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Point Taken, AndyZ.

We went all last weekend without a pacifier for AndyZ. I never went out and bought one because I didn’t realize how attached he was to it. I thought he’d just find his thumb (like he does at school) or just not even care to not have it.


He spent the whole weekend miserable. The fact that I didn’t go buy new pacifiers until late Sunday is something I’m not sure I can even explain in a way that doesn’t say, “Kim’s a MORON.” But I didn’t. And we suffered so. I’m not sure if he’s just teething and wanting it more than usual, or if we underestimated his addiction to it. Either way? He spent the weekend really wishing he had something to suck on.

I went to take a bath late Saturday and I put him in his bassinet. I wheeled the bassinet towards the bathroom so I could see him from the tub. This is the position he put himself in and stayed that way during my ENTIRE BATH. He just sucked and sucked on the edge of that bassinet like it was providing him with mandatory nourishment.

Let’s just say that when I finally went out to buy more pacifiers? I bought several. And I now have them stashed in various places around the house. I’ve learned my lesson.

14 thoughts on “Point Taken, AndyZ.”

  1. I think I was deprived I think I just had to lump it – I wasn’t allowed a dummy/pacis.

    My brother has his thumb and I think I took to chewing on my dolls hand rather than my own!

  2. Don’t dare try to sit her down for a second. She’s gumming everything so it really is hard to tell if she wants a paci, milk, or just to gnaw on something. And the drool – oh my goodness, the drool!!

    We have some Wubbanub’s scattered around the house, because that’s the only way I can keep up with a paci. Any other form, forget it, I’d never find it.

  3. Oh, I thought you meant you’d taken it away intentionally at first – like “oh, time to get rid of that!”

    I was about to stamp myself with a big ol’ parenting FAIL because Maddie? She has much love for her binky.

    AndyZ is so chompable. What a sweet little guy you have.

  4. Aw, how cute and yummy and sweet! Poor ittle guy!

    There were many times when my wee ones were babies that I wished I’d turned them on to pacifiers. Because *I* was their pacifier. :/

    The really cool thing, though, is that the times when our parenting just isn’t *quite* right rarely ever leave permanent scars on our offspring. Thankfully, they’re so resilient! Especially before their long-term memory is fully developed! 🙂

  5. when monkey still used one, i had so many i could literally stick my hand in just about any coat pocket and find two. plus the ones in my purses, her diaper bags, backpacks, in the center console in the car, in her carseat… you get the idea. we always had a lot.

    i found one a year or so ago. started crying. i am that girl. *sigh* i miss my baby being little.

  6. I learned that lesson the hard way, too. My docile, happy, sweet, nary a cry infant went balistic at church, ready to fall asleep, but no sweet, sweet pacifier to settle her soul.
    She is now past the point where I think kids should use pacifiers (HA)! and I don’t leave home without one (or two or three).

  7. Awww, sweetheart! My little one will take a pacifier but she can take it or leave it. She wants the boob more than anything else.

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