Thing 3

The Third Child

One year ago today, I looked like this:

Final Shot at Home before leaving for the hospital

I don’t remember much of the day. But from what I’ve been told, someone sliced a hole in my abdomen and this came out:


I don’t remember how much he weighed or what time he was born. Some people say, “Oh – that’s because he’s your third, no one remembers that details after the first.” I usually scoff at that because I have several friends who remember the details of all of their children. I also scoff because I remember the details of none of mine. The only way I can retrieve the details of LilZ’s birth is because I have a frame with a picture from the day he was born and the details are engraved on that frame. For NikkiZ and AndyZ? It’s all thanks to the blog. I feel adequate shame over this…the same as when people ask me how old AndyZ is and I have no idea. Lately I’ve been saying, “He’ll be 1 in May.” Or, “He’ll be 1 this month.” And by “lately” I mean, “Since he was born.” I just don’t do well with the monthly or weekly or daily remembrance. And that I blame on him being the third kid. And the beer drinking. (By me…not him.)

But suddenly, He’s a year old.

And walking!
Telling stories
The entry about his birth mentions how we all thought he looked like my Dad.

I have absolutely nothing planned for AndyZ’s birthday. NOTHING. I was thinking about getting people to meet us for a birthday picnic this weekend, but the weather is supposed to suck. We went out last night and bought TWO presents. A small box of trucks and a fridge/magnet toy. Oh – and some sippy cups. Do those count as birthday gifts? Now – my lack of plans/excitement can be blamed on the 3rd kid syndrome. Because I’ve learned after two that these 1-year olds? Too dumb to know what’s going on. Wait, dumb? Probably not a good word choice. You know what I mean.

Either way…this angel is one today. His first year has been coated with sadness, which sucks. But today? We’ll be happy. Because this kid is amazing in every way. And he deserves all of the celebration a first birthday mandates.

Unfortunately, all he’s getting is a store-bought cupcake.


37 thoughts on “The Third Child”

  1. Happy birthday, AndyZ!

    I think he looks just like your Dad. Stick a candle is his cupcake and sing him Happy Birthday and you’re good to go. I don’t think a celebration has to be big to be a celebration.

  2. P.S. When I watched the video the other day, I kept thinking “Wow! He is walking early!”

  3. Happy Birthday AndyZ! My youngest turns one next Thursday. I wonder where the time went…….

    Hope you all have a fantastic celebration, whatever you do!

  4. Happy Birthday AndyZ!

    I wish my wife thought like you. I’ve tried to convince her that we don’t need to make as big a deal about their early birthdays, so long as there’s a photo with cake (and perhaps hats). Instead, we end up with what can only be termed extravaganzas!

  5. We didn’t make a big deal out of Piper’s first birthday and she’s my FIRST (and only). We got a picture of her eating cake. That’s about it.
    Store bought cupcake? Who wouldn’t kill for that??? If Targets cakes are anything like Publix, I’ll be over at 6p πŸ˜‰

    Happy Birthday AndyZ!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday AndyZ!

    And don’t worry about not remembering the details. I cannot remember them either. I know my first was born sometime right after midnight. My second? Mid-day-ish, maybe? And forget about weights. I really have nothing to blame. I have trouble remembering what I ate yesterday.

  7. that boy is just FREAKING cute! (mrz sent me his school cupcake picture!!!) i wanna get his birthday sugar!!

  8. Happy Birthday AndyZ!!! I totally forgot he shared my mom’s birthday!!! It is a good day today isn’t it?? ?

  9. I CANNOT believe it has been a year already. That means I’ve bee visiting your blog for that long. Wow, time flies!

    Happy Birthday!

  10. He is so handsome! I can’t believe a year already. Does that mean I’m also a year older? I’m going to go with no.

  11. Happy Big Day AndyZ!

    I LOVE the picture of him in the dinosaur tshirt. Such a beautiful smile πŸ™‚

  12. I only remember what Arun weighed because it was 7lbs, 7oz. A no brainer. The time? 4:41pm and I only remember that because we were all cracking jokes that my doctor could still make 5pm Mass.

    Anjali? I vaguely remember giving birth to a girl child on 07/09/07 and even NOW, I still want to write her birthday as 07/07/07. Can you blame me? It’s her own damned fault for not being born on a more logical date.

    Oh, Happy Birthday BabyZ! Details are trivial, kid. πŸ™‚

  13. Happy birthday, little man!

    Lil’bug’s birthday parties have been, shall we say ‘less than’ what her brother’s were. She was also born in December, which gets booked end-to-end with holiday stuff. This year maybe I’ll plan on having something either before Thanksgiving or after New Year’s. The day of her birthday is the lunch with Santa that we haven’t missed in years. How can I plan it for then?

    I remember both my kids weight and am vague about the exact time. I know Scout was early morning (like 5am) and Lil’bug was between 7:30 and 7:45 pm (about 10 minutes after arriving at the hospital, yikes!).

    You’ve done a great job documenting your children’s milestones. Don’t beat yourself up over forgetting a few details.

  14. Listen, I know he wasn’t born yesterday, but I also know he wasn’t born A YEAR AGO. He was born MUCH MORE RECENTLY than that. He is a SMALL baby, and you must have propped him on a doll stand or something for that standing picture. Quit messing with my mind.

  15. happy birthday andyz! wow, one already. a cupcake and some photos of the icing smeared on his face is all that’s needed for this one. maybe followed by a bath and a good snuggle. πŸ™‚

  16. Delurking to say, wow! He’s one already? Wasn’t he just born like the other day?
    This means I’ve been reading this blog for over a year now and still haven’t commented yet….

    Happy birthday AndyZ!!

  17. i want him!!!

    he is beautiful and amazing…you make the best kids!

  18. Happy birthday AndyZ! Biscuit will be right behind you and turning one on the 3rd of June. (And can’t walk yet, so be proud of your accomplishments!) I wish we lived close enough that you could get to know each other.

  19. Happy birthday AndyZ! He’s such a cute kiddo. I’m so glad you choose to share him with us.

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