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Brudderly Love

Trying to keep him from grabbing her hair

AndyZ has entered the Grabby McGrabsALot phase of his infant development. He’s still a little shaky with his aim, but he is now grabbing for everything he can. Like LilZ’s cellphone, or MrZ’s razor, or my new necklace. (Which he’s totally replacing with HIS OWN MONEY if he breaks.) We know the drill, we went through it with NikkiZ. We’re learning to be on the constant lookout for Dangerous or Breakable things he could grab from wherever he’s at. And then, if we’re on the ball, we move that thing. Or, if we’re a little sleepy and not quite paying attention, we freak out and scan him for burns when he sticks his hand in our hot coffee.

(No burns!)

NikkiZ, on the other hand, is really irritated with this new phase. AndyZ has shown an intense liking of her HAIR. He pulls it every chance he gets and we’re having the hardest time explaining to her that he doesn’t mean to. Or, he doesn’t know it’s going to hurt her when he does it. Or something like that. The first few times she accepted that he didn’t realize what he was doing, but she’s starting to get frustrated. Like, Dude! How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that! You can tell she doesn’t want to be mad at him, but she would also like it if he would QUIT PULLING HER HAIR ALREADY.

Because it’s so fine, putting it back doesn’t really do that much good. He doesn’t need much of a grip to yank it out of a ponytail holder or a clippy. So, inevitably, she’ll go to give him love and then one of us will come running as she starts hollering, “My hair! He’s got my hair!” It’s like the cycle of life around here lately.

I told her that maybe she should just avoid giving him kisses for awhile until he learns not to grab her hair.

“I have to give him kisses. He’s my brudder.”

And then I died.

22 thoughts on “Brudderly Love”

  1. Awh bless her. If someone kept pulling my hair every time I went near them, I wouldn’t go near them. Whether that person was my brother or not, haha.

  2. AWW! Too freaking adorable. She loves her “brudder” enough to tolerate the hair pulling. Now that really is love 🙂

  3. I might be dead from her continuous cuteness if I lived in your house. I’m sure she has her moments, but what a sweet girl.

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