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Foliage is a Weird Word.


I’ve been meaning to take pictures of the local foliage for several weeks now. But every week it seems to get more and more vibrant so I kept waiting. Waiting until they were the brightest they were going to get. Then this week? I knew it had peaked. I just needed to set aside time to go out and get some snaps. And then last night we had a lower temp and some strong winds. On my way to work this morning I realized I had really missed my window. Many of the trees that were stunning the day before were losing their leaves minute by minute. The trees were brighter this season than I’ve ever seen them, and I wanted to kick myself for missing the chance to photograph them.

But – I wasn’t going to let every leaf drop before I tried to capture some of the vibrant colors of the season. So, before I went to work this morning I stopped and snapped some photos. Then, during lunch I grabbed some more. I think I caught enough of the colors to feel partially satisfied, I’ll know better next time. Just take the pictures. If it gets better tomorrow? Then take more tomorrow. Lord knows no one every died from taking too many photos. What’s that saying? Life is too short to put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Well…I need to remember that. Even if it does sound like the words of a KRAZEE person.


There’s a great spectrum of the colors I found. There are so many gorgeous trees around town, I could have done so much more. Of course, many of them are in yards of homes and I’m too big of a chicken to knock on doors to ask if I can photograph the trees. And photographing them without warning the homeowners is just asking to get shot. So, my fear, laziness and procrastination limited me to just a few stops today en route between work and daycare. And of course, you wouldn’t know it by the pictures, but I was right in the middle of suburban commercial mecca taking pictures. These trees are in front of Target, Barnes and Noble, in the yards of a few churches. Every time I saw a great tree I just pulled over and started snapping.

And you know what I realized? I’ve been doing that a lot lately, with my new desire to take pictures of things other than my children. Just pulling over in empty parking lots to take pictures. I even found myself photographing bushes trees at a cosmetic surgery office today. (Inappropriate initial word choice, don’t you think?) Since I’m sure this seems peculiar to outsiders, I’ve decided to put a new bumper sticker in the spot where my Obama/Biden sticker was.

Perfect. I’m not a real photographer, but I think this will serve as adequate warning to those worried I’m the new Paparrazi of church goers, book buyers, or boob lifters. Nope. I’m just a dork taking pictures of trees.

21 thoughts on “Foliage is a Weird Word.”

  1. I think the trees seem extra colorful this year where I live to. I tried to take some pictures on the way to work a week ago, but didn’t want to take the time to stop. So, now I have a bunch of blurry pictures of trees in bad early morning light. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m glad you stopped to take the photos, the colours are amazing. I had plans to do a similar photo shoot last Autumn, but as the colours aren’t as amazing, I planned on taking photos of the kids playing in the leaves. Naturally I procrastinated and before I knew it, the park was mowed and the leaves all mulched – I missed out entirely.

  3. Foliga *is* a funny word, those colours are FABULOUS, and I definitely need that bumper sticker ๐Ÿ˜‰ I pulled over on the freeway to get a picture of the sunset last night, and I’m sure the truckers thought I was nutso (or at least a tourist ๐Ÿ˜› )

  4. When I was eight months pregnant, I passed a creek every day, and one day, there were, like, THIRTY huge storks all perching in the creek.

    I pulled the car over at the nearest shoulder and hiked my preggo arse back there to take pics. I had four drivers pull over to ask if something was wrong.. I’m sure I looked like a newstory waiting to happen.

    So I won’t judge you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You take gorgeous photos. I’m of the mindset that I’d far rather have too many pictures than not enough. Therefore, I tend to take a lot of very bad pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Your pictures are stunning! Fall colors are long since past here and they weren’t nearly as amazing as what you’ve captured. Glorious!

  7. Beautiful shots, Dork! ๐Ÿ™‚

    More is better sometimes. I’m rather sad that we haven’t been getting these vibrantly colored falls lately.

  8. Your photos are beautiful! Love the deep reds and oranges the best. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your foilage photos have helped make my day. Bee-hoo-ti-ful, makes you glad to live in a place that has seasons. keep on taking photos.

    Oh and sorry to be a little dark but I can imagine there is a time when people have died from taking too many photos, like when they have stood too near the edge of a cliff. But I don’t think you live near any cliffs, so your ok.

    If you think “foilage” is a funny word look up “psithurism” it’s my favourite word and one of my favourite sounds too.

    Have a great day MS Zoot.

  10. LOVE these pictures. I’ve been missing the foliage more than usual this year… we don’t have any real trees here in the city. I sort of forget about it, but then I went to a wedding in Upstate NY and the trees were so pretty I almost forgot about all the snow and moved there on the spot.

  11. Those shots are beautiful! I especially love when the sun is shining through the leaves or when the sunlight is reflecting off some of them. Gorgeous!

    And you know- I love that idea for a bumper sticker. I bet lots of people would!

  12. Leaves by me are pretty vibrant too, but I haven’t really stopped to take any pics except on Halloween while Trick-or-Treating (still, there were cable wires all over the place so it’s not so pretty).

    You should market that sticker! I’d buy one!

  13. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. We have too many evergreens here in WA, I’d love to go somewhere like New England in the fall. Keep picking up your camera, because I am loving the pictures!

  14. You are SO a real photog! I love your art, the writing and the pictures.

    ps — re: previous post — i do that stacking thing, too. It works until I accidentally put some of the bills in the middle. whoops.

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