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He Works Hard For His Money. (LilZ replies, “What Money?”)


This picture is a perfect example as to why I don’t care that LilZ doesn’t do diapers. I always tell people that, and then follow up with, “But he does everything else, so I don’t complain.” And this picture? Is an example of the “everything else” he does. I would much rather be the one changing diapers if he’s the one carrying his sister on his shoulders while she screams bloody murder in his ears.

A nurse one time went on this diatribe to him about how all of her kids did diapers. Even the young ones. Why doesn’t he do it? If her 8-year old can then LilZ should. He just sat quietly and took it while I plotted the best way to punch her in the gut without getting caught. I finally said, “He does more than his share.” And I mean that. What 13-year old would so willingly hang out with his siblings to allow his Mom to work (like he did earlier this week) or watch movies with his sister willingly. Diapers? Are nothing. Being hero-worshipped? Is hard work.

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  1. A time like that, it would be so great to have that superpower where you can move so fast no one can see you. You’d just SPRING over, punch her in the stomach, and be back in your chair sitting innocently before she even FELT it.

  2. I am always in awe of how awesome he is. My older boys are great with their younger brothers as well.


    IMHO, A child should not have to change the diapers of their siblings. That is a parent’s job. I can see if they were babysitting or something, but it isn’t their responsibility.

    GO LILZ!!

  3. I’ll be lucky if my HUSBAND does diapers when my baby gets here. He keeps joking about how “his dad never had to do them, so why should he?” Uh, yeah, he’s joking, right?

    LilZ looks like a great big brother, and also I must comment on what cool hair he has! Love the ‘do.

  4. I learnt to change nappy when my cousin was born in 1994 (i was about 9!)

    I change them when I baby sit now but they are really hard to change they’ve changed the design ever so slightly but enough to fool me!

  5. I love that LilZ enjoys playing with his siblings and helping to care for them. So what if he doesn’t do diapers? I never once asked my child to do me diapers – but that fact that he would bring me the diaper and the cloths, that was the biggest help ever.

    Go LILZ!!

  6. How come people do not learn to mind their own business? Why was it the nurse’s place to tell anyone else how to run their family/lives??? Good for her and her 8 yr old (who will likely be in therapy asking WHY oh WHY did my mean mother force me into diaper duty!? Wail…)

    Lovely photo! Go BIG brothers!

  7. I am not lying when I say that LilZ is why I’ve seriously considered having another child. The Boy has some good LilZ potential. (Although he will pale in comparison to the original.)

  8. No sh!t. Tell that nurse to shove it up her hoo-ha. Ooookay, that sounds more bitter than it did in my head – LOL! πŸ™‚ LilZ sounds AWESOME and he should be commended for his, um, awesomeness. Shut it, I’ve only had one cup of coffee. πŸ™‚

  9. Since when are older siblings supposed to change diapers? I commend LilZ for putting his foot down and being the BROTHER (incredible, awesome, no-lie-bestest-brother-EVAH!) and not doing that crap job of diapers. So there.
    We are currently thinking it is going to be YEARS before we can have a second and third child. Looking at pictures like this one calms me down about that possibility. You are so blessed.
    (oh, and I LOVE NikkiZ’s bangs and the precious fingernails. What a DOLL she is).

  10. LilZ sounds so awesome! You’re so lucky to have such a great kid – although you know it’s not just luck – it’s the way you raised him. Good job!

  11. My oldest was 10 when my 2nd child was born and 12 when the 3rd was born. We never expected her to do diapers UNLESS she was babysitting for one or both of them for an hour or two. My feeling was always they are MY children NOT hers. She played with them plenty and is just an all-around great big sis. I’m pretty sure I would have punched that nurse in the gut!! πŸ™‚

    All of your blog fans KNOW he’s the best big brother EVER and that is all that matters. Right?

  12. Some people need to learn how to butt out! LilZ is quite obviously a fabulous brother. Why would anyone want to change diapers on a kid that isn’t theirs??

  13. I think you should have punched the nurse, or at least told her she should mind her own damn business. How dare she imply that LilZ is somehow deficient because he doesn’t change diapers? Anybody can do that, but not just any 13-year-old would be such a loving, caring, fun older brother.

    (I bet the nurse’s kids resent her–and possibly each other–for being forced to change diapers. Maybe she was bitter and wanted to share the misery?)

  14. This is one of my favorite photos.

    I don’t know if I could have stopped myself from knocking her out.

  15. I wish I had an older sibling! I’m the oldest myself.

    I guess I don’t understand the chores older siblings are expected to perform. My sister and I have a 20 month age difference and she has been toilet trained for as long as I can remember.

  16. As being the oldest of my parents’ children by nearly 10 years, I can honestly say that YES, I do resent my parents for putting so much responsibility on me as a kid. I truly feel that I was forced to grow up much more quickly because I had to be the babysitter (all the time), the caretaker, the homework-helper, the bather, etc., etc. for many, many years.

    Sometimes, I feel as if my sister is as much my child as theirs. And its hard to look back and realize how much of my childhood I missed (primarily my high school and early college years) because I had to be the “adult” so often and couldn’t go out with my friends…

    So Zoot, thank you so much for allowing your son to be a kid, a brother, a friend and NOT a parent.

  17. People don’t get it; not having to do diapers is not the same as not knowing how to do diapers. I’m the oldest of 4 and changed diapers of the younger two as did the brother closest in age to me (barely 3 tear apart), only because we either wanted to or were babysitting. The youngest boy, at 5 years older than the baby, learned how to change her before he was 6, but never HAD to. If it had ever been needed, he could. Lucky for him we older two were MUCH older than he was.
    Stupid nurse. If she felt it was so damn important, then she could have whipped out a doll and diaper or something and showed him herself as a teaching moment. Or spoken quietly about it to you aside, if she was that concerned.

  18. He always seems to be the best big brother ever. I always wanted a big brother and he is exactly what I’d want.

  19. Holy cow – you’re his parents, you decide what his household responsibilities include or don’t include. She was way out of line. Besides, didn’t she notice that she had a teenager patiently sitting in a pediatrician’s office with his little siblings to help Mom out. He is the brother, not the father, no matter how tall he’s gotten this year. Geesh. (She obviously pushed my rant button!)

  20. Great picture!

    I’m thinking that if he’s like my big brother was – he is also starting to get to get to a certain age where it occurs to him that cute little sisters… if trained properly… can be quite the chick magnets.

  21. Diaper duty = NOT the older sibs’ responsibility. (Unless, of course, they are babysitting.) LilZ seems like the best big brother a kid could have, honestly.

  22. Every time you write about LilZ and NikkiZ I can’t help that LilZ is like Peter from the Folgers coffee commercial. Remember that commercial? We are the same age so I hope you remember it. Anyway, as a 10 year old I loved that commercial and wanted a Peter in my life and NikkiZ has her Peter! That commercial still makes me cry.

    You are blessed with such a lovely family!

  23. super awesome expressions…great capture. And I just LOVE her hair all over the place like that.

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