Let The Guilt-Free Bitching Begin!

I get very wrapped up in the mundane irritations in my life. Working all day and coming home to a messy house and starving children. The unending piles of laundry. The deadlines at work and the half-decorated Christmas tree. I get so focused on the small things that are keeping me stressed out, that I neglect that gifts in my life. I like the idea of setting aside time each day to recognize the good. That way I can spend the other 23 hours and 45 minutes bitching about the annoyances GUILT FREE!

  1. “You’re My Best Mommy.” This is NikkiZ’s new things that is her variation of the “You’re my Best Friend” thing she was doing for awhile. I prefer the Best Mommy award because I like the idea that she has more than one and I’m the best.
  2. I told LilZ about the CakeWrecks site awhile back and how funny it was. We sat down the other night laughing hysterically clicking through the archives. I like knowing I can still laugh to the point of tears with my teenager.
  3. I broke my old flash (Boo!) but I bought a new one, one-step up. The SB-600 and I love it with all of my heart. If we have anymore kids? I may name them SB-600.
  4. I ate something called Indoor S’mores in Slidell over Thanksgiving. So. Yummy.
  5. I’m glad NaBloPoMo is over because ever since I hosed it, I’ve felt guilty seeing so many of you diligently keeping with it. I’m happy that we can all be slackers together now!
Also – Happy Birthday to MrZ. Who is still younger than me. Can we do something about that?

11 thoughts on “Let The Guilt-Free Bitching Begin!”

  1. Sadly, the Cake Wrecks pictures won’t show up in my TV class, so I can’t show them to my friends. Sniff.

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Z!

    What a great idea…I doubt I will do it right now…but eventually I would like to do this. Focus on some postitve things….maybe in the new year!

  3. I love cakewrecks, but not nearly as much as List of the Day’s “Olan Mills Photos.” Those captions are priceless!

  4. Hey our husband’s have teh same birthday! And are the same ages! And are both delicious and sexy! It must be fate lmao.

  5. Happy Birthday (late) Mr Z. My husband is also younger than me and he likes to remind me of that every chance he gets. Such a sweetie pie.

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