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Send an Ark. ASAP.


What a weird few days we’ve had. Schools were closed Thursday and Friday because we had 2 probably H1N1 flu cases (one now confirmed) which has had us all in a weird holding pattern as the state decided to close some schools until May 14th. (Not ours! Yay!) On top of that, we’ve had Armageddon level storms that have brought tornadoes and flooding all over our area. We find ourselves torn between coating our hands with antibiotic gel and hiding in the bathroom with mattresses over our heads.

MrZ and I went out on our first real date since AndyZ was born. We went to dinner and a movie at a restaurant in an outdoor shopping area that had us eating at one end of the complex and seeing a movie at the other end. We walked between the two in the rain. I was in flip-flops and Honest To God lost my footing over five times. The only reason I didn’t bust my ass every time was because I was forcing MrZ to let me hold onto his arm while I walked. He hates that stuff – so that’s a clear sign that he was worried I’d break my neck. Which I almost did. Several times.

So, between 2 days of being a SAHM (how do some of you do it every day? I was so tired!), everyone talking about the flu and germs, tornado sirens going off 4-5 times a day, and seeing my life flash before my eyes as my ass heads to the ground in front of 100 people at the movie theater Saturday night, it’s not wonder that I’m completely thrilled to finally be heading back to work this morning. Not only am I thrilled to finally be able to hand my kids off to someone else (SERIOUSLY – how do you SAHMs do it?), but I’m also glad to be rid of Mother Nature, damn her and her destructive winds and her flooding sidewalks.

(Let’s don’t talk about the fact that it’s supposed to continue raining ALL WEEK.)

So – how was your weekend? Did you spend any quality time in the bathroom with your family? No?

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  1. I just checked our forecast hoping for rain, and still none in line for the week. Isn’t that always the way? You’re getting too much, and we aren’t getting any. The lakes are shrinking…

  2. We are now officially putting a beer frig (with juice for the kid also and a twin bed in our closet. I swear if I have to go in the closet ONE MORE TIME this season, I am going to….well, I guess I will just go in there and not be real happy.

  3. If I did my tornado protection bit, I would have spent part of Saturday in the bathroom. Here I live in a double wide and don’t really do what they say (I’m just smart that way)!

    The city where my parents live had an unconfirmed one (they are ok-thank goodness). We’re supposed to get rain all week too.

  4. Wow! Rain is forecast here too for the next 7-9 days. But, the idea of being in a bathroom or closet with my family– after being stuck inside with them for days– ugh! I think I’d hide some wine under the bathroom sink. I might do that anyway, come to think of it, and we don’t even have tornados here.
    What a cute picture, too. He has the most beautiful eyes!! I love you blog and hope you are doing well! 🙂

  5. I really like the close-ups you’ve done of AndyZ.

    What did you have for dinner/

    I’m feeling crappy. I’m not sure why. It might be weather related. We have been wet since Friday evening and are suppose to remain so for the next 10 days. The only reason I’m not complaining is because I’m not feeling well and this gives me an excuse to stay in.

  6. We are under tornado watch right now. Until about 2. At least the weather held off until after Jazz Fest. That was my weekend. Dancing in the sunshine to music. 🙂

  7. No quality time in the BATHROOM, thankfully–but that may start, now that my son’s on Augmentin for 2 weeks.

    I spent most of yesterday reading “Twilight” (I’m a late adopter, I know), essentially from start-to-finish. And now I am OBSESSED and ticked that I’m #23 in line to get the second book from my library.

    This might just make me re-open the book budget briefly–desperate times call for desperate measures! 😉

  8. Delurking for the first time in, oh, three years … I’m sure you’ve gone over this a bajillion times, but what kind of camera do you use? The cute baby picture reminded me to ask.

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