We got the lab results back tonight for Cisco. It’s cancer. It’s fast-acting, fast-killing cancer. He’s gone from relatively healthy (Cisco has always had his share of problems) to full-system meltdown in just barely a week it seems. We brought him home tonight and he’ll stay with us through the weekend. The vet barely even offered treatment because of Cisco’s age. Our vet – who is near and dear to us – had a Boston Terrier he had to put to sleep last week because of the same cancer. So we trust him when he says that Cisco is not a good candidate for treatment. We know he’s not anyway.

So, we’ll spend the weekend with him. And Monday, I guess, depending on how he’s doing, we’ll take him to the vet for the last time. He’s so pitiful and sick, but he’s still Cisco so we’ll spend the next few days trying to say goodbye.


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  1. Oh Kim, I’m so sorry – I’ve got three elderly dogs myself and it’s amazing how deeply they wind their paws into your heart. I’m sending you guys lots of positive vibes…

  2. Zoot, I’m so sorry. Losing a pet is so hard. I hope you can enjoy your weekend with Cisco and know that you’re doing the right thing.

  3. How incredibly sad and difficult for you. I am so sorry. Losing a pet is never easy, especially when you have to make the decision to put him down. My thoughts are with you!

  4. I’m mainly a lurker, but I just wanted to say how terribly sorry I am about Cisco. πŸ™ My heart really aches for you and your family as you say your goodbyes.

  5. Oh Zooooooooot, I am sorry.

    I lost a cat to kidney failure two years ago (along with a husband to ass-hattery at the same time) and know how that feels.

    I will pray for the ENTIRE family – all pets included. <3

  6. That is awful. It’s not much consolation but at least he won’t be suffering a long time. I’m glad you get to spend the weekend saying goodbye.

  7. Oh. Just… oh. I’m so very, very sad for you. I’ll be sending you thoughts of love, peace, & light this weekend. My heart is breaking for you and your family.

  8. I am so sorry. I am very close with my senior pugs and know their day will come too. I hope Cisco is well enough over the weekend to spend some special moments with.

  9. Sorry to hear about Cisco! I have been checking back all day for an update.

    I had the same thing happen a few years ago. My dog went from being fine (I thought) to full system shutdown in a week. I made the decision to get her out of pain. I was a basket case there for a while. At least you have a chance to say goodbye.

  10. so sorry…so so sorry. i too have an old pup and will be facing tough decisions this winter. i hope you all are able to love on Cisco this weekend and know you’re doing what is best for him.

    : )

  11. So very very sorry. I’m glad that you at least get to say goodbye to him in a peaceful way. I’ve lost three dogs and I don’t think it ever gets easier. *hugs*

  12. Oh, no. I am so sorry for you, and your family, and your sweet doggie. I hope you are able to have a nice weekend with him. Y’all will be in our thoughts.

  13. very sorry to hear that.
    Losing a pet is one of the hardest things in life to go through.

    spoil cisco rotten while he is with you, they deserve to go out with a bag for all the love and devotion they give and endure to us.

    hugs to you and the family at your very difficult time.

  14. I’m so sorry. I have not had the experience of saying goodbye to any of my pets I’ve raised myself, just childhood ones. It’s still painful, and I’m not looking forward to doint it one day on my own. He is completely adorable, I hope he goes in peace.

  15. You will be so glad for the posts about your pets and the pictures and videos. I looked back and read some of them today. I had took quite a few pics of my dog during her time with me (about a year and a half), but wished I had taken more.

    With my new dog, I have tried to take a lot more pics of her, and I have recorded video of her too.

    Just so sorry that your family is going through this time of sorrow!

  16. Hugs to you and the family, Zoot. I know how hard it is, and my thoughts will be with you this weekend – I’m sure you’ll make it a good one for Cisco!

  17. I have been reading for a while now but have never commented. I was hoping for good news and when I read this I started crying. So I’m de-lurking to say how truly sorry I am and you will all be in my thoughts over the next difficult weeks / months.

  18. I am so very sorry to hear about that. It is never easy to lose a family member, even if letting them go is the kindest option.

  19. I’m sorry. It hurts so much when animals are sick – just thinking about this makes me cry. I hope you guys are doing okay, and all my love to wee Cisco <3

  20. I’m oh so sorry.. Trying to send good vibes, hopefully his last days will be as comfortable as possible.

  21. I’m so, so sorry. I’ve been there and my heart is breaking for you. I’ll keep you all in my prayers. ((hugs))

  22. Hey Zoot!

    Sending massive hugs in your general direction!! Well out the window direction and then wishing that they’d get to you.

