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Why Do We Call That Stuff “Solid”?

He loves it, can you tell?

Some people (You know…those “people” we all refer to when justifying our choices) say that if you introduce solid foods too early, your child could become a picky eater. Or some such nonsense. Who knows if it’s valid or true but since NikkiZ was/is SUCH a picky eater, we thought we’d wait the extra month to introduce solid foods to AndyZ. We gave her cereal for the first time as soon as the doctor said we could (around 4 months) and she hated it and became a very difficult child to feed. We waited until last night (5 months) to try it out on AndyZ, hoping for better results. I wanted to wait until 6 months but MrZ was so excited it was killing him just to wait the extra month. So, last night? AndyZ met cereal. And they did not get along.

I’m not sure if ANY of it made it to his stomach or not. MrZ seems to think that a little bit made it down the pipe, but after seeing the post-meal clothing I have to disagree. As a matter of fact, there was so much cereal dribbled down the front of AndyZ’s shirt and plastered to his face, that I actually think he may have been somehow been creating more cereal in his mouth to spit out. There has to be some explanation to there being more on his face and shirt than there was in the bowl to begin with.

All in all? He reacted about the same way as his sister did. Although the pictures we have of her experience seem a little more happy and less disgusted – so you’ll just have to trust me on that one.


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  1. For what it’s worth, we waited the doctor-recommended six months with Grommet and she’s still a fairly picky eater. Sounds like a myth to me.

  2. I waited at least 6 months with both my girls, one is picky one is not. They just weren’t ready before that. They weren’t quite ready then either, but I kept trying until the switch flipped and they were like “Yeah, ok, this is interesting”.

  3. I meant to say, “I think NikkiZ’s smile is probably more the result of MrZ’s goofy face in the photo before, than the cereal.”

    Jeez, try re-reading before hitting submit comment. 🙂

  4. After that mess with our first one, we just waited a little longer and went straight to veggies. That cereal stuff is nasty.

    Our third daughter has a peanut allergy and she’s the best eater we have. I like to jokingly suggest to people that they feed their kids like they can’t eat peanut tainted food to achieve the healthy eating kid status of E3.

  5. hmm, I have never heard of the if you start early they are picky thing. I think some kids are just picky. I have heard the best time to start is between 6-8mths so they are less picky. Who the heck knows.

    We waited until 8 months w/ both kids and our first, a girl, is still a bit picky about texture and trying new things. She has never trusted this thing called “food”. Even cookies and cake she will sometimes spit out if she does not like the texture or new taste.
    Our son, the second child, (11 mths) is much more willing to try whatever I present to him. I have high hopes for him.

  6. We introduced cereal a couple of weeks ago. Oh the faces! Ha,ha. She was interested, but a lot went on her bib also and she didn’t seem to care for the flavor (not that it has a lot to begin with). So you know what I did? Pureed some bananas in the blender and added a spoonful to the cereal. She gobbled that stuff up, and we now prepare it that way every single night and she’s happy. The ped would probably freak but that’s OK. Around six months we’ll start actual food but for now the banana cereal rules in our house!

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, we started my first born this same way and she really wasn’t that picky. These days she’ll eat nearly anything.

  7. As I am child-free (or -less, depending on my mood), I shall now talk about myself: I make that unhappy face when I encounter tofu and I’m almost 35. 🙂 My mom swears I ate paté when I was a kid, but I still don’t believe her. Even the mention of the story causes me to dribble food down the front of my shirt. Okay, just kidding. 🙂

  8. Zoot-

    Did you know that a picture of Nikkiz is on Amalh’s page – the one of her folding the obama fingers in her Dora pj’s? It is for a link to obama fingers .com.

    I read both of you sites daily and I noticed it on hers not your. Just thought you might be interested.

  9. Oh don’t tell my hubby! I’ve told him not before 6 months just in the hopes of holding him off to some amount of time approaching that. He would start now if he could!

  10. LMAO he looks like he HATES it. I didn’t know babys could hate cereal so much. Maybe applesauce will work better. LilB LOVES applesauce

  11. THat stuff tastes like wallpaper paste, it is disgusting. I started out with sweet potato and then avocado with my kid, had pretty good results with it. It really is fun to spoon feed them though lol.

  12. We started solids this week as well. Small world. The first few days he wasn’t sure what to make of it and made similar faces.

    He now a few days later is all about eatting so just keep trying.

  13. I started solids with my second son at 6 weeks! There were no force feeds, he ate them like a champ and at 18 months he will eat anything, including cat food!

  14. I tried to give my son cereal at 4 months- and he wanted nothing to do with it. So I moved right on to green beans and other pureed stuff, and to this day the boy eats pretty much anything I put in front of him (including brussels sprouts!). He’s 3 and a half.

    Maybe AndyZ is just a foodie and recognizes that baby cereal is nasty. Mine wouldn’t even touch it in disguise (mixed with other food, made with boob juice, etc)

  15. I think my kids started with cereal but it wasn’t a hit and they quickly moved on to vegies. My boy was fed curried pumpkin at about 6 months. OK, the curry sauce had been licked off, and it was an ’emergency’ (read; out for dinner at a friends house and he had eaten all his dinner and was looking for more). It worked a treat. At 6 pumpkin is still his favourite food but he eats everything and lots of it!

  16. So cute! I can’t believe he’s five months old already! We gave our daughter solids at five months and she was okay at first but now she’s a pretty fussy eater.

  17. hopefully this does not count as assvice but I noticed you are feeding him in a bouncy seat. My ped said to start food when they can hold their head well and make sure they are fed with a stright(ish) body for digestion/reflux avoidance. We started @5m with her in the bumbo and so far so good, maybe try the bumbo?

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