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We Give Thanks.

The kids’ school is doing Thanksgiving bulletin boards right now. AndyZ’s teacher asked me a few weeks ago to write 2 or 3 words telling what our family is thankful for. Two or three words? That’s difficult. So, I decided to be cute and use some alliteration: Friends, Family and FOOTBALL! Then I put in parenthesis (Roll Tide!) for my husband since my team is sucking royal donkey balls this season. (I didn’t write anything about donkey balls, I promise.) I was hoping they wouldn’t mind the “Roll Tide!” addition to my 2 or 3 words.

They put the board up on Friday and I was shocked to find that every other family wrote paragraphs. Sweet, sappy paragraphs telling wonderful thing their family is thankful for. I thought back to when the teacher spoke to me and decided she probably said, “A few words” and I took her literally. I’m obviously an idiot. Now, when you look at the board, AndyZ’s family looks a bit insincere in their thanks. Poor kid. You got to feel for him.

NikkiZ’s board, on the other hand, was done by the kids. Each kid told the teacher ONE WORD that tells what they’re thankful for. (She was very specific about that.) The teacher then printed up that word in traceable lettering and the kids traced over their word. The sheets were then hung to the board around a giant turkey made from their handprints. It’s pretty cool. I was reading the board this morning and I came to NikkiZ’s sheet of paper. It said:

NikkiZ is thankful for…SPIDERMAN.

I think her choice shoes a sense of selflessness about her, don’t you? I mean – Spiderman saves the world – so she’s thankful on a global level. I’m quite proud of her choice. Much more socially aware than the several kids who answered with “Mommy.” Jeez. Those kids need to get out more. Mommy just takes care of her kids, Spiderman takes care of ALL OF US.

I am thankful that NikkiZ is strong enough to keep her brother from rolling down the hill while I tried to snap a few fall photos.

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  1. What an excellent point. Global awareness at such a young age is very rare. I can tell NikkiZ is going to go far in this world!

  2. ack cute. Brevity is underrated, my dear, so bravo on keeping it simple for AndyZ’s wall of thanks.

    A little girl I knew had to write what she’s thankful for and most of her class said their moms or dads or brothers, etc., but the little girl said “my couch.” Awesome.

  3. My nephew was thankful for cars, race cars, and animals. Mom and dad didn’t even rate.

    His feet aren’t purple, right? it is just the lighting?

  4. Um. MrZ emailed me about the color of his feet too. Um. They’re actually pretty cold. Maybe not as cold as they look in the photo, but they were cold. I’m a bad Mom. It was cool in the shade and he kept pulling off his shoes. I didn’t realize his feet were so cold until we’d been there for awhile. They were like ICE. We went home immediately and got him some socks. I SWEAR!

  5. how can anyone not be thankful for Spiderman? I mean come on. 🙂

    As for the feet…I just thought it was some camera trick you were trying out.

  6. Cute! MrMan also has a thing for Spiderman. In situations where he’s a little nervous, he starts singing the theme song.

  7. Ok, first of all – Friends, Family, Football? It’s hilarious! And at least you were authentic and didn’t make up a bunch of mumble jumble. Secondly, Spiderman! she’s brilliant beyond her years.

  8. Re: Football. I feel your pain on the donkey testicles! Arkansas ain’t doing so hot this year either, and now that I think about it, neither is Ole Miss (on account of having our former coach). So who in the SEC is kicking everyone’s butt?! (I’m sure it’s quite obvious, but I tend to not follow football when my team continues to get their rear handed to them weekend after weekend.)

  9. At least she said something cute. Last year, when my son was a very young 3 year old, he told the teacher he was thankful for pooping. I wanted to die. I don’t want to know what the other moms were thinking!

  10. Sigh. You know, as an Auburn graduate and fan, I just cannot support your views on football. That said, DUDE, what about the LSU fan who shot two Alabama fans over the weekend? WACKED OUT. I will not take my hatred to that kind of level. In fact, I will even keep reading your blog. 🙂

  11. Paige – It looks like Bama and Florida are going to the SEC Championship… which many are predicting is just ending up as the BCS Semi-finals.

    As a Georgia fan, I’m not happy… but if my team is going to lose, it might as well be to the 2 teams that are ranks #1 and #3 right now…. aw, screw that. I hate Florida.

  12. Being from Baton Rouge and displaced to California, I always tell people I miss the food, family, and football, not necessarily in that order! 🙂 That being said, I do NOT want to talk about LSU’s loss this weekend. Just, ouch.

  13. My daughter used to sing her ABCs “…now I know my ABCs, Spiderman won’t you sing with meeeeeeeeeee…”

    I think your idea was cute. Why go on and on being all sappy? Just hit it and quit it, that’s what I say 🙂

  14. Rachael1013 – Bellingham, WA USA – Sassy, fiery, tattooed bookworm, kinda-geek-girl, big heart, movie buff, mama to 2 crazy boys, photographer, windows down car singer following the thread of hope into a new phase of life. The written word is in my blood.
    Rachael says:

    Well, Spiderman is pretty great I guess. But my favorite thing is your caption on the photo.

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