  23. Poor little guy. I am so sorry Z. We went through this with our Ellie in June, and it was a rough weekend. Big hugs to you all, and I’m here if you need to talk.

  24. I’m so very sorry to hear about Cisco. I’ve lost 2 rottweilers to cancer in the last 3 years-it sucks so bad to have sick dogs. Many hugs to you and your family.

  25. I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet pup. I’ll be thinking of you and your family (the 4-legged members especially).

  26. Zoot, you have my sympathy.

    Our dog died in July, she was 17 years old. At times I still can’t believe she’s gone.

    May your happy memories of Cisco comfort you.

  27. I’m so sorry. My inlaws had to put one of their dogs to sleep yesterday because of cancer as well. It was actually my husband’s dog, so he is pretty sad about it. I hope your weekend goes well with good memories.

  28. I am really sorry – I hoped you would get better news. I’ll be thinking of you and your family this weekend. I know how hard it is to lose a furry family member. Cisco is lucky to have had a family like you who have cared for him so well. I am sure he knows how much you all love him.

  29. Oh, Zoot! I am soooooooo sorry. I know you all are heartbroken. I have been through this before so I understand. Enjoy this weekend with him, give him tons of love and take lots of pictures. What a sweet puppy! He is so lucky to have you all for his family. Hugs to you all.

  30. Very sorry to hear that! I lost my 13 year old cat this summer, and it’s never easy to say goodbye to an old friend. πŸ™

  31. Kim, so sorry to hear. Losing a pet is always so hard. Here’s hoping you guys have a the best possible good-bye this weekend and that Cisco finds peace and love with his family.

  32. I’m sorry, Zoot. It’s so hard, I know your animals are a part of your family, just like mine are for me. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend – give him lots and lots of hugs.

  33. aw, man. I’m so sorry. saying good-bye to a pet is the worst. I hope you all have a peaceful and loving weekend. *firm embrace*

  34. Oh Zoot family, I am so sorry to hear this. We just said good-bye to our girl of 14 years, so I know how hard this must be for you. I hope you have a peaceful and fine weekend with the pup and you will all be in my thoughts on Monday. Lots of hugs from here….

  35. Oh Zoot. I’m so sorry. We’re waiting on path results on our doggie’s mast cell tumor this week. I can truly feel you pain and wish Cisco didn’t have to go through this. Give him lots of scritches from all of us.

  36. Oh Kim πŸ™ I am so so sorry this is happening. I’m keeping little Cisco in my thoughts today and through the weekend. This entry totally brought my pregnant hormonal self to tears. Give Cisco a hug and a puppy dog kiss for me. I LOVE dogs and I love my dogs as if they were my children. I can’t even imagine πŸ™

  37. I’m so sorry zoot! I had to put my 7 1/2 year old lab to sleep two months ago from a fast acting cancer. She went from running every day and playing ball to sick in two weeks. It breaks my heart ya’ll have to go through it! Cherish the weekend and take LOTS of pictures!! I wish we could have had our girl back to do so!

  38. Aw Kim, I’m so sorry about Cisco. I know how hard it is to make a decision like that, even when you KNOW in your heart it’s the right thing. I hope you guys enjoy the weekend and that Cisco doesn’t hurt too much.

  39. So sorry to here about Cisco. It is never easy to make a decision like that, even when you know itÒ€ℒs the right thing to do. Doesn’t make it any easier on everyone. But you’ll have one last weekend of cuddling with him. Positive thoughts to your whole family, two and 4 legged.

  40. Aww, Zoot, I’m so sorry. We lost our dog to cancer when she was 15. It was the only time I remember seeing my dad cry. My brother was 14 at the time, and since he had never known life without her, we let him decide what to do. I think he made the right decision and it is one of the times I’ve been proudest of him. I was away at college at the time and she got really sick on the one weekend I’d been home in months… we like to think she somehow knew and wanted us all to be together. I’ll be thinking of you guys.

  41. I’m so sorry to hear about your pup. I hope y’all have a great weekend with him to make a few more good memories before saying goodbye.

  42. I’m so sorry about Cisco. It breaks my heart. (I have been a reader for a while, but this is probably the second time I’ve commented.) My family lost our dog to cancer when I was in high school, and I never felt like I got a chance to say goodbye to her. I’ll be thinking of you and your family this weekend, and sending prayers. ((hugs))

  43. Kim, I’m so sorry! Hugs to you and your family and Cisco too! My mom and I had to put her pup to sleep a few years ago and it was so hard. Take comfort in knowing he lived like a king and was very loved!

  44. Oh Kim, I am so, so sorry. I hope that you guys get to spend a good weekend with him, and that you make his last remaining time on this earth enjoyable, for all of you.


