Halloween Eve

I left work early yesterday with one of those headaches that have you fighting tears, which makes the headache that much worse. It was awesome. I went home and popped about 2400 mg of ibuprofen (what?) and buried my head under my covers waiting for it to kick in. About 45 minutes later I felt well enough to move and by the time the kids needed retrieving, I felt normal again.


I had a million things I needed to do last night, so I sat NikkiZ down at the table with her present from Scout that she hadn’t opened yet. She was very neat and orderly with how she unpackaged the Potato. (That’s what we call Play Doh in our house.) Which impressed me as she was so freakin’ excited to open the box. Seeing her be orderly about her exploration of the toy and play-doh? Shocked me. She didn’t get that patience from me, that’s for sure.


While she was so brilliantly distracted I decorated the outside of our house for Halloween. I mention every year that we get HUNDREDS of kids on our street for Halloween. There’s a few haunted houses in our neighborhood as well as several Awesomely Decorated houses that attract families from all over town. This is the only place I’ve lived my entire life that does Halloween right and we love it. So, it was very important that I at least get our simple lights up and our pumpkins out so I could join the cook kids.



After I got that done, NikkiZ was still distracted so I took the chance to sew up the edges of the leghole I cut in AndyZ’s costume. The cotton filling was falling out so I knew I would need to patch up the area I cut before Halloween. I spent about 15 minutes mending that and checked on NikkiZ again. STILL DISTRACTED. I was able to cook dinner and do some laundry before she finally decided she had played with enough Potato for the night. Long story short? Diego Potato Set? BEST GIFT EVER.

After dinner we went to buy our candy supply for tonight. We wait until the last minute because we know we’d eat it all before Halloween if we didn’t. We bought 500+ pieces of candy and I assure you – we’ll use it all. We have yet to actually make it through an entire Halloween night without having to turn off the lights and shut the door because we’ve run out of candy. We try every year, but never succeed. Since it’s a Friday this year and the kids probably aren’t as concerned with staying out late? We have accepted that there’s not a chance we’ll make it all night. But we will stay out until the last piece is handed out.

And then we’ll lock ourselves inside the house and eat all of the candy the kids got trick-or-treating. It’s one of the many joys of parenting. Raiding your kid’s trick-or-treat bags while they sleep.

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  1. Yay, Play-Doh! I’m always happy to see kids playing with Play-Doh; my mom never let us play with ours. Too messy. Which … why’d she buy it, then? I have no idea.

  2. Two Comments…

    One, I am absolutely jealous that you live in an area that does Halloween right. I have never experienced that and would absolutely love it. Is that bad considering I don’t have kids?

    Two, a little over three years ago I was diagnosed with Chiari (part of my brain has fallen out of my skull and is hanging down my neck… compressing on both my brain stem and spinal column). I consider myself the Queen of Headaches/Migraines/SomeoneJustShootMe’s, and I wanted to offer up a little trick I have found and learned. Due to this I am now off almost all medications.

    BIOFREEZE. It’s a blue gel that gets cold after you rub it on. The tube says it is for arthritis or joint pain. I use it for headaches. I put it up and down my neck and across my forehead. LORD, what a miracle. It works and so much faster than any pill you can swallow. You can get it at any gym or Chiropractor’s offices or online.

    (just be sure to wash your hands better than you ever have in your life after using… I’ve gotten it in my eyes before and it hurts like crazy… wouldn’t want you getting it in NikkiZ or AndyZ’s eyes… or LilZ for that matter…. or you or hubby). 🙂

  3. We’re anticipating a high turnout this year since it is Friday and the weather isn’t suppose to be too cold.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I haven’t even bought my candy yet for trick or treaters. correction. candy was bought, twice. and I ate it. gotta grab some before tonight. we don’t get many kids though. plus have to work tonight for a band so will take left over candy for them

  5. Play-Doh is fab! I have a big box of the little tubs – unfortunately I haven’t played with it (i actually haven’t opened it!) I think I need to invite the Abster and Lambkin round just so we can play Playdoh!

  6. We never get trick or treaters. We have to drive over to another hood to get our Halloween on since ours has too many hills. No one wants to work that hard for candy.

  7. Headaches stink. It’s been a couple of months since I had a migraine thank goodness – but I know how painful they can be.

    I’m insanely jealous of your neighborhood. It sounds like so much fun! We live way out in the sticks and never are home for anyone to ToT anyway.

    NikkiZ seems to be all into the Play-doh. I let my oldest have it, but she has to be in another room from me. I can not STAND the smell of it. Gag! I made a homemade kind and that I could tolerate but if a can of it is near me, it’s all over from there.

  8. Play-Doh is still a classic! Our 3 year old loves it and makes all sorts of funny things out of it.

    For trick-or-treating, we’re throwing our daughter a halloween party with all her friends in an hour. Ever since she and my hubby bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace from for my birthday recently, I decided my kid should have a halloween bash!

    We’re all dressed up as the simpsons! Oh and theres play-doh pumpkin she made that’s outside our door.

  9. ALL HAIL THE PLAY-DOH that distracts the toddler so the mama can get stuff done!

    If I hadn’t stashed the candy on a shelf high in the closet, H would’ve made a dent in it (I have my own, high-quality stash, which doesn’t stop me from raiding my kids’ treat bags).

  10. I haven’t read you in a while so I’m catching up 🙂

    I just wanted to say AHHHHH NOOOO!!! on all that ibuprofen. I, too, used to praise the magical healing powers of the little brown tablets… until I had a nasty migraine that lasted for about a week. I went to my doc, and she asked me what I’d been taking for it. “Like 4 ibuprofen twice a day or so,” thinking that prescription ibu was, what, 1000mg and the otc stuff was 200, so what’s the diff? And she about knocked my head off my shoulders screaming at me to stop with the ibu IMMEDIATELY and switch to excedrin or something, because a) that’s a great way to mess up your stomach and liver and b) ibu has this nice little habit of making your pain rebound, after it initially makes it go away. So I was dragging out the pain myself. niiiiiice.

    So now, I am an excedrin convert. It works sooooo much better for me (although there’s no difference between the migraine/back & body/whatever versions). For the *really* bad stuff I still take 3 or 4, but since it’s got caffeine in it, I cheat on it with ibu at night. Shh, don’t tell.

    Just thought I’d share 🙂

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