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What’s Wrong With The Bandwagon?

What? You don’t Twitter? Are you KRAZEE?

When I went off to college I learned the hard way that some things just weren’t cool anymore. Or at least not in the groups I was trying to infiltrate. (Any group that had a hacky sack.) Like Top 40 radio. Or television. Or even shaving. (Yes. I hung out in those circles.) While I dropped the Top 40 radio and the television (was not much of a TV watcher to begin with, if you can believe that) – I kept shaving. It was weird, I felt like I had to justify my hair-free legs to my Deadhead peer group. “I’m not doing it because society tells me to, I SWEAR. I’m doing it because I just like the feel of smooth legs! It makes me happy!”

(Because society probably told me it would make me happy, right?)

This happens to all of us…we find ourselves in a position where our peers seem to have a group think that something conformist is BAD. It’s not just the long-haired hippies, we all do it in some form or another. My husband totally prides himself on never seeing Titanic. It’s like a badge of honor for him. Everyone else has seen it. He has not. His is faaaaar superior to you in every way because of that.

(Sidenote: His attitude is not quite that extreme. But – he stopped reading my blog recently because of a firewall at work blocking the pictures (BUT NOT THE WORDS!) so I told him I was going to start trash talking him now to force him to read just to defend himself.)

I have my own Titanic and it’s called Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve never seen an episode and I don’t know why I’m so damn proud of that. It’s like my proof that I don’t get sucked into EVERY. SINGLE. CRAZE. I don’t know, but if anyone talks about it? I feel this incredible need to throw out into conversation that, “I don’t watch that show! Never seen it! Ever!” Really? Does anyone care?

Lately though – I’ve caught myself being almost snotty about certain things. I don’t go full into BEYATCH mode, but I do sound like I need a good punch in the face. Someone recently mentioned loving one of those Real Housewives shows and I was all, “Oh. I don’t watch those. That’s just not the kind of show I get into.”

Now…read the words alone and they don’t sound so bad. But be there in person? And it sounds like I’m saying, “Oh. That show is way below my refined tastes in entertainment.” Because nothing says “refined” like Hannah Montana. The reason why I wanted to snap back and punch myself in the face is because I’ve heard that SO MANY TIMES regarding two things in particular: Harry Potter and Twilight. I’ve found myself talking about those things before (which I’m prone to do…) when in the company of someone who feels this incredible need to say, “Oh. I’ve never gotten into those. Just not my thing.” Now, sometimes it’s the person who just honestly can’t get into them. Like I am with the Lord of the Rings books. I’ve tried, I really have, and I often feel like I have to apologize to people for NOT getting into them. No, I end up with the Snotty McSnottyPants who looks down on me like, “Oh. You read those books? With magic? With vampires? I could just not get into those.”

To which I want to say, “What do you mean? How could you not like them? ARE YOU DEAD INSIDE?”

Many times I think we close ourselves off to the idea of something because we are just in love with resisting it. Several people have told me the excellent bit of dialog from “Grey’s Anatomy” where a character loses their Dad and states they don’t want to live in a world without their Dad. “Hey. That’s kinda how I feel. Maybe that show isn’t so sucky afterall.”

I am so guilty of just resisting things just so that I can say that I do resist it. And you know what? I’m going to stop doing that. Now, I’m not going to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” – I just don’t have room in my schedule. But that’s what I’ll say. “I watch too much other not necessarily better television to squeeze in another show.” Instead of acting like I’m somehow better before I even give something a try. This is especially a good policy in case I someday want to give something a try and don’t want to have to answer a bunch of, “I thought you said you’d NEVER!” type of questions. (Example: The iPhone. I gave in. I can’t help it. Oh, and Facebook. And Activa yogurt. All of those things are now awesome, I admit.)

But I still think you’re dead inside if you don’t like the Twilight books.

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  1. I’m still resisting the iPhone…even though I just renewed my AT&T contract on Friday. But I know what you mean about Lord of the Rings…I’ve tried, several times, to read the books. And I tried to watch the first new movie and fell asleep both times. So I have officially given up.

  2. Oddly – I LOVE LOVE LOVED the LoTR movies. But the books? Couldn’t make it through any of them. Much to my husbands despair

  3. I haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy nor have I read LOTR, Twilight, or Harry Potter. These aren’t quite my Titanic since I just haven’t been able to get into any of the fantasy books I’ve tried, so LOTR and Potter haven’t enticed me. People find it strange since I am an avid reader. I will read almost anything and have 3,000+ unread books in my “library.” I am very tempted by the Twilight series though.

