Quentin Tarantino Does Gingerbread House Theater


What makes you Mimi Of The Year? When you open up your very clean kitchen to a 3-year old armed with red and green icing. And you don’t fret about it a bit. MrZ’s Mom allowed this destruction to occur in her house the other night, and didn’t even flinch when NikkiZ kept dropping glop after glop of icing on counters, floors, and cloth-covered barstools.

Mimi’s dogs would like you to know though, that they loved the whole experience. As they sat under NikkiZ’s barstool to clean up every drop of icing and every piece of candy that missed the gingerbread house and hit the floor.


Now, due to my own inexperience with the medium and LilZ’s impatience, we had several construction failures with his house. After the third re-build, he decided to run with the theme of destruction. Adding some dead snowmen in the front lawn for the full-blown The Day After effect.


Now, whether or not this scene was spawned from a natural disaster or a gingerbread drug war, that’s for you to decide. Or maybe a combination of both. Maybe the snowmen were shot in a post-apocalyptic dealer turf dispute. You just never can be sure about the morals of those snowmen.

Whatever you think happened at this crime scene, it works out nice that his sister’s fits in quite well. The stories this neighborhood can tell about lost gumdrops and icing stains…


18 thoughts on “Quentin Tarantino Does Gingerbread House Theater”

  1. I think it’s a Grandma perogative! We were always allowed to make slightly more of a mess at Grandma’s than we were allowed to make at home! lol

  2. hehehehe mine would totally look like that too!! I have never done a gingerbread house. NEVER! Is a year and half year old to young to do this I wonder? It would be so much fun to do with my niece!

  3. I love it! And I love your little girls smile… that’s the look I get everytime my child sees a camera now! LOL! I think I shell shocked him!

  4. This last shot is priceless !
    Your house turned out great. We tried one a couple of years ago and it was disaster.

  5. Ive never done a gingerbread house either, but for what I can see they did a great job! Drug War or not! LOL! Grandmas just wanna have fun with the kids one way or the other! LOVE IT!

  6. Props to grandma!

    As a young adult (or at least a teen with a few years on LilZ), I once had such a hard time getting a gingerbread house to hold together that I finally just let it collapse and stuck a plastic Godzilla in the middle of it. So I appreciate LilZ’s problem solving.

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