the shoes, but evidently Wal-Mart sells the outfits. BAH! And a lot of ladies said they got theirs at consignment fairs but that those outfits are the first to go so you have to get there early. Eh. I like a good deal as much as the next lady, but I don’t see me putting that much effort into it. I’m still also lazy.

I think she may have been the only girl (save ONE maybe) who wore the same outfit every day. Some of the girls wore different outfits every day! Luckily NikkiZ loved her outfit so much she didn’t care. Although next time? I’m buying a one-piece outfit. She kept taking the skirt on and off throughout the class.

I still don’t know why there are holes in her tights. Can someone explain that one to me? On the heal of each foot there’s a big hole. It’s not torn, it’s obviously supposed to be there. But why?

And also…the hair. I actually had to use hairspray on her hair to get it to stay back. I had to go out and BUY hairspray. Possibly for the first time since I got married. Hairspray! On a preschooler! Because she had to get her Daddy’s hair that is so fine it won’t stay in a bun for more than 2.3 seconds.

It was a fun week. Definitely gave me plenty of photo ops, that made it worth it right there.

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  1. The pictures are great. NikkiZ looks beautiful…no wonder she couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror!

  2. Maybe try a different class or place? When my daughter was 4 she took a few months of classes. It was just meh. They has a substitute for one class and she was so much more engaging. She had ALL of those 3 and 4 yo paying attention. Made me realize the teacher really can make a difference.
    She looks super cute in her dance clothes!

  3. Target sells really cute dance outfits, too. And you can get shoes at Payless (you have those???). And I can’t remember why certain dance tights have the hole for the heel. At this age I try to avoid making purchases at the dance stores, since they outgrow everything so quickly you don’t get your $$$$ worth.
    My younger daughter really didn’t enjoy ballet, which is what they always start them with, but she LOVES tap. Must be the noisy shoes. πŸ™‚ And if it’s not NikkiZ’s thing then don’t sweat it; there are so many other things she can try!!!
    BTW she looks beautiful!!! If she ever ends up doing a recital, be prepared to be freaked out and blown away by how grown up they look with the stage makeup. Yikes!!!

  4. I danced for 18 years – and even worked at a dance store in Birmingham for 4 years – she’s cute! I never saw tights with feet holes in younger girls’ tights though. When I danced, we would sometimes dance barefoot, so that let us slip them off our feet. Also for pointe, when taping feet, blisters, etc.

  5. She is so beautiful! I’m glad she liked the class.

    Also, the reason neither of my girls were ever in dance? Lazy won out. Total loss of mom points for me! πŸ™‚

  6. She is so cute! And clearly headed to being a real beauty when she grows up.

    The hole in the heels of the tights is so the dancer can put her foot through, roll the foot part up around her ankle, and dance barefooted. Modern dance is done in bare feet. Not sure if any other discipline does that. Dance tights are sold with and without the “hole”. I know this not because I’m a dancer but because I took one modern dance class. in college. eons ago.

  7. Oh man, MEMORIES. I took dance for 14 years, and I am jealous that she is allowed to wear a skirt! My teacher was very strict and every class was told EXACTLY what they had to wear. Ballet was a black leotard with ballet pink tights, with the seam up the back. Every day. Tap was a black leotard with black leggings or jazz pants. Made it simple for getting ready though… I think I had two sets of each to start out the year.

    It can get VERY expensive. For my niece in recent years I have made out VERY well with the Capezio online store, in their sale section.

  8. Oh, she looks adorable! And as for her moves in the mirror, I think that is typical preschooler and totally expected. My daughter is now six and has taken since she was NikkiZ’s age. She is not the most graceful child but it gives her a chance to do something girly since she pretty much plays with boys 24/7 at home and at school.

    We live in Birmingham and I buy dance apparel at Academy Sports, Target, and Wal-mart. We’ve also been given some hand-me-down stuff. I buy one or two outfits a year (ballet and tap are on different consecutive days now) and call it done. I’ve found a lot of moms are willing to loan or sell shoes to classmates. As for the bun, our teachers just require a ponytail for class. When you do need to do a bun, buy a regular lunchroom lady hairnet — do a ponytail, assemble the bun loosely and hold with one hand, and then lay the hairnet over the bun and wrap the hairnet around the bunned hair several times, like you would a ponytail holder. Then secure with a few bobby pins. Spray if necessary. (I’m like you, had not owned hair spray since high school — we are on the same can I bought for her first recital.)

    Anywho, have fun with the dance stuff — it really does make for wonderful photo opportunities!

  9. It’s pictures like that that make me only slightly jealous because I only have boys. Because, let’s face it, a football jersey or soccer cleats are cute, but not nearly as precious as a little girl in her pink dance skirt. Heck even if they’re dancers, boys just get black tights and a white top. Bo-ring.

  10. She is beautiful! Although I second the suggestion of checking discount stores for cheap leos, stay away from the ballet shoes at Payless. They are too stiff to allow the child’s foot to point correctly, which is a Very Big Deal in kids’ studio doesn’t allow them.

  11. Every day Audrey does her ballet moves, and she’s not even in class yet. We’re fortunate that a dance school comes to the pre-school weekly so I won’t have to cart her anywhere. On the other hand, the dance school comes to the pre-school, how do I say no?

    I took dance as a kid, I think my mom was hoping that I would get *some* grace out of it. She was tired of bandaging my kneed every time I left the safety of carpeted floors.

    As usual, lovely pictures of NikkiZ.

  12. The holes in the kids tights are because a lot of younger classes are combination, so they might do ballet and tumbling in the same class.

    I took ballet for 14 years, then dabbled in it some more after I moved to Alabama and took a few years off. has some great deals on everything you might ever need, and I’ve never had a problem with them.

  13. What gorgeous photos!
    If she’s more interested in dressing up than in dancing you ought to try her with some drama lessons, hahah πŸ™‚

  14. I never took dance classes when I was little, only for the last two years of HS, I now wish I had gotten the chance when I was little, maybe I would have become a bit more graceful? I bet she is having a blast!!

  15. give it a little more time. a week isn’t really long enough for either of you to really make a good decision about it. i just finally got the monkey interested in dance enough for her to take some classes. she started last fall (age 11) in ballroom for kids and jazz (REFUSED ballet). now she’s in dance team (ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop) and still rockin’ ballroom.

    i’m not a believer in a strict dance company style structure for kids that age. if it’s that strict, it won’t be fun. fun is what gets them hooked. if she gets serious, then you can find a more serious class for her.

  16. Were there any/many boys in the class? I think my son would love ballet but I wonder how that works. Also, my husband is not thrilled about the idea…

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