  45. I just cried at work and I dont even know precious Cisco. But I know from reading your blog over the past several years that he was so LOVED and lived a great life.

  46. Sorry to hear the very sad news. πŸ™ Thinking of you all as you spend this weekend with him. Enjoy it and all the memories you have with him.

  47. Zoot, I’m so sorry to hear about this. That’s so heartbreaking. Enjoy your weekend with him, keep him comfy and happy, and take lots of pictures.

    ((hugs to the Zoots))

  48. I lost a beloved pet last year and could not have been prepared for how much it hurt. Treasure your weekend and your lovely pics. I know what you’re going through and it sucks. Best to you and your family- Cisco is an absolute doll. <3

  49. I’m so sorry…losing a pet is one of the worst feelings. Our cat is our baby, so it would be incredibly painful to lose her. My heart is with you guys this weekend and next week as you heal.

  50. I am so, so sorry to hear that.

    I don’t know if you would be interested in this, and if not, please ignore–but you might ask your vet if they offer housecalls for that last appointment. We had our vet come to our house last December to put our dog Max down, because we thought it would be less stressful for him if we did it at home. Also, it allowed our other animals to sniff him & say goodbye. The vet (and assistant) handled everything, and nobody had to drive home in tears afterward. Just a thought.

  51. Just reading your post, I totally teared up. I am so sorry to hear this. I will send positive thoughts to you and Cisco and hope his weekend is comfortable and pain free.

  52. I am so SO sorry. Poor little guy. Losing a pet is such a terrible thing, and I know your family has a rough time ahead. I hope you get to spend lots of quality time with him before the end, and what a good thing for him that he will know just how loved he is.

  53. I have been reading your blog for some time now, but have not yet commented. With this post, you got me. I’m a tireless animal lover with 2 furbabies of my own, and I’m just so sorry to hear about Cisco.

    I hope you enjoy every minute of this weekend with him and send him to the rainbow bridge with all the love and devotion he’s been so lucky to know his entire life with you.

    I’m so very sorry.

  54. I lost my dog of 14 years this past June so I know how hard it is. My heart is breaking for you guys.

    I’m so sorry.

    Cisco can go hangout with my Princess and they won’t be hurting anymore.

  55. Kim, I had to put my 16 year old Boston down a week ago. Due to lifelong fertility problems, I will never be able to have children so he was like a child to me. I feel your pain, hon and I know that euthanasia is the hardest decision to make but it’s most loving act you can do for him. He’ll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for all of you. Hang in there, hon.

  56. I am so sorry! I lost my dog to cancer too and it is so hard. Cisco is part fo your family. I am sending hugs to you all.

  57. So sorry, Zoot. Our dog is like a child to us, I can’t even imagine. I hope you can have the best possible weekend.

  58. I’m so sorry. I know what a hole in the heart losing a pet can cause.

    We lost our boxer suddenly last March. It happened while we were away over a weekend. I’d have given anything to have known it was coming so I could say goodbye.

    Spoil Cisco rotten and make this weekend count.

    (And be prepared for the questions. Eight months later and Monkeyboy still asks “Where’s Oscar?”)

  59. I am so very sorry for your poor little pooch. I don’t even know him and your story made me tear up. Pets are just little furry people who steal our hearts. How lucky he is to have a family like yours to love him.

  60. oh but if our pets could live forever, happy, healthy with their tags a-waggin’.

    SO SO sorry about your pup. Makes ME cry just thinking about it, cant imagine how you are all holding up. you’ll be in our thoughts !

  61. Oh, man. I am so sorry. And I’ve started to type something like sixteen sentences, but they really don’t convey just how sorry I truly am. I’m absolutely positive that Cisco feels loved. And that he’ll feel extra-loved when the weekend is over. I’ll be thinking about you.

  62. This post made me cry. I’m still not ‘over’ the loss of my sweet little min pin. She had such a sweet soul and having to put her down has affected me to such a degree that I don’t think I could ever own a pet again. I’m just that selfish, I guess.

    Anyway… I’m so sorry that you and your sweet family has to go through this. I hope you take comfort in the knowledge that your pets won the pet lottery in having you as their mommy. How people treat their pets says a lot about a person.

    I’ll be thinking about you, honey.

  63. So sorry for you and your family, Kim. I know what the heartbreak is like. My love to you and your family.

  64. I am so sorry. I had to put down my first Boston, Penny, when she developed lymphoma at the age of 5. She did really well with chemo at first (I had to get special permission from MY doc to make the weekly 200 mile round trip to that vet since I was in my third trimester with my first human child) but then it invaded her liver. Cancer just sucks. I am so sorry for your pain.

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