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The AndyZ Update


This kid CRACKS ME UP, people. And have I told you he has a tooth now? He does! A tooth! Next thing you know he’ll be asking me for a cell phone. Damn kids and their need to continue growing. What’s up with that?

He’s mobile now, even thought his method lacks a little grace. He does get to Those Things That Shouldn’t Be On The Floor in record time now. He has been grabbing tails of animals and drooling on Playstation controllers. It is officially time to childproof the house. Which we should have done back when…NikkiZ started crawling? That might have been a good decision. Maybe we’ll do better this time.

In terms of childproofing – what have you considered the most important part of that practice? Aside from the outlet covers, of course. We actually put those in years ago simply because I have a weird phobia of exposed outlets. But beyond that? What do you do to protect your child from household dangers? Do you just let them play in their room and their room only? Do you add padding on anything? Do you remove electronics? Because we have animals we really have to keep our kids in sight at all times…so childproofing is more about NEVER LETTING THEM OUT OF YOUR SITE. Lest you end up with baby eating dog food while the dog chews up the teething ring.

But in your home…what’s the procedure? Chain them up until their old enough to read?

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  1. My approach to child-proofing and general safety is a Death vs. Injury scale. Sure, I don’t WANT my children to get injured, but I do want them grow up exploring their surroundings. Yes, my heart stops at the playground when Anjali clambers up the slide after Arun. But, I let her go anyway. In short, we are Baby-Gate Free in our household. I do the outlet covers, some latches (mainly for my convenience) and all poisons & medicines are stored safely. Other than that, the kids have free reign of our house, including the basement.

    I guess what I am saying is that I have nothing for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I was just at my sister’s house and parents house where it is babyproofed to the seams. actually my sister’s more than my parents. My niece is a year and half, little sister is still cooking. Outlets a plugged, toilets have this weird contraception on it that took me forever to figure out, gates on the stairs. Padding on some things. They have these like plasticy things (almost silicon) on the 4 corners of a chest that serves as a coffee table. They do tend to fall off easy and the baby isn’t happy unless they are put back on. ๐Ÿ™‚ The animals are used to her…..

  3. Meh. We just covered outlets and then secured the cabinets that were off-limits with jumbo rubber bands. The rubber bands were supposed to be temporary until we figured out what we really needed, but they ended up being just enough.

  4. We have outlet covers already. They’ve been in since we moved three years ago and my oldest was three years old at that time. We also have cabinet locks on the “dangerous” stuff, but I have left a couple open that contain simple things like plastic bowls. I moved all the cleaning supplies to a locked closet, and that’s about it for now. Once she’s actually into everything, then my oldest will have to take all her Barbies and their teeny tiny stuff into her room and put in a storage bin. She’ll hate that, but for now it has to be done.

  5. I am just wondering how many ways there are to hurt kids in my baby-less apartment. I might blog about that: The Dangers of a Childless Couple’s Apartment. Because seriously? Deathtrap, that’s what it is. P.S.: tell andyz to knock off the growing- i prefer him as a chili pepper!

  6. I don’t have children, so I don’t have any suggestions.

    I know I sound like a scratched record (can you say old?), but AndyZ cracks me up too. I just love his expressions.

  7. You know we never used the outlet covers. our daughter just took them off and then we had a choke hazard… go figure. We also tried the silcone corner thingies for the coffee table but they always fell off and they were ugly. Besides every kid has to have a coffee table story right?

    Come to think of it we did no baby proofing whatsoever. We put the latches on the cleaning supply cupboard but that was it.

    I am with you… the key is, never let them out of your site.

  8. Duct Tape LOL…actually we have always done basic stuff like outlet covers and a bit of padding. And door knob covers for the rooms they can’t go into with the breakable stuff.

  9. He’s already a man! How did that happen so fast?? Goodness, I’m glad I don’t age as fast as he does… unless… wait a minute… getting old sucks! Tell that child to knock it off, now.

  10. Outlet covers and baby gate on the steps are about it for us. We have a dog and I get nervous despite his infinite patience so I always have an eye on the kid. Plus my toddler is the best behaved toddler ever – even when she is an ass munch.

    And I am totally laughing at your photo of Christmas dinner prep. I had a sister in law who insisted that we all go to her house for Thanksgiving one year and then did everything from a box…I mocked her for a year.

  11. Back when my boys were little, we just childproofed everything possible and tried not to let them out of my sight. (Hubby traveled so it was mostly my job) My mother thought I was nutso not to contain them in a playpen the way she did to me and my brothers. I believe in freedom to explore. You can always close doors and put up child gates and pray NikkiZ doesn’t open them!

