My Dog Ate My Blog Entry

Why haven’t I written?

Excuse #1 LilZ gave me a mix CD for Mother’s Day. I thought that putting a set list up of that CD along with the hysterical thing that was his final recorded track of his own voice would be a GREAT entry. Only I’d needed him to give me the playlist because – while I love the CD – I’ve never heard of any of the songs and/or musicians before. So, I was waiting for him to give me the playlist before I could write that entry. And he has still not given me a playlist. Because he’s a lazy bum of a teenager.

Excuse #2 I have had a logo designed for some business cards! I want to show you the logo and tell you the story of why I got the logo and what I plan to do with it and the philosophy behind it all except that an entry like that requires some heart to compose. Some heart and the time and ability to dig up some links to coincide with this new philosophy because there are people who have written about it much better than I could. Have I had time to do all of that? No. So do I simply tease you with the potential of an entry? Yes.

Excuse #3 AndyZ is walking. WALKING. And I totally want to take some video and show you but I haven’t charged the camera and keep forgetting and wait…do I even know where the camera is? I don’t think I do. So, instead of blaming it on the uncharged batteries, let’s blame it on the missing camera. Yeah. That’s it. Did I mention my baby is walking? Shoot me now.

Excuse #4 I wanted to tell you about how I cried during Hannah Montana because she sings a song about how awesome her Dad is for raising her alone and TOTALLY not what I needed to hear. And my daughter thought that me crying during the Hannah Montana movie was very disturbing. But I haven’t wanted to sit down and tell you about how embarrassing it is to sob during a Disney movie until I could get the lyrics to that DAMN SONG to prove to you how dreadful it is to hear so soon after losing the father who RAISED ME ALONE. I never wrote him a song! (To which he is thankful, even from the grave.)

Excuse #5 I’m lazy. The end.

13 thoughts on “My Dog Ate My Blog Entry”

  1. You are such a tease!

    Holy crap the baby is walking wasn’t it last month he was only like 5 months?


    I guess I will except any excuse.

  2. Glad your’ re back posting.

    AndyZ has a birthday coming up soon, doesn’t he? Now the fun begins!

  3. The song would’ve affected me the same, were I in your situation. Except I probably would’ve cried LOUDLY and SNOTTILY ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. I cry at Disney movies and I have NO such excuse. I’d also cry at the baby! walking! what’s up with that?

    side note: I was the youngest of three and when I started walking I took a tumble and dislocated my hip, which stopped that whole walking nonsense straight away. Now, I’m not pointing any fingers (MOM) but I wonder if she did it to keep me immobile just a stitch longer?… I should ask her about this.

  5. You certainly don’t need pesky commenters bothering you, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    You are a big tease. I want to see AndyZ walking and the new logo.

    Several people mentioned that they cried during Hannah Montana.

  6. You know what? They are all excellent reasons! I still want to see all this stuff for real, though. You’re such a tease. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. If it makes you feel any better, my sister and her girlfriend, who are both in their twenties, cried like babies during the Hannah Montana movie.

    Can’t wait to hear about the business cards!

  8. wait, the baby is walking?!? make them stop growing up!! ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to read everything else!!

  9. Dude. #4… I was watching a Greys Anatomy rerun this morning, where Georges dad dies and he says to Christina “I don’t know how to exist in a world without my dad in it” and omg the out of the blue sobbing. That is exactly what I said for months after my father died. Entertainment needs to be less emotional.

  10. I totally cried during Hannah Montana. Especially during that scene. I am always crying at Disney movies. They have stuff in them that I relate to as profoundly sad (like feeling like you are ruining your families life, or the scene in Hotel for Dogs where the kids got seperated) and my empathy, it gets in my eyes.

  11. I’m 25 and I really want to see Hannah Montana, but I’m too afraid to admit it to anyone I know in real life.

    I think I’ll wait until it comes out on video, rent it from a place in a town far away from me, watch it in secret, sob into my pillows the whole time.

    I wonder how long till it comes out?

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