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The Naked Truth


Do you see how HUGE this tree is? It was a score from a family who moved into a house with short ceilings last year. I put all of our ornaments from our small tree on this huge one last year and it made the half you could see look sparsely decorated. This year, we went out and bought a few packs of ornaments from Target to try to make the part you could see thoroughly decorated.

(For the record, the “shatter proof” ornaments at Target? Seem to really be shatterproof. I know this because I was picking a box off the top shelf and realized at the last second that the box was open. Several ornaments came crashing the 6ft to the floor. NO BREAKAGE. Call it my “trial” phase, but after that success? I totally bought the ornaments.)

I’m proud of my tree this year. It seems much more complete than last year. There’s a nice variety of handmade and purchased ornaments. A good assortment of goofy (I have a donut ornament!) and fancy (And some stained glass birds!). There are several different types of garland, including one small strand of snowmen compliments of LilZ from several years ago. I’m proud of the tree.

The part you can see, at least.

If you peek ever-so-slightly around the back of the tree? You will see nothing. NOTHING. Not one ornament. Not even any garland because I didn’t actually wrap it around the tree. I zigzagged it across the front. The back of the tree only has lights and that’s because they’re built into the tree. The back half of my tree is as naked as it was the day it came out of the box. And this is not (only) because I’m lazy, it’s because we don’t have enough ornaments! All of our ornaments are on the front of the tree…there are none left for the back half. Even if I wanted to decorate it.

So – tell me this: How fully decorated is your tree? Do you have a naked half like I do? Maybe your hidden half is only partially decorated. Or maybe you don’t have a hidden half so you have to decorate the entire thing. (This is why we put ours in the corner, it actually does hide half of the tree.) Or, are you the type of person that decorates the entire tree, in spite of the fact that half of it is hidden?

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  1. Our tree is a fake one and it’s malting! I told my OH that we could do with a new tree rather than a naked malting tree and he didn’t agree!

  2. We never decorate our whole tree. We’ve never been able to because we’ve always had to put it in the corner (see? SMART, I think.) So the sides we can see are the ones that are decorated. And your tree is beautiful! Way more decorated than ours.

  3. I’m a lot older than you, so trust me, eventually you will have more ornaments than your tree will hold. I do decorate the back of my tree, but I put less favored ornaments there.

    I see that Santa brought you a precious gift under your tree this year!

  4. We always put ours in front of a big glass window. So, there were no hidden spots. I loved looking at the tree from the outside – something so cozy about walking up to your house when the tree is the only thing on. But, our trees were mere pinecones in comparison to that beast!

  5. my tree is fake and nakie in the back. Also missing decoration on the bottom 2 rows, since my cats LOVE to climb into the fake tree and knock off the ornaments.

  6. i let the girls decorate our this year, so it’s only decorated on the bottom 3 feet or so!

    actually, the lights go all the way around, there’s a bow on the top, and there are a few ornaments that have migrated north as they’ve been confiscated during disagreements….

    it’s very precious to us!!

  7. It is a beautiful tree!! our entire tree is decorated. It doesn’t look as pretty, but we didn’t put up all the ornaments, one year I will put on every single one. Maybe. I love decorating the whole tree, but where it is at? You can see the whole tree. Granted our tree is only just over 5 feet, maybe 6 feet and takes up pretty much our entire front room (it is a small place)

  8. So I am not the only one with a half naked tree. And my tree isn’t even that big, we just can’t afford ornaments. I never thought to zig zag the garland! I just wrap it VERY tightly around the part you can’t see.

    I also do the same with the lights. We have lights on the tree but I put a strand of colored ones up and we only have one of those.

  9. I decorate the back side of my tree with “ugly” ornaments. Those are ornaments that I either do not like or are just plain UGLY. And lights. We do not really use garland any more but we have a lot of ornaments I guess? Your tree is lovely BTW!

  10. We have two trees, which are both fully decorated. The one in our dining room, which is fully visable from the large windows in that room, is our “formal” tree. It is decorated with fancy, matchy – matchy ornaments. The tree in our den is our “family” tree and contains all the ornaments my son has made and our other prized, but totally non-matching, hand me down ornaments from our families. I much prefer the family tree.