    Your wonderful pictures of AndyZ have been one of the highlights of my year. I miss having babies around and your pictures are fabulous. I almost feel his sunny smile as I smile at my laptop. Thank you so much for brightening so many of my days by sharing your children.

  12. I would put covers over the plugs and move the what-not’s so that he couldn’t hurt himself (or break them) if I had kids. That’s what I did when I had kids over to visit.

    I agree with you-AndyZ cracks me up too! He just has so many cute little expressions.

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is paranoid about exposed outlets. That’s the first thing we did and they’re still there, even with my girls being 5 and almost 3. Aside from that, we had an old comforter covering the bricks on our fireplace hearth. And we have a rug covering the step from our laminate-floored den to the tile-covered kitchen. Tripping on that and falling on the tile floor scares me to death. But! The rug is soft so it helps. We tried to put safety locks on the kitchen doors/drawers but they didn’t work. So babies aren’t allowed in the kitchen unless we’re there. We did a lot of KEEPING THE BABY IN SIGHT AT ALL TIMES, too. We also put shoes away immediately and little toys were put in my oldest’s bedroom so the youngest couldn’t get to them. Other than that, we just let them go and hope they live! (just kidding…sort of)

  14. We’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no way we can baby-proof adequately, so we’re going with the “keep the baby in sight” method, too.

  15. With our first child, in our old house, we just did outlet covers and then the cabinet doo-hickeys, which make it crazy irritating to get into anything. I hated them. Plus, he always wanted to be WITH us, so we always knew what he was up to. At this new house, when our new baby (edd July 2009) makes it to AndyZ’s age, I think I’m just going to do the outlet covers, a baby gate at the stairs and put anything toxic into a high cabinet. I guess it depends on how much of an explorer she or he is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. outlet covers, yes. In our old house we had a brick hearth, we put the weird foam edging on it, only to prevent head trauma. I strap tall furniture to the wall too, in case anyone climbs – although they haven’t. In this house there was a gate at the top of the stairs. Now, if you had the good luck to climb up the stairs with no one seeing you and then fall down them? Well, we like to call that learning a lesson.

  17. Minimal containment and actual parental supervision seemed to work for us. There were some things that I packed away simply because I would have been sad if they got broken, and other things went up on higher shelves until the boys were old enough to understand “No”. And we did bolt the enormous bookshelves to the wall : as a teacher I have seen the ‘TV cart crashing down on toddler’ icon one too many times to ignore that possibility!

  18. Wow, this has been so long ago for me. I know that when mine were littler, I couldn’t really afford to do much houseproofing other than keeping cleaning stuff and sharp objects out of reach, cabinet doors latched, and outlet and knob covers. Mine just got boo-boos every now and then from bumping into corners or furniture.

    That kid gets cuter with every picture you post!

  19. The biggest risk factors I’ve seen overlooked by most parents are cleaning products, medicines, cords, and toilets. Kids can drown themselves in less than 1 inch of water and cords are absolutely everywhere and they’ll get their necks wrapped up in one in a heartbeat. Those are the biggest issues besides choking hazards. Keep medicines and all cleaning products in a locked cabinet, tie up curtain strings and use zip ties to contain electronics cords, and put a lock on your toilet. You should be able to do all of that in less than an afternoon. It also wouldn’t be a half bad idea to teach LilZ how to do the heimlich maneuver on a baby in case he does get to something he shouldn’t. Its pretty simple. hold the face in one hand, put the butt above the head face down towards the floor, and whack on the back in a downward direction.

    I didn’t mean to scare you. I think I would be scared if I read that. Oh mercy…

  20. I’m just a month or so away from babyproofing myself so this is good info. Right now, my plan is to baby gate the room where the litter box is and put latches on the cupboard and covers on the outlet and leave it at that. Plus, you know, put anything that I love dearly (like my books) out of little hands’ reach.

  21. We subscribe to the never-let-them-out-of-your-sight theory. It’s easier with second and subsequent children when older siblings are able to keep an eye on the little one. We keep medicines, poisons, sharp objects, and anything else we don’t want her getting into up out of reach. If she showed an interest in the toilet we’d keep the bathroom door shut. Right now her thing is climbing on a step stool to ‘help’ cook. Of course she’s most interested in helping when she hears a piece of hot stoneware come out of the oven and get placed on the stove. Whether the stove is hot or cold I always emphasize ‘HOT’ when she heads for the stove. I’ve tried moving her over to the counter, but she moves herself back.

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