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The Pepper That Sprouted Legs

We bought AndyZ his Chili Pepper costume the second it hit the shelves because I’ve learned one important thing about shopping for Halloween costumes: The good ones will never be in the sizes you need. At the time of purchase, he was not moving much so we didn’t consider the consequences of bundling his legs into the sack of the costume. However, after a few minutes in it Friday night, we learned that if we expected AndyZ to wear the costume happily for more than 15 minutes – he would need to be able to have a little wiggle room.

Please ignore the cat hair on the couch. Thanks.
Notice the leg seconds away from escaping

Lucky for us – the outfit snaps instead of zips and AndyZ’s leg fits perfectly between two of the snaps on one side of the pepper. We decided to stick his leg through that gap and just cut a matching hole in the other side. I’m quite proud of our editing of this outfit as he wore it for several hours Saturday. Not only did he not complain, but we were able to buckle him in the stroller (which we wouldn’t have been able to do before) and he actually was able to kick and wiggle at will making him a very silly pepper.

See? In the stroller!
Red Hot SILLY Pepper
See? Silly Pepper!

I say that all in all? A brilliant solution that totally gives us the right to eat all of the candy he’ll bring home on Friday, don’t you agree?

15 thoughts on “The Pepper That Sprouted Legs”

  1. OMG, so cute!! He is one adorable pepper!

    I love little baby costumes – I have had a hard time not buying 3 or 4 for Madeline!

    I think you are MORE than entitled to that candy!

  2. “Wouldn’tcha like to be a pepper, too!”

    What a cute little pepper! Maybe he’ll get extra candy for being extra cute!

  3. I’m making a costume almost exactly like that for my 5 1/2 month old. I hope it turns out as well as the one you have. His father is addicted to Mexican food so I thought it fitting.

  4. This is adorable!

    Been a while since I stopped by as I’ve been living in somewhat of a newborn fog. Your kids are as adorable as ever. Happy Birthday NikkiZ!

    (And I LOVE your new site design! Is it new or has it really been THAT long?)

  5. Brilliant.

    (I totally saw that costume at Target last year, and so very nearly bought it for Sofia).

    AndyZ makes a precious pepper.

  6. I already have my Ana’s costume for this year… I wonder if it will be as cute on a 14 month old for next year… how old is AndyZ??

  7. I try not to eat too much spicy stuff because of the nursing and all…but i could eat that little pepper right up.

  8. He’s adorable and NikkiZ makes an awesome pirate! I was going to make Beans a pirate too, but she saw some cheesy Miss Spider (from Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch) costume and was set on it.

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