  11. DH put up our fake tree, and my oldest was having a fit to decorate it, so we let her. It’s fun watching a 6 year old’s idea of decoration! There are clumps of ornaments everywhere, and big bare spots too. I didn’t dare move any of her creation though. It’s her masterpiece this year, and one less thing that I had to do!

  12. I follow your lead. I stick my tree in a corner and only decorate 3/4 of it. THIS DRIVES MY HUSBAND CRAZY. (He’s a lighting guy.) I do the zigzag thing with the lights and the garland. Because anyone who peeks around to look at the back of a tree? Needs to not be in my house.

  13. Ha Ha! I do have a naked part of my tree! The part that you can only see through the window. It’s the “back” of the tree for us inside the house. BUT outside, you can see the lights and yeah, that’s as good as it gets in our house! πŸ™‚

    BTW, your tree looks awesome!!

  14. I’m with you Zoot! I only decorate what can be seen-and my tree is in the corner. I also wouldn’t have been able to decorate the whole thing. We moved this fall and have taller ceilings, so we bought a bigger tree πŸ™‚ We did not buy more ornaments though…should have thought of that. My lights and garland do go all the way around though. That feels like a silly waste now…

  15. We decorate the entire tree even though there is a hidden side in the corner. We do have an ugly and a pretty side though because I put all the ornaments I don’t like in the back.

  16. My tree is in a corner as well, but only because it was either that or major furniture re-arranging and that wasn’t going to happen. I would say mine has 3/4 decorated with only the part that you couldn’t see if you were standing right next to it naked — and the garland and lights do go all the way around the entire tree. Now my parents always have theirs in front of the huge living room window, so their tree is fully decorated — of course the very favorite ornaments are always on the living room side and not the window side. My grandparents go crazy with the decorating and have their tree in front of the window AND in a rotating stand so that you can enjoy all of the ornaments equally. And all of us set up at least 2 trees every year, all decorated to the same level; usually one is the “fun” tree with kid-made ornaments and cartoony stuff, and the other is “formal” and Martha Stewart-y.

  17. We’re faking it here and yes, the back of our tree is a mite bare. Which is fine by me, because I have a “thing” for buying Christmas ornaments. Each kid gets a few every year, plus now Arun is making ornaments in school. In addition, when I travel, that is my preferred souvenir (it reduces clutter). Therefore, I need a tree is bare. Right? Right.

  18. We have the world’s coolest rotating Christmas tree stand….so the whole tree has to be decorated!! It’s a good thing my hubby and I have ornaments dating back to our childhood so we don’t have any problem filling it up!

    We got a new tree that is prelit with white lights last year…but we like colored lights better. So we put those on with the white lights. It is sooo cool!! Then the rotating stand makes all of the lights look like twinkling stars.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  19. I’d say my tree is 3/4 decorated, very sparse in the back. I mostly wrapped the lights, but there is some zig-zagging. And the garland is only in the front, as are most of the ornaments. There are a few on the back side of the tree though, as it just seemed very sad and empty without them.

  20. It’s lovely! This year, I’m a total scrooge. No decorations, no tree, no holiday spirit AT ALL. I just can’t get there in my head.

    I printed out a clip-art picture of a tree, taped it to the wall, and stuck our presents under that on the floor. Merry f’n Christmas everyone.

  21. Whole tree decorated here. We used to have way tooo many ornaments so there was no room left at all regardless. We’ve trimmed the amount of ornaments, but still enough to cover the whole tree.

  22. My mother always insisted that we decorate the entire tree, even the back. That never made sense to me.

  23. Partially decorated or not, your tree looks awesome!

    Our tree is sparsely decorated, but all the way around. I guess I never thought to only do part of it. I’m waiting for more ornaments because we get some every year and I like that they end up being meaningful.

    Hope your week with the two little ones is fun despite not having Lil Z around. Merry Christmas!

  24. We buy real trees every year, and since the big ones are expensive, our trees are always smallish. And since we have tons of ormanments, our tree is always slightly over-decorated, in front and back.

    Have a great Christmas!

  25. Beautiful tree and BEAUTIFUL photo.

    What kind of camera settings did you use to get it like that? I can’t ever seem to figure out how to photograph Christmas trees!