  4. Great post! I too am suspicious of people who don’t like Twilight — how can you not fall in love with the characters?! The iPhone will change your life– are you getting the new version? I resisted FB at first and may have even teased my husband about joining it. Nothing like eating your words in the end!

  5. I have never seen a full episode of American Idol – I have seen bits of it twice, while zooming past it to get to something BETTER. Bah.

    Honestly? There are some high-profile blogs that I refuse to read, a similar sort of badge of honor. Heh.

  6. I admit to being dead inside. I haaaated the Twilight books. I read all four last summer when I broke my toe and was stuck at home. I will not list all the reasons why I hated them because I will be here all day. I think I expected the craze to mean they would be as good as the Harry Potter books so I was extremely disappointed because they are not.

  7. *sigh* And I love them so much I actually take it personally when other people don’t. Same with Harry Potter. And Diet Coke.

  8. I totally do that…and then find the bandwagon years after it has pulled out of the station and run to jump on. I used to do that with the Harry Potter books…but the last 2? I pre-ordered. I haven’t read the Twilight books but come see my blog in 3 years and I’ll be all “OMG have you heard of these awesome vampire books?”

  9. If only Sprint had the iPhone, I would be on that bandwagon. I love Gray’s, Twilight, Harry Potter. Never had any luck with LOTR.

    What are you reading now?

  10. I have never watched Grey’s Anatomy. Or the Hills. Someone asked me that recently because I was marveling over the idiots that those people Heidi and Spencer were being on I am a celeb, get me out of here, and when they asked “haven’t you ever watched the Hills??” I said, “why would I watch that crap??” then I realized WHAT I WAS watching, and turned it around saying I had much better crap to watch called Charmed School. There are several fads that I don’t follow, others that I do. Like right now? I can’t stop playing spymaster on twitter. CAN’T.

  11. Hi, My Name is Jonni, and I have never seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

    There….I said it!!! I even TRIED watching one, and I could get into it. Have no idea why. I LOVED ER when it first started.

    The only reality TV I watch is American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, and So You Think You Can Dance.

    Harry Potter books – can’t read them. I wish I could. But I would have to start with whatever movie hasn’t come out yet. Once I see a movie, I canNOT read the book. I have to go the other way. So I have not see LoTR, but LOVE the movies!!

    LOVED the Twilight books – hated the movie. But will give New Moon a shot 😉

  12. dead inside is right!!! i was so exhausted last night and wanted to finish the last 80 or so pages, but just couldn’t do it. and i’ll admit i really wanted to finish it this morning!

  13. High five to your husband, I’ve never seen Titantic either. What’s the point, we all know how it ends, right?

    I am also dead inside (no booky ready, no movie watchy).

    I only Twitter because my county EMS started an account. I guess we haven’t had any emergencies since I haven’t received any posts yet. I AM afraid of Twitter. It sounds a lot like crack. I already have enough obsessive Facebook problems, couldn’t imagine adding another one.

    I did hear that blogs were the gateway drugs to tweets though, so I am pretty scared. Nancy Reagan…WE NEED YOU!!! Just say no! LOL

  14. Sometimes I read/watch/participate in things even when I don’t like them. Take Twilight. Read all four and have major issues with series. Still, I read them.

    Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and my blog. I’d be lost with the last two in that list, but I’m pretty sure I got sucked into Twitter and Facebook because of my friends and family members. MySpace, though, did nothing for me and is, therefore, neglected.

    See…we all have things we just can’t do/tolerate/understand. I guess we should just be thankful we have so many options!

  15. If you don’t like Grey’s Anatomny you have not watched Season 1 which is AWSOME.

    I think activa yougurt is the biggest scam…but that is just me. It made me LOL because you wrote about it.

  16. Dead inside if you don’t like twilight? ahahahahahaa. It’s like a pun. It’s so punny!!!

    Who doesn’t like harry potter and diet coke? Freaks.

    I think I’ve made my point here….

    I’m a cultural snob and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my hero.

  17. I hate Twilight so much, and with so much concerted effort, it comes right back around as a sort of hatecrush/perverse love. Which only goes to show you that the line between love and hate is pretty slim.

