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Giving you a good reason to curse me today.


This kid is like this all the time, people. NikkiZ wasn’t a bad baby, necessarily. But she was trying. As in, there were days (Were?) that we thought about selling her on eBay. But AndyZ? Perfect. So easy. So very very easy.

Over the Thanksgiving break, all of MrZ’s family could not stop going on about how good he was. “I haven’t even heard him cry once!” “Well, there was that time during blessing…” “That was NOT a CRY!” And they’re right, even when he cries? It’s so mousey and mild it doesn’t even register as a cry to most parents-of-babies. They’re all…That? That’s NOTHING. Listen to THIS…and then they stick their wailing child in our faces.

Okay – maybe that doesn’t happen. Not exactly like that anyway. Close, though.

The thing about this that makes me feel really guilty? LilZ was the SAME WAY. I somehow scored excellent baby karma along the way and was blessed with two of the easiest babies EVER KNOWN TO MAN. And I’m not sure why I was given such a gift (Because the forces of the universe know I can’t handle a real baby? Probably.) but I assure you I never take it for granted.

So, for all of my bitching about AndyZ not sleeping through the night, or for pooping on my favorite sweater, I still know that the truth is? I’ve got it very easy. And you should all hate me for that.


25 thoughts on “Giving you a good reason to curse me today.”

  1. If someone could guarantee me an easy baby, I’d jump on the baby train…But since there are no guarantees and I’m the most IMpatient person I know…I just don’t think babies and I would mix well…

  2. Those are some beautiful blue eyes on that kid. Mine are both pretty easy-going, too. The no napping thing drove me nuts, but they have both always slept in so that makes up for it. (Made up for it, since they’re way too big for naps at this point, anyway.)

    I (heart) babies and big kids too.

  3. His eyes are just gorgeous!! My first was pretty easy and I am now expecting my second and very nervous about how this new baby will be. I always heard if you have an easy one first, you will get paid back with the second or vice versa. I’m scared!! 🙂

  4. awww that is awesome!! You have your trouble one in the middle…wait till the teen years. Then everyone will be sad for you. 😉 No I am sure all your kids are going to be good!

  5. I know what you mean, I have to take my 8 week old to the doctor this afternoon because she sleeps too long at night!!!! All other mothers hate me.
    And LilZ’s comment is hilarious!

  6. Howdy! Just de-lurking to say hi because I haven’t commented in a while. I love it when you post pictures- kids are adorable, as always! My parents always said they were glad I came first, as I was quiet and easy and slept like a champ. My next brother apparently screamed for 8 months straight, had colic, never slept, and was a tiny little wiggle-worm.

  7. I was a terrible baby and I’m pretty sure what goes around comes around. Hence the still undecided on kids thing. You ARE lucky!

  8. AndyZ is gorgeous. Love the effect on that picture.

    And LilZ? I’m pretty sure if I saw him on the street I would have a hard time restraining my hugs. Because he is just that awesome and funny.

  9. Both of my babies have been EXCELLENT. I really thought that Maddie would be a crier or not sleep or something, but she has been just as perfect as Hudson was in both departments. Heck, she sleeps BETTER at 3 months than Hudson does at 2.5. She slept through the night at 4 weeks old. I really think that when you get one that really tries your patience, that’s God’s way of telling you not to have anymore kids!

  10. I love those eyes!!! My first two kids were born both with brown eyes so I told my husband I wasn’t done until I had me a blue eyed child. My youngest was born and his eyes were blue and kept getting lighter then my father-in-law said just wait…they’ll turn hazel. Sure enough, they’re not just blue anymore…they’re more hazel and no more kids for us. I’m so jealous!

  11. Well, DANG, girl! You just jinxed yourself for toddlerhood. J/K….Kevin is the same way. Oh, maybe I SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID THAT….

  12. It’s nice to know you have more than one kid like this. My son is so so good that people have even told us to stop having any more kids, cuz they’re all downhill from here. I’m still holding out hope that you could get lucky and have two equally easy, spectacular kids!

  13. I hope that I have “easy babies” but I can’t imagine they are ever actually “easy.” Yours clearly kick ass.

  14. Both my girls had the prettiest blue eyes at birth,but eventually they changed, one has brown and one has green eyes now. You never can tell. Your kids are the cutest little things and so is your handsome older son. I get a hoot at checking in on your blog each day.

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