  26. The back of our tree is undecorated too. It faces the windows but you can’t really tell from the street as I did put lights on the back. But we get a 14 foot tree, I barely have enough ornaments for the sides that are visible to us! The top is a little sparse of ornaments because I hate standing on the top of the ladder!

  27. We have a tiny tree but it’s back is naked too. We have maybe only a dozen ornaments on there with some candy canes and some lights. The tree is pre-lit with white lights and we have a small string of blue lights too. It’s very simple but I love it.

  28. Your tree is GORGEOUS! We have a slimline (ie, skinny) 5.5-foot tree and I want a bigger one SO BAD! I’m going to check out clearances this year. The first year we had it, we had barely enough ornaments (it was a trade up from a 3-foot tree), so after Christmas I bought a lot of clearance ornaments—and then continued to do so, year after year, because it’s so fun to buy ornaments. This year we have about 2/3rds of our ornaments up and the tree is barely able to hold them, even though the ornaments are all the way around.

    So, in short, I want a bigger tree.

  29. We have a fake tree that generally looks pathetic. One year we only put up half of it… actually it was the whole tree, we just smooshed it all up against a wall, so it looked like half a tree sliced from top to bottom! I actually loved it that way. It looked nice and full (for once!) and I didn’t have to worry about decorating all sides because there *was* only one side!

    My cousin hung his tree upside down from the ceiling one year. Now THAT was a conversation piece! LOL

    Your tree looks awesome! And I love how enormous it looks next to the baby.

  30. I need to try to take some tree pictures this weekend. I decorated the tree all pretty but it apparently wasn’t pretty enough…because my dad decided it needed way more ornaments and now it looks like santa threw up on the tree. So I guess you could put us in the overdecorated tree category but not by my wishes.

  31. The back half of the tree is mostly naked. THere are a few ornaments there – the ones that I can’t bear to give away, but also don’t want to look at that much. Other than that? it’s nekkid.

  32. I would have to say that is normal. The back half of mine in fairly naked too. We do that to keep the front part looking fully decorated and because it is in a corner and difficult to reach.

  33. Your tree looks great!

    The part of ours that faces the window is wearing the equivalant of a couple of loincloths…mostly because the girls can’t reach that far to get ornaments there.

  34. GORGEOUS! Our tree is a 4.5 foot number with prestrung lights this year…. A kitchen/family room renovation means no ornaments, cause they’ll all get drywall/floor/cabinet dust all over them and never be the same. Oh well.

    Yours is Gorgeous!

  35. Just be careful it doesn’t tip over. My family had that happen on year because it was too heavy on one side.

  36. Beautiful tree, but holy crap is it massive! Let’s see, we get real trees each year. Our tallest one was from four years ago. Last year’s was really fat — more like a bush than a tree. This year it’s just right. And because it’s in a corner, you better believe that the part you can’t see isn’t really decorated. πŸ˜‰

  37. Holy cow, your tree is giant. And GORGEOUS! I love it. We don’t have one this year but in general there is at least a quarter of naked tree when we put them up. They’re my ornaments, I like them, I want to be able to SEE them.

  38. We decorate the whole thing…mostly because we have too many ornaments! The ones we’re kinda meh about go in the back, though.

  39. Our tree is 2′ tall, potted, and came pre-decorated! We recently moved into a 2-bedroom house that is significantly smaller than the 1-bedroom apartment we moved out of and to top it all off, I had a baby on December 3rd, so my mom, knowing we couldn’t accommodate a larger tree and wouldn’t have time to set up and decorate a tree anyway, had this one sent. It was due to arrive well before my due date of 12/16, on the 2nd, the day I ended up being induced! (It’s a very hardy tree and survived on our porch for three days until we got home from the hospital.)

  40. Haha my family is the same! Our Christmas tree is up against a window so we only decorate the front too, although I do wrap the lights around the whole tree though, so at least the back is sparkly. πŸ™‚

  41. Would you please let us know that you’re okay and not buried under Christmas gifts and crafts?

  42. Apart from those trees where you can SEE the whole tree, I had no idea that anyone actually decorated the back half of the tree. I never have.

    Merry Christmas, Zoots! πŸ™‚

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