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Big News For Everyone!

Wow! Where the hell have I been? Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been moving! Kinda. The companies I work for grew into a neighboring office space so I have been moving my shit into my Very. Own. Office! How cool is that? It’s kinda bare in there now as the only print I have that I could hang up didn’t survive the trip down from my attic. (I almost didn’t survive either, for the record. I have stopped going into the attic unless someone who could hear my body crashing into the garage is home. Me and the attic stairs do NOT get along.) So, I have to buy a frame for it. Once I get that print up I’ll take some pictures. Because what is more exciting than pictures of someone else’s office? NOTHING. That is what.

But, that is not even my news! Actually, I think we all have big news since we last spoke. At least most of us do. If someone in the family does NOT have big news? I’ll make it up. And you can try to guess whose is real. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Nikki Got New Shoes! And she told EVERYONE she saw. I have this photo planned in my head of all of our feet in our Chucks, but she didn’t have any she could still wear. So, we bought her some and she loves them so much. But, can you blame her? TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

E Got Into A Few Of His Desired Honor Courses For High School! How cool is that? I’m not sure which makes me more proud – that he got in…or that he wanted to get in them. Either way — very cool. Honors English (which he fought his ass off to get into this year and is making As in!) and Honors History. Exactly opposite of me. I was a Math/Science type of gal.

Wes is Now Pulling Up On Things And he also found his tongue, in case you were wondering. But the pulling up on things? I forgot what that means for our lives. It means NOTHING IS EVER SAFE TO LEAVE ON TABLES. Things he tried to place in his mouth this week? Pens. PS3 Controllers. Coffee cups. Cat tails. All because he can now reach places he couldn’t last week. SAVE US ALL.

I Am Going To Be In Chicago Next Week! I’m about to start this new thingy. (Gig? Job? Project?) It will require me to hang out with a few women on Tuesday night, February 10th in Chicago. Do you live in Chicago? Do you want to hang out with me for a bit? I would love it if you would. Please email me ( and I’ll pass your name along the right channels. If seeing me is not tempting enough (which it should be) – let me give you the key magic words. We will be hanging out AT A SPA. Seriously! I KNOW.

(Look at me having a conversation with you and you’re not even here!)

I’m ready to get back to blogging this week now that my life has calmed down a bit. If you would like to hang with me in Chicago? Send me an email. Although, it may take me nine years to see it. It turns out if you are away from the computer for several days? No one goes through your email for you. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? My inbox is yelling at me right now and I’m ignoring it.

Oh – If you would like to hear about NikkiZ’s new Converse? Come within’ a 5-foot radius of her at anytime and she will surely tell you about her AWESOME PINK SHOES that are JUST LIKE MOM’S AND BROTHER’S!

23 thoughts on “Big News For Everyone!”

  1. Pink Chucks rock! They are seriously cool

    The hang out in Chicago sounds cool except I am totally the wrong side of the pond!

  2. Aww, your kids are so cute, and your young man is handsome as ever ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats on the new digs, and the travel and the SPA! I am so jealous!

    Do you think NikkiZ will remember to tell me all about her pretty new pink Chucks whenever I run into you guys at Target again?

  3. I love the pink Chucks! I would so be telling the world, too. Thomas has a pair of black high tops and everyone – including little old ladies – think they are adorable. Which they are, of course. I’ve vowed to keep him in Chucks forever (except for really warm weather) or at least until he can protest!

  4. Sounds totally totally eventful!!! And woohoo on the very own office thing, that is one of those wow I can’t imagine how I did without one for so long things.

  5. I am insanely excited about your new office! That’s something I often long for: an office of my own. Looking forward to pictures of yours.

  6. I tried to get my now almost 4 year old to wear Chuck Taylor’s when he was two and he wanted nothing to do with them. The few times he did wear them people ohhed and ahhhed over them. He is a Croc kid through and through.

    I took honors English and History all through HS and LOVED IT!

    How old is the little guy? So cute with the footie pjs and the tongue!

  7. You have such awesome kids. I’m sad that your husband is moving to Djibouti though. (The Chicago one is the lie, right?) =)

  8. hehe. I totally can’t tell which one was the tall tale. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Chicago is SO much fun. So beautiful there, can’t wait to see the pictures you take there!! YAY for Lilz getting into those classes, that is just awesome!!

    New shoes!! WHOO HOO!! Pulling self up?? WHOO HOO!!

    congrats on the office as well!!

  9. I LOVE NikkiZ’s shoes!! My sister bought my daughter a pair for Christmas… but they are a size 4, so she’s going to have to wait to join in on the cuteness (she’s currently in a 2).

    Also – NikkiZ’s tights are ADORABLE! I love sweet patterned tights like those.

  10. Congratulations on the new office!

    New Shoes: Ha! I left a comment on flickr about taking photos of the three kids wearing their Chucks. You’re a step ahead of me.

    Honor Courses: Awesome! Congratulations, LilZ!

    Pulling Up On Things: I’m not sure if I should send sympathy or congratulate AndyZ. He’s adorable with his tongue sticking ou.

    Djibouti: Since you didn’t say you were also moving, I’m going to guess this is the one you fabricated. But … would you please make up news for me too? I like the way you think.

  11. Sorry, I forgot…I also think you may possibly have the cutest kids I’ve ever seen.

    There, I said it.

  12. The pink shoes are cute. I like that second picture. The toungue sticking out makes the picture even more adorable.

  13. Coming out of lurkdom to say that AndyZ is the cutest baby on the planet. My 19 month old son is very high needs and challenging and it’s made me not want to do the whole baby thing over again but this photo of AndyZ with his tongue and his feety pajamas is making me reconsider.

  14. Love the stories, I have to say AndyZ is the first baby I can actually see a parent’s resemblence of at such a young age. Almost immediately he started looking like MrZ. NikkiZ is styling… woohoo.

  15. Love Nikki’s shoes, and good on LilZ!! That pic of Andy is adorable, and Chicago is still too far away from me for me to get excited about that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I’d have to guess this MrZ’s news is the fabricated one…

    LOVE the pics and NikkiZ’s chucks…lol…AndyZ’s always a cutie pie and LilZ is not so Lil anymore!

  17. Doesn’t LilZ’s real name start w/an “E” (i think?). Since he’s no longer “lil”, why not start calling him (the) BigEZ? (that was horrible, i know, but it could work? yes? no?)

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