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I’m Not Using the Word Resolution.

My brother hog-tied the bear he brought for AndyZ. He then declared it “wrapped”. Heh.

I’m excited about 2009. I just feel like there’s so much potential waiting for me. I don’t plan on getting knocked up for once since MrZ and I married, I enjoy my job and look forward to the changes it will bring, my kids are growing and we have a new administration running the country. I just feel optimistic that 2009? Will be better than 2008. And I feel that now, more than ever, I can play a part in making 2009 better for my family, my community, and my country. And I want to help in any way possible.

(As long as it doesn’t creep into my Primetime TV watching schedule, of course. I’m not that noble.)

I have all of these vague goals for the year. I want to be More Charitable. More Creative. More Frugal. More Green. More Deliberate and Intentional in all of my actions. Then there’s the goal to try to Lose The Pregnancy Weight. Because, you know, I still weigh the same today as I did when I came home from the hospital with AndyZ. Meaning I’ve lost NONE of it.

But those vague goals…the ones more about my character and less about my thighs…those are the goals I really want to work on. However, I feel l like I need concrete To Do type lists to help me. Instead of Be More Charitable, I would be more successful if I made a specific goal to: Donate Food to the Food Bank every Friday. (I stole that one from my friend, Michelle.) In terms of be More Green I’d be better off saying: I’m going to buy rice and beans in bulk to avoid the over packaged items at my grocery store. Maybe instead of just be more creative? I challenge myself to take a photo of something other than my kids every day.

Do you see what I mean? I’m trying to find ways to translate the vague concepts into black and white lists because I’m more likely to be successful that way. Maybe you do fine with the vague, but I need something to cross off my list every day to prove I’m heading in the right direction. Otherwise I’ll find myself eating Half Baked Frozen Yogurt straight from the freezer while watching Gossip Girl and reading trashing tabloids on January 2nd. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things…they just won’t help me achieve any goal other than Gain Another 20lbs. And I’m not really wanting to do that in 2009.

So, what are your lists? Mainly, are you joining any projects for the year? Any 365 Days Of…type of projects? I really like the ones on flickr but there are a million of them. Which ones are you doing? How are you going to outline your goals for the year? Can I steal your goals and make them mine? Or does that kinda defeat the point?

And since the new year is not hear yet – I offer more cute photos of my kids. Wearing the matching shirts they got for Christmas from their Aunt and Uncle. If I vow to dress my kids up like hippies every day for the year, will that help me achieve any of my goals?


14 thoughts on “I’m Not Using the Word Resolution.”

  1. Your kids are so cute. I totally want AndyZ’s shirt! I like your goals for the New Year, I have not decided on mine yet. Hmmmm.. Perhaps I will steal one from your commenters.

  2. I collect teddy bears so your first photo got my attention!

    I like that 365 days of gracee that you were doing. I was going to start it when I seen it on your blog but decided that I would wait to the first of the year.

    I’m exactly like you on the list. It has to be specific and things I can check off as done. Because of health problems, I have become that way with life in general so I can stay focused on the task at hand.

    Where is these lists you mentioned on flickr? Is is just for the ones with pro accounts? I would like to check it out to see what’s on there. One thing I want to do more this year is take pictures. It’s always been my hobby, and I got away from it lately.

  3. Your goals for 2009 are a lot better/more admirable than mine, although I haven’t fully worked out my resolutions yet. So far, the only one I have for sure is to stop looking like such a sloth every day. Which should be more challenging than usual with pregnancy and a new baby in July. Oh well. 🙂

  4. Love the matching shirts. AndyZ makes the most animated expressions. Adorable. (I wouldn’t stop photographing them every day.)

    I’ve been thinking about creating a photography project for myself. It would help me become BFF with my camera. I’ve had it a year and I still know so very little about it. I would love to find someone who would partner with me to do a http://3191.visualblogging.com/ type of project. If you have a partner, you’re committed and accountable. Perhaps, a “things I see every day” or “fresh look at ordinary things” project. I’m going to surf flickr. Perhaps, some projects on there will inspire me.

    Perhaps, you should consider monthly/yearly goals instead of weekly. You have such a busy schedule it might work better for you.

  5. I just want this year to be over. I wish I could have one of my goals to be able to have the ablitity to not have anyone in my family sick, in the hospital or die. Because I have had enough of that. But since I can’t, I think I will work on getting out of a funk that has been lingering for awhile due to the above mentioned items. To enjoy life to the fullest.

  6. P.S. I’m going to smile every time I think of your broth hog tying that bear. I can see why you can’t stop laughing around him.

  7. i’ve got a list on my blog’s sidebar of 31 things i’d like to accomplish before i turn 32 in six months. concrete things, like how many baby hats i’d like to knit/crochet to donate to our hospital’s NICU, or how many books i want to read, or how many times i want to go to the farmer’s market.

    not on the list? almost anything related to exercise. i find that with that, it’s better for me to just say “get to the gym more often” – if i set concrete goals, i beat myself up if i don’t make them, but only when it comes to fitness. and then i feel so bad i just stop all together.

    so for the most part? concrete goals. you can check out my list for a few more ideas, and feel free to steal any!

    craftivist.typepad.com (see sidebar)

  8. This has got me inspired, Zoot… I think that I’m going to have to make a list as well to stay with it this year. I have so much I want to do, but it’s like you said about list vs. ice cream. No better way to put it. 🙂

  9. I’m thinking of my goals as continuations of this year’s goals. I’m going to continue on losing weight but my biggest goal is to keep moving forward in life in general. I will be working more towards my photography goals personal goals.

  10. I think you should do whatever inspires you, whether it’s your own idea or someone else’s. Do what you love and it won’t become drugery. Let others inspire you and make it your own.

  11. Thanks for your help! I joined the group 365 days of pet photos (or something like that) If I wasn’t so blasted sick, I would probably have checked out more of the groups.

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