This is what I get for mocking the panic.


Take this pretty picture and use it to replace the anxiety I’m feeling over the fact that our schools are cancelled (Daycare included) for the rest of the week due to two “probable” swine flu cases in our county. Of course, I’m more anxious because I’m stuck at home those two days, not at the risk of the flu. But that’s because I’m whatever the opposite of hypochondriac is…I go into denial about illness. Inevitably, when I finally go to a doctor for something, the doctor points out that I should have arrived several days earlier. I push it to the limit. So I’m totally not even thinking about the possibility of the swine flu, I’m choosing instead to be irritated that I can’t go to work tomorrow.

I never claimed to be rational.

Update from 2021: We’re still on the tail end of a year-long pandemic so this seems a bit of an overreaction on 2009 Kim’s part.

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  1. I think that is totally rational because that is how I live my life.

    My kids I’ll take to the doctor. Me, I wait until I’ve been sick for 2 weeks straight with every symptom in the book before I even considering calling mine.

  2. I saw on the news about the “probable” cases in Huntsville, and I was all, “Doesn’t MissZoot live there??!” Hadn’t been to your site in Eons, clicked over, and HOLY COW !! You’ve had a baby and what not. Shame on me for slacking off on my blog reading… so, Congrats on the new addition (way, WAY belated), and keep sane in the insanity of “pandemic”. 🙂

  3. Yikes, I am in Alabama…I don’t want the swine flu.

    Also, it may be nothing, but when I clicked on your site the first time, my anti-virus flagged something from your page.

  4. Beutiful photo.

    I deny illness too. Until two weeks ago, I had not been to the doctor in three years. Prior to that it had been seven years.

  5. My husband thinks he has swine flu, but I had to tell him there are no confirmed cases in Europe yet. He still thinks he’s the first.

  6. Here in Austin we have one private school closed and one public pre-k center closed. I feel the same way you do. I worry less about getting sick than about all those parents who qualified for free, public, pre-k not being able to work.

  7. I guess that I’m in some kind of denial too. Except today I just found out my boss is in Mexico right now, and naturally she’s coming back HERE at some point. Lovely.

  8. hi zoot, i hate to say this but I think there’s a virus on your site, the trendmicro programme on my com flagged sth from this site..
    ya the swine flu sucks here in asia too..every1’s like taking precautions again..me and my friends r planning a trip but some of my friends’ parents dun want them to go coz of the swine flu..sucks with all the uncertainty and today sucks even furthur found out that a working visa to the ctry I wanna work in is not possible yet now

  9. thegoriwife – Anonymous white American girl who met and married a Pakistani guy and writes about the adaptation that has become her life.
    TheGoriWife says:

    With that kind of supply & demand imbalance, you could open a two-day daycare in your backyard and make MILLIONS! Yay for entrepreneurship!

  10. Do not panic!! Remember to take lots of walks, it tires out little people and then they sleep!! Also hide an go seek (they hide!) I set the timer for things, I have to (go to the bathroom, run outside and scream, get dressed, work, eat chocolate in the closet) for five minutes when the buzzer goes off we will (insert something fun like run in circles).

    I love the timer.

  11. I really like that picture. I think the last time I went to the doctor was when I had really bad allergies a few years ago. Sorr you can’t go to work.

  12. I never go to the doctor. Of course right now it is difficult because of having no insurance, but even before. enjoy the beautiful spring days!!

  13. I’m the same way. Which is odd since I’m a habitual hand washer. Makes no sense.

    Happy SAHM days!!

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