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Toddler Tossing

Easter 2008 v/s Easter 2009

Okay, so when comparing last year’s Toddler Tossing Easter Event with this year’s, I’m having trouble deciding which is better. The thrill and dress movement of yesterday’s toss is awesome, but the casual floating effect of 2008 is hard to beat. Which do you think wins the battle? And more importantly…how hilarious is it that AndyZ immediately kicks his legs up when thrown? Also, you’ll have to trust me when I tell you he loves the Baby Tossing. The look on his face in that picture might indicate otherwise…

25 thoughts on “Toddler Tossing”

  1. In the picture from last year she looks like a mary poppins sort of character stuck in motion, and in the other one it looks more active and like a rush. It’s hard to say which one is my favorite. I think it would depend on my mood!

  2. 2009: Love her hair. Love her dress. Love her open mouth.

    2008: Love the “I’m just hanging out up here.”

    2009 gets 3 loves so I’m going to have to favor the latest edition of Toddler Tossing.

    Thanks for sharing as I clearly love, love, love, love ’em.

  3. Those are both AWESOME!!! Classic Daddy moments, great capture. I’ve tried once, no luck and my hubby is not as into pics as me. You’ve inspired me..gotta try again. Soon.

  4. This year. That just screams “OMG I’m having so much fun with Daddy that I think I could burst!” That is an awesome dress, btw; it makes my inner girly girl go “ooooh!”

  5. I love this years more… the dress is adorable and I love out it twirled out like that.

    Last year’s photo cracks me up because she almost looks photoshopped onto it, with how casual she is about the whole thing.

  6. Its a tough one but I’ll go with last year, simply because NikkiZ looks like it’s no big deal being tossed in the air. Both are great photos. AndyZ gets great hang time too, likely because he’s lighter to toss 😉

  7. Both are totally cute… but I like this years, it’s showing off that energetic three-year old stage. and that pic of andyz, how cute is that, he looks like a little gymnast! Cute!!!

  8. I would poop my pants if my hubby threw my kids that high. I’m a nervous nelly that way. Ever see the Final Destination movies? My brain works like that – I see all sorts of bizarre and horrible accidents resulting from innocent fun.

  9. I like last years! Both are adorable, but last years has more of a he he he I’m floating in mid air and I’m cool!

  10. Wow! Are the kids really as high as they look or is it a perspective thing? You husband must be really strong! I like the 2009 pic because I am a sucker for polka dots. Otherwise it was a draw!

  11. I love them both as well, but this year’s is so crazy and out of control, I have to vote for 2009. He almost threw her over the street light! I love how the hair, the mouth, the dress, everything is going a different direction. WHEEE!!

  12. this year- it’s brighter- more action- more excitement on her face… great visual!

  13. It took me a LONG time to decide, because you’re right about the floating effect. I prefer BOTH. But if I must choose, I prefer this year’s. She looks like a fairy.

  14. I kinda like this year’s picture because I think the dress is absolutely adorable, and love the way it’s flying in the wind. Also, the picture you linked of AndyZ? TOO CUTE!

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