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Someone is Now Three.

Yesterday, NikkiZ turned 3. Between the family gathering last night and the various birthday and Halloween related activities of Saturday, this has proven to be one of the busiest weekends I’ve ever lived through. And honestly? I’m not sure if I lived through it or not. I’m in such a daze of exhaustion that I may actually be dead. I’ll let you know.

Being that busy means, of course, that AndyZ had to screw with our sleep patterns by 1) losing his pacifier(s) (because it’s totally HIS fault you know, even though he can’t even pick them up yet, much less lose them) and 2) suffer painful gas throughout that night that wakes us up with cries AND toxic odors.

In other words? Someone has a case of the Mondays.

I took nineteen million pictures this weekend (no lie) but I will show you four from yesterday. ALL FOUR ARE FROM YESTERDAY. If you don’t count her new jammies she wore to bed last night, she had FOUR outfit changes over the course of her birthday. Essentially, every time she opened a present with clothes (real or dress-up) in it, she had to get naked and put it on.

Life with this kid is anything but boring.


22 thoughts on “Someone is Now Three.”

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Looks like a lot of fun. I LOVE that balloon photo.

    Tell AndyZ to discover his thumb instead. It’s much more fun than a regular old paci. Ha,ha. My little one has found hers and at night we must be sure to roll the pj sleeves down so she can find it. Of course in a year or so if she’s still doing it I’ll be complaining but for now? Awesome.

    Now go get some caffeine & try to slow down a bit. I joke the only time I get any rest is at work. Ha,ha!

  2. Aah but Amanda sucking your thumb makes your teeth messy – my brother sucked his thumb and had to have braces as did I but I just had wonky teeth in the first place.

  3. Awww! Looks like you had an amazing birthday! Oh – wait – NikkiZ got the birthday, you got the cleaning up :).

  4. awww Happy Birthday NikkiZ!!! have some great shots there!

    i know about a busy weekend. i did it with 3 hours of sleep, 14+ hours of go time, while sick. but so worth every second…..just as I am sure your weekend was as well.

  5. I agree, those are great pics!

    Happy Birthday NikkiZ!!

    And, I hear ya on the week-ends thing; sometimes I’m TOTALLY fine with Monday morning as it means I get to freakin sit DOWN and catch my breath already…

  6. Happy birthday, NikkiZ!

    The action soceer shot is my favorite. She looks like such a big girl.

  7. I swear that I end up leaving the same comment every time I leave one, but seriously? You gotta stop with the cuteness or I’m going to squee all over myself.

    Which totally sounds dirtier than I meant it.

  8. Please do not be fooled, the terrible twos were merely a lead up to the horrible threes and holy cow the f(*&% fours… me before I burst

  9. Belated Happy Happy, NikkiZ!!!

    I still remember when your mom was pregnant and working on my Classic Pooh and Beachy Themes on my old website!

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