Five Years? SERIOUSLY?


My blog doesn’t have a concrete birthday because I was dumb and never thought something like that would seem important. Mainly because I had started blogs 100 times under 100 different names starting some time in 1999. When I started this incarnation sometime in January 2004, I didn’t know for sure it would be any different. That it would actually stick. So why make a point to remember the date?

Of course – I could have made it easy by keeping all of my entries from Typepad when I moved to my own domain (which wasn’t actually misszoot.com, if you can believe it). I didn’t realize an “export” function existed so I just marked a few of my faves to copy and paste when I moved away from Typepad. So, when I “launched” my blog at it’s own domain (a domain I won’t tell you because it is now a link that is NOT safe for work) I did so with just a few entries to fill in the previous months.

Long story short? I’ve been doing this thing for almost exactly five years now. FIVE YEARS. But a lot of the first few months disappeared into cyberspace. Just trust me when I tell you – you didn’t miss much.

In those five years I’ve changed domains and blogging platforms. I’ve gone from having skins (where YOU could choose what design to see every time you came here) to having only one design that everyone had to use. I’ve changed that design 900 million times, including to an all-Harry Potter theme to celebrate book 7’s release. This site has changed so many times I have forgotten more of the designs than I can remember. (Although I do remember I had a sushi one for awhile…Sushi? Really?) I’m still doing my own designs and coding for my blog, but am no longer doing it for the entire internet. (For those of you who who don’t remember, I used to offer free blog designs. Back before I had two small children.) I just can’t believe how much this place has changed in the last five years.

But mostly? I can’t believe how much of my life is documented here. I started trying to dig back in the past to find some of the biggest entries over the last five years, but I ended up getting lost in my own archives. Finding those moments that might not mean a lot to you, but mean a lot to me. Which, I guess, is kinda the point.

So, as a commemoration to such a crazy milestone, I offer you this fantastic picture of my son’s new favorite face to make when he’s eating.

A Rare Capture of My New Favorite Face

Because nothing says what five years of blogging can do for you like that face covered in sweet potatoes.

30 thoughts on “Five Years? SERIOUSLY?”

  1. Ahh congrats! That is crazy – five years! I just learned about blogging about two years ago so how out of it was I!?!?

    Love that shot of the baby!

    Also, can I just ask you check out my blog for today??? I had something gross happen to me this morning and I am trying to get the word out to folks about it. SO SERIOUSLY yucky.

  2. Oh, and I think I’ve been with you since before the domain change…I was definitely around before Nikki and when you were doing blog designs. πŸ™‚

  3. I actually remember that typepad blog, believe it or not!! (But, I cannot remember the previous name…bummer!) I remember lots of pictures of your adorable dogs…amazing how much has changed since then, isn’t it?

  4. Congrats on your 5-year anniversary! I have certainly enjoyed reading along with all of the things you’ve shared over the years.

  5. We are so glad you have stuck around to document your life. Your blog has constantly made it through the round of bloglines cutoff (I have only so much time to read blogs ya know!) for the past number of years.


  6. The grouchy old man has returned! That face is ridiculously adorable.

    Happy anniversary!

  7. Happy Happy Blog Birthday!!! What a cutie that is the face I make when i have sweet potatoes foisted upon me.

  8. Happy bloggy birthday!

    I found you because of your free blog designs. I still love those pink and green flowers . . .

  9. I think I remember the skins! And the Harry Potter theme! But I think that was back when I still tended to lurk on most blogs instead of stepping up and leaving comments.

    I never remember my blog start date, either. I know I started with livejournal in 2001, and have gone through numerous blog name changes. Now I’m contemplating another; I just don’t know what I would want it to be!

  10. Congratulations on FIVE years! The time does go all to fast.

    I was having a look through my own archives last night, and it is amazing how much you forget.

    Just a question.. Even though your comments come up instantly in the image they are still noted as pending. I like that feature!

    Have you used many more platforms apart from wordpress and typepad?

    I currently use blogger, and I dont know if i am feeling the love. I want to switch… but seriously… that involves work!

  11. I’m sure AndyZ is trying to say, ‘5 years, big deal – I’m way cuter!’ Happy bloggy birthday.

  12. What? You don’t do free designs anymore? And me just getting my own domain…

    Kidding. I remember the early days and it’s great to still have you around.

  13. Congrats! I remember the pre-baby days, when you offered skins and free web designs. I think I was on that list, a long long time ago! But we’ve gone on to bigger and better things, er, families!

    AndyZ looks just like his big sister in that pic, you know.

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