    Occasionally I give things I’ve been poseuristing (that’s what I think of it as-poseurish resisting) a try. Sometimes I end up liking it, other times it just confirms my initial distaste.

  18. I hated Twilight, then when the movie came out I wanted to see what the fuss was about, but have a personal rule about not watching a movie without reading the book… 10 days and a bewildered librarian later I had read all 4 books, even staying awake while my baby slept (which wasn’t often). I still have some issues with them- I thought Edward was condescending and I spent a lot of the second book wanting to hit Bella upside the head and yell “Move on!” – but I recognize that that it’s a compelling story and don’t have a stick up my bum about Twilight lovers anymore. Still refuse to watch Grey’s Anatomy though, although it’s more of a “don’t want to get sucked in” thing. I’m trying to give up TV during baby’s waking hours and I can only watch so many DVR’s shows in my hour of mommy time each night.

    Also, loved the LOTR movies, but barely got through the books. Tolkein’s pacing leaves something to be desired.

  19. My husband *wishes* he could say that — I dragged him to Titanic back when we were first dating and he couldn’t tell me no. Ah… would that it were still that way.

    I watched Grey’s the first and (part of) second seasons, then quit. Watched the final 2 episodes of this season and they were incredible. But you know what? The Wire basically ruined all TV *and* movies for me cuz that show was just the best thing ever — writing, directing, acting, everything.

    It didn’t ruin books for me, thank goodness — love Twilight.

  20. I am the same way with most reality television. Never watched American Idol, so you think you can dance, survivor.

    But I love grey’s, HP, twilight and titanic. I watched the first three seasons of grey’s when I had my second baby. During night-time feedings I would watch the DVDs that I got from netflix. I’m hooked now. 🙂

  21. You nailed the attitude. I have certain family members who love to resist things just so they can say they resist those things. The part that is implied is that they are WAY too intelligent to bother with those things. I am with you that it makes me want to try not to ever do that, even though I know I have done it in the past. Thanks for getting me thinking!!

    Kim in NC

  22. My kids go to a combined middle & high school. My 16 year old daughter hasn’t read any Twilight books, says there are too many middle school girls in “Team Edward” shirts and she refuses to come anywhere near that bandwagon. My 14 year old son however, read all the books–probably so he can hold a conversation with all those middle school girls in Twilight t-shirts.

  23. Jumping up and down and waving my arms in the air, because I do NOT undertsnad the Twilight hype – apart from how good Rob Pattinson looks in character as Edward. But I read the books before the movie came out and I think they’re awful, THERE I SAID IT.

    But I love me some boybands – New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys…so maybe we’re even. 😉

  24. I loved the twilight series and I can not tell you how many times I have read the Harry Potter books or listened to them on audiobook, but I capital L LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. Parts of seasons have been sucky, but when they do a good episode (like the bomb in the body cavity, or the season 5 finale) they do an AMAZING episode. I’m sure we all have main stream things that we just never experienced. I have never seen LOST, 24, Jurassic Park, etc.

    I would say that the only show that any person with a TV set has definitely seen is an episode of Law and Order because with the number of different types and all the reruns on various stations, it is unavoidable. You will eventually be bored on a sunday morning at 5 am when the best thing on is a rerun of L&O.

  25. OMG YES. I can’t STAND it when people are all “I don’t eat at any restaurant that’s a CHAIN” or “I don’t read POPULAR FICTION” or “This is COOKIE CUTTER fashion.” Sigh. I feel like saying, “Yes, yes, the only things that are LIKABLE are the things NOBODY LIKES EXCEPT YOU.”

  26. I tried to read Twilight, really I did! My teen aged daughter was reading them and really wanted me to. I got halfway through the first book and just couldn’t read anymore. I guess that makes me dead inside. But, I’ve read all the Harry Potter’s numerous times if that makes up for it a little!

  27. Things I’ve Resisted

    Gossip Girl (not intentionally, I saw one episode, I just don’t get time to watch TV and we don’t have TiVo in NZ yet)
    Greys Anatomy (I hate it. The premises are good and there was one episode I liked, but I HATE the characters.)
    Twilight (for ages, until I FINALLY read it and bought the whole series. Because Edward is perfect, mainly. *sigh*)

  28. Saw an above commenter’s comment…the bomb in the body episode of Greys Anatomy was the one I actually liked. lol.

  29. I haven’t read one of the Twilight Books but I *LOVE* Grey’s Anatomy. Oh wait, maybe I am dead